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I shattered my kneecap. Now I can tell the weather.

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Can we please go to Japan already. I want ninjas.

Or Egypt.

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@ShadowMoses900 said:

I don't understand why people hate EA, actually I don't think that hate is real. The only time I hear people "hating" on EA is on the internet, it doesn't happen in real life.

I actually "hate" E.A. More precisely I don't hate them because that would require time and energy I don't see fit wasting on them but I however do boycott them and that does exist in real life for me.

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Caduceus is my username.

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@Jams said:

man I really need to trim my mustache. It's grown over my upper lip completely and I just end up chewing on it.... maybe I'll do that later....

Don't! You're getting one of the greatest gifts a man can attain. A handlebar mustache! I have harnessed the power of this mighty beast with my facial fists of hair and let me tell you from atop of Man Mountain "The view is great!"

On a related note.

Scissors and a comb.

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@Worcanna said:

Hey....Nvidia. Um. We need to talk. We know you like to show off and some of your ideas are kinda cool. A handheld streaming device is not cool. As silly as this sounds, if people WANT to play PC games at other points of their house, they would put the PC there. No room? They tend to find ways.

Im kinda glad im not the only one who looks at this and simply goes, "Why?"

Why not?

There are three major console game console developing companies who have been around way longer than they should have by now and I'm bored of it. So why the hell not? Let's have Nvidia come out of left field (at least for me) with this quirky little device. More companies taking risks on ideas means we profit in the long run.

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I like Jeff's response when someone halted the conversation about spoilers and it was something the extent of "fuck off."

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They are never held to a strict schedule for anything.

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You're hella late. No TnT cus they are filming stuff for Game of the Year.