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Ya know, lots of people have been shitting on Ready Player One lately, and I don't really get why. Everyone's all like "Psh, it's all just pop culture references with a shitty plot, it's not nearly as mind-blowing and life-changing as my favorite book," which seemed to be missing the point a little.

It's the book equivalent of a summer blockbuster. It's just a quick, fun read. Chill out homies.

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Eh. A lot of your complaints (it's too easy, can be played in one sitting, etc.) are in direct conflict with the type of game Journey is. That just means it's not for you.

I thought it was beautiful, both aesthetically and emotionally, but I could absolutely see your perspective. It's a pretty thin experience if your primary metric for enjoyment is mastery of mechanics.

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I'll get in on this!


I'd love to play Rocket League with some duders

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I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove board games. I have a sizable collection of them. Some favorites:

Lords of Vegas: This is, in my opinion, the natural step up from Settlers of Catan, but I never hear anyone talk about it. Deep enough strategy without being terrifying to newbies, and let's you bet millions of dollars at your friend's casino without the life-crushing real-world consequences.

Pandemic: The quintessential co-op boardgame. I actually really love playing this two-player with my girlfriend. It's fun to sit back and work out a puzzle together.

Shadows Over Camelot: I think this game is fucking dope, and I never hear anyone talking about it ever. It's one of the best games with a traitor mechanic I've ever played. The problem is that it's been supplanted by the simplicity of the Resistance, and the thematic beauty of Dead of Winter. Both of those games are great too, but I've got way more stories about Game-of-Thrones-level betrayal from this game than from either of those combined.

Love Letter: It's like $10, and my mom can understand it. Fun little game, I actually keep a copy in my bag at all times.

Coup: This has become a favorite with my home-town friends. It's a little like poker, in that you're all staring at each desperately trying to figure out if you're best friend of 10 years is lying to you. Lots of fun.

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Hey! I got a few quick thoughts on this book!

First of all, for a series that has a reputation for being very glum, dark, and offering "serious moral dilemmas," I was surprised at how lighthearted this book was. Most of the stories ended up with all of the characters happy and getting a (more or less) happy-ever-after ending, particularly in "A Question of Price," the ending of which I thought was, to put it simply, kind of lame.

The exception to this is obviously "The Lesser Evil" which is spectacularly dark. Though I was a little surprised at the town's decision to ban Geralt from returning. Yes, there was bloodshed, but it's not like he was haphazardly murdering citizens. He was defending himself and the (ungrateful, good-for-nothing) residents of a rinky-dink town.

Also, count me among the readers who were confused by Geralt's titular Last Wish. I appreciated @MentalDisruption 's explanation for the vagueness of it, but IMHO, I still think it's sloppy story telling. I understand that some things should be left to the reader's imagination, but it's unclear why binding Geralt and Yen's fates (if that is in fact what he wished for) would prevent the Genie from killing them both and running away. And if you're going to name you're whole damn book about one moment, you better make that moment fucking impactful. Instead, it was more confusing than anything.

This has been more negative than I intended it to be, but I really did enjoy. I love the short story format, and I loved the way the book was tied together with a larger arc. I know people complain about the translation, but I found it inoffensive at worst and damn charming at best. Most of the dialogue was still very sharp. Plus, I found it to be a super quick read, I blew through it in a few short days. It got me super pumped for Witcher 3, which I can't wait to play when I get some free time

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Man, I barely have time to play current games.

Not that I'm not fully behind this idea. I just won't be able to participate. Such is the transition into adulthood.

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I had no idea this was a thing, but I'm so incredibly behind this idea. I've been wanting to read The Last Wish too, this is perfect. Can't wait to talk about it with you all!

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That was extremely thorough, thank you so much! I'm still not entirely sure what I'm going to do... But at least I'm better informed now

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I ask because I just bought the Nindie Bundle. So if I claim the games on one Wii U, can I download them again later on a different Wii U if I use the same Nintendo Network ID? Help would be much appreciated! Thanks guys/gals!

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Eh. I read it, and I disagree with a lot of the criticism. He's honest about his opinions, but gives a run down of all the new features, why those features are potentially exciting, and explains that other people seem to be having a great time. He admits that the fault is with him, not Rock Band 4. I see no real contempt for the game or his job in this piece.