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I'm not much of a drawer but I tried my hand at some original art. I'm not really sure why I chose Dungeons and Dragons for them to play?

Although to be honest I'm in love with @teddie's promo image and feel that his deserves to win.

Love it. I've been dying for Dave, Drew, Vinny, and whoever else they can dig up to run a game in that podcast room it would be perfect for it.

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Love all the other entries so far ^_^

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Full CGI Warcraft. I don't even follow the series anymore and stopped playing at 3 but goddamn those cutscenes.

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The Darkness directed by David Cronenberg.

Anything by Cronenberg. Long live the new flesh!

Halo Film more than anything else. Not the master chief but side story in the universe. Hell maybe even a origin story for the master chief, when he was kidnapped as a kid then cut up and genetically enhanced. I like the Halo universe ALOT.

Spartan Program from some Halo 4 Trailer

District 9 is your alternate reality Halo film. Sadly in this existence we will never get one.

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Yeah I was linked to the livestream when I was in the middle of chatting at ScrewAttack and they had me instantly.

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I just miss the intro. I don't care what you do after it. I just love their really shitty intro.

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I've been really digging Dreamcast era sounds. Phantasy Star Online remixes are pretty good. if you duders have any soundtracks recommendations from that era let me know. Much Obliged.

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I can understand that Brad can be irritating sometimes when all we are doing is becoming a voyeuristic audience nitpicking him every time he is on screen or his game play is. But in the end who cares. I got no qualms with him. I mean the man enables God mode and still dies. In his own broken way he is beautiful.

Now Gamespot...I think they need to ditch Chris Waters or at least don't give him head chair. Patrick doesn't seem to jive with him very well. In recent history the latest Professional Wednesday was one of the most fun and that was partly due to Vindog magic and the lack of GS crew. Or just get that long haired chap that played Darkstalkers with Vinny. Sorry had to mini rant but I have no else to talk to on such matters because my friends don't watch Giantbomb.

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Language time!

"Duder" is gender-neutral. "Dudette" doesn't really make sense from a linguistic perspective anyway. "Dudess" would be more accurate.

-ette is the feminine suffix of some words in French. So it does make sense, in a "language is malleable" sort of way.

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I caught the bug too.

roguebutler47 is my Steam ID.

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Mathew Rorie and his loyal attack squad of puppies will become the new C.E.O of E.A. Using his newly founded powers and money, oh so much money, because that's what E.A. is all about (Hey oh.... cutting edge satire for free.) Rorie wages corporate war against CBSi waving a charred, bloody, and torn banner bearing the Whiskey Media logo. The CBSi offices will be infiltrated with puppies in the hundreds. The entire workforce of CBSi will come to a screeching halt as everyone is incapacitated by the tsunami of puppies running down the hallway. Just picture it. Corgi puppies in the triple digits. With everyone distracted Rorie will undergo his own Raid, a raid that has been in the works for over week and half now. Bypassing security Rorie will make his way into the next Bombcast recording session and sit with his former brethren and will discuss like no other cuss has been dissed before!

All hail Rorie! The Mad Puppy King!