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oh man... my thoughts goes to his family, the staff and all his friends. Thanks for all the great moments you've given me along with the rest of the crew.

I'll truly miss you Ryan :(

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is there a GB guilld on any of the eu servers? need someone to play with

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Brad is a fucking machine!

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I dont really see where all this hate originates from. I dont have enough insight to judge which company in the industry is the worst, and I wont just hop on the internet bandwagon and say I hate EA because of some overblown issues which are apparent in alot of other companies aswell. I think alot of people do just that when voting in these kind of polls. I bet if you ask half of the people who voted, they cant come up with a reasonable argument for why they placed EA above other companies on their shitlist.

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@bighat_logan said:

Who is Norman Chan?

asian fella, nice guy

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Sorry Sunbro

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happy for you guys!

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getting it in a few days

psn id: Buzk89