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This really depends on how complex you're interested in getting. But here's a bunch of games I love, that are great for two players, in order of least to most complex (roughly):

Ticket to Ride: Best "gateway" game there is. Simple rules, basically just a "set collecting" game. If you have an iOS device, the app is a great way to try it out.

Carcasonne:This is my favorite game to play with my girlfriend. The rules couldn't be simpler (draw a tile, play a tile), but there is an incredible depth to the strategy, and it has a ton of expansions to check out. This game also has a great iOS app.

Small World: Think Risk, but only 45 minutes long. Rules are dirt simple, is super replayable, and scales really well with more players. Again, the iPad app for this game is great.

Lords of Waterdeep: I actually don't love this game, but I know enough people who do that I feel ok recommending it. It's what you'd call a worker-placement game. And hey, guess what, check out the very well done iOS app.

Pandemic:This is the best co-op game I know, and it's great for two players. The basic premise is you're a team of scientists traveling the world, saving the planet from a flurry of terrible diseases. It's not hard to get your head around the rules, but it's exceptionally difficult.

Hive:I've seen this described as bug-themed chess, and that's pretty accurate. This game also comes in an awesome portable version, that's fairly cheap. (This game has an app too, but it's uh... not great.)

Memoir '44: This is a war game themed around WWII, and it's great in its simplicity. I know you said in your post that you want something "deep/complex," but honestly, if you aren't neck-deep into tabletop games, most war games are so complex that they tend to scare people off of the hobby. That being said, I've been playing tabletop games for years, and this is still my favorite war game. Check out some "how to play" videos.

Race for the Galaxy: This game is a beast, so I won't really try and explain it. there's been a ton written online about it. I do love it, though, and it's a fantastic puzzle to try and figure out. And if you like, there is a near infinite number of expansions.

Other people have mentioned X-Wing and Netrunner, both of which are games that I love, but can't really afford to dive into.

I would also like to mention Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective which is supposed to be an incredible experience with two players, but I haven't been able to play it since it's been out of stock everywhere. Supposedly, they're shipping another batch sometime this Spring.

Have fun!

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Super weird seeing this thread resurrected after making it 2.5 years ago.

But I will take this opportunity to say that he really started to grow on me, and his death is one of the most heart-wrenching in the season, partly because of what it does to Kenny, but also because I genuinely liked him. He was still annoying, but in a "oh he's just a dorky kid" way, instead of a "ugh, I can't wait until he's gone" way.

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@translucentfish: Hey duder, looks like you missed that Brad had MGS5: Ground Zeroes on his list, which would bring its score to 9, making it tied for 9th place

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I think you and I are on exact opposite sides of this issue, OP. I want more content like Alt-F1, Unplugged, and riding a roller coaster with a DS. I don't come to GB just because I like video games, I come mostly because I like the crew. I relate to them, so when they talk about stuff they like, there's a 90% chance that I'll probably be into it, and they just might introduce me to something I didn't know about (like F1).

On the other hand, if you're coming here for video games, and they're talking about seemingly everything but video games, I could empathize with that. It's just never been a problem for me personally, especially since there is so much backlog I haven't seen yet.

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I love my MacBook Pro. I have had it for about 4 years now, it has gone across the country with me, I have dropped it way more times than I'd like to admit, and put it through all kinds of abuse, and the thing works great! I love it to death. It is certainly more durable than any Windows machine I've ever used.

But I have had a hell of a time coding on it. Granted, I'm studying game development, so I'm not sure how well this applies, but in almost every project I've worked on, some portion of the pipeline was incompatible with OSX.

My advice would be to get a windows laptop. You can build a similar machine (probably a better one, if I'm being honest) for the same price you'd pay for a MacBook.

And yeah, gaming isn't great either. It's definitely getting better, but the selection is almost exclusively indie games. You're better off with Windows, where you can get everything.

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Here's a fun (and probably misremembered) fact:

What we call Chicago style pizza, was originally known in Italy as a tomato pie. Which has always made the "CHICAGO STYLE PIZZA IS NOT PIZZA" debate really funny to me. Like, yeah no shit it's not pizza.

So I guess my answer is no? Or yes maybe? Tralse?

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@tom_omb said:

It's fun when you throw in your own rules to make things interesting. Put all the taxes in the middle to be rewarded for landing on the middle, and maybe some $500 bills for good measure. Creative trades make it fun too.

DO NOT DO THAT! A standard game of Monopoly, if played by the rules, should only take 90 minutes tops. House rules, like the one stated above, are what give this game a reputation of being 4 hours long.

The REAL rules of Monopoly are actually VERY different from how people play. The #1 rule nobody follows is this: "...Whenever you land on an un-owned property you may buy that property from the Bank at its printed price, ... You receive the Title Deed card showing ownership; place it face-up in front of you. Those are the rules folks, My recommendation is to hand out post-it notes, and do sealed bids for these auctions.

all properties that the 'landing player' does not buy are auctioned on the spot.

If you follow the games rules it is still a game of chance very often, but chance is spread between all players with many types of chances all occurring at once. You will find the best players never really have the chance to plan when so much occurs at once. That rule also makes it EVERYONE'S turn all the time because at any given moment you might be buying or bidding during anyone's turn. The game is not slow when you play this way, the game is done in less than an hour.

This dude knows what he's talking about. Monopoly isn't as terrible as everyone thinks it is, they're just completely ignoring the rules. It doesn't suck, it's just kind of mediocre.

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I mean, how much do you use your Netflix account? That's what would be the make or break for me. If you're using it only occasionally, go for HBO GO, but if you're expecting to use it every day, you're going to exhaust HBO Go pretty quickly (I would imagine).

@marcsman said:

Game of Thrones.

Nuff said...................

However, this is a pretty compelling argument

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Curious Village for sure. That game oozes with charm in a way that none of the other ones managed to match (in my personal opinion). I bet you'd be able to get it for dirt cheap now too.

But honestly, it probably doesn't matter. There's a little bit of continuation in the story, but you won't be lost if you jump in at the later ones. If Miracle Mask is the one you can get most easily, then get that one, and pick up the rest later