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Quit giving me these awesome ideas that I never actually work on!

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I like it.

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Nice work!  The only thing is that it looks like 2002 instead of 2012 at first glance.

Posted by Daniel_Newton

We have another masterpiece.

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WM Gold member Tshirt for 2012? :D

Posted by Gamer_152

A very nice design, sweet work buzz. I kept getting distracted by Jeff's Robotron t-shirt every time I saw it.

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@buzz_clik: Are you available for marriage?
Posted by buzz_clik
@RiotBananas: I'm not married, but I think you have to get in line behind my girlfriend of 10+ years. Final answer: maybe.
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Nice job mate

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I'd buy that shirt. You should sell items with your designs on them. I think cafe press lets you do that, but I'm unsure of the quality of such items.

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Just slap an auricom logo over the lettering there and... wait. 
Perhaps this is one of those times where adding Wipeout paraphernalia doesn't make something better! God help us all.

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That design is fantastic! I'd love one of those!

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This is really awesome work.

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Dear buzz_clik: 
Stop being fucking awesome.  You're making us look bad.

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Gotta prepare for 9/9/12...

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