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I think it is an awesome concept. I would grow some horns and have some cool color shifting tattoos. I already have superpowers so I don't need much more than aesthetic upgrades. Other than that the technology is super scary. No neural implants for me. I don't want ads in my brain.

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The Bombcast is like an ever continuing Endurance Run of the meta-game the Bombers play called Aural Entertainment.

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On a side note that first picture is pretty cool and seems like an awesome album cover.

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That sticky icky video.

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@golguin said:

I've actually heard Naruto anime music in a Chinese drama. It's the music that plays during very sad scenes in the first series when they're still kids. It kinda blew my mind.

I heard that same song in a sushi bar I frequent.

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I choose to listen to bands based on their names. I was picking up some vinyl and came across a band called "Goblin Cock." I hang my vinyl on the wall as a customizable picture frame of 12 albums rotating cus I love album artwork. I picked up Goblin Cock just as a fun conversation piece. Turns out they're pretty damn good.

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Where's Matt Rorie?

But on a side note: Thank you for all the Vinnies.

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I was hoping they were going to put out a concise video detailing all the changes/upgrades/tips to the new website. Like Dave is looking at the camera and say "You wanna do X just do y" for about a half an hour.

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Which Pink Floyd album should I listen to while I try to understand and play Eve?