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I'm going to put this out there. Can we go with the term "The Beardening?" I much prefer to think in terms of beard growing with Highlander. Because that is what happens when you grow one.

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Valve can give back their Dota characters after Blizzard gives Games Workshop back almost all of Warcraft and Starcraft.

Blizzard can give Games Workshop back Starcraft once Games Workshop returns Zerg, I whoops I mean tyranid.

"Tyranids were first mentioned under the heading Tyranids and the Hive Fleets in Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader"


Yes, they existed before Starcraft, but the Warhammer model changed after Starcraft came out, making them look closer to what Starcraft had to offer.

Screw all of ya'll. I'm gonna watch me some Starship Troopers.

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Early access is available on steam now. This game looks pretty awesome. We should get some duders together and play this.

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Baird = I Brad. Think about it.

Thought about it and "Hmmm :) "

Anyone else miss Lieutenant Kim?

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I think it is an awesome concept. I would grow some horns and have some cool color shifting tattoos. I already have superpowers so I don't need much more than aesthetic upgrades. Other than that the technology is super scary. No neural implants for me. I don't want ads in my brain.

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The Bombcast is like an ever continuing Endurance Run of the meta-game the Bombers play called Aural Entertainment.

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On a side note that first picture is pretty cool and seems like an awesome album cover.

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That sticky icky video.

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I've actually heard Naruto anime music in a Chinese drama. It's the music that plays during very sad scenes in the first series when they're still kids. It kinda blew my mind.

I heard that same song in a sushi bar I frequent.