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Posted by buzz_clik

I may have jumped the gun and/or jinxed Ryan on this bet (not that his end of the bargain's too difficult to uphold), but I've designed a special commemorative shirt in honour of the Gran Turismo 5 wager that Masters Davis and Vignocchi have entered into. Ahhh, Giant Bomb... your constant desire to make these stupid bets is a boundless source of inspiration and hilarity. Don't go changin'.

Posted by Devil240Z

That is awesome. 

Posted by Dauragon


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Posted by Glak

Dude that's great

Posted by SenorTrampoline


Posted by Mmmslash

I would purchase this!

Posted by Daveyo520

lol, dude, I love it. This is great.

Posted by buzz_clik
@Daveyo520: You don't think it needs more bad puns? ;)
Posted by Daveyo520
@buzz_clik: lol, no it's just fine with a funny shirt. Speaking of bets, what did Ryan ever do with Vinny's 50 bucks?
Posted by JJWeatherman

Wow that's... disgusting. 
In the best possible way.  :P

Posted by Slab64

I'm calling it: pinnacle of human achievement.

Posted by TurboMan

I demand this be made.

Posted by JJOR64

The R side looks like a face.

Posted by mazik765

This shirt is full of win.

Posted by deathstriker666

Don't ever leave us buzz_clik

Posted by dexterslu

Oh man, that's amazing - simply spectacular, bravo! 

Posted by jakob187

Great.  Now he's gonna whine on Facebook.

Posted by Claude

I don't know. I think the hair needs to be more around the collar. That way, when I wear a skin toned t-shirt it looks real.

Posted by Bov11

love it.

Posted by Atomasist


Posted by Googly

Incredible.  Hope it becomes a reality.

Posted by FCKSNAP

This is precious! In ways I cannot further describe!

Posted by freecajunlove

Rad Duder

Posted by megaplushie


Posted by Hamst3r

Haha, that is amazing, sir. The hair pattern really cracks me up for some reason. :P

Posted by ajbrad

This is so awesome, but if you saw someone actually wearing this, you would vomit immediately. 

Posted by DVombatus

Okay, that's awesome.

Posted by TheBooya

  Holy crap I love the Giant Bomb community - you guys are the effing best. One comment on a Bombcast and 4 days later, BOOYA! 
Keep on rockin' it, fellas!    

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i require this article of clothing in my wardrobe for which to point out GBers in a crowd as i pass and they point knowingly and burst into hysterical laughter.

Posted by Tebbit

Haha, that's impressive! 
But what's with all that white space? Johhny V is a REAL man. It's not about where he has hair, but where he doesn't.

Posted by anotherfanboy

That's kickass....

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Posted by AlwaysBeClothing

Somehow I'm picturing a Johnny V tattoo somewhere on that shirt.
Fantastico job

Posted by foolman

Haha!  Nice!

Posted by buzz_clik
@AlwaysBeClothing: Awww, your name is a relevant pun, and it's referencing a great scene in a great film. You are yay.
Posted by alfighter27

Absatively beautiful

Posted by AncientMecha

What more could possibly be said. This is awesome and fucking GROSS.

Posted by myketuna

Man, I would totally wear this shirt...under my orange jumpsuit as I'm goin' to Rikas.

Posted by takua108

Incredibly awesome.

Posted by Vision

I love it.

Posted by ZipCrash


Posted by error5305
@buzz_clik:  Ahh thanks for the bets link I had not seen that yet.  I laughed my ass off it made my day! Also that design is awesome, but last I checked Ryan's left nipple is slightly higher than his right.
Posted by Zapato

Amazing..bullseye...nice shot!

Posted by deadly_polo

YessSSSSSSSSS (Steve Carell style) 
Seriously though, Giant Bomb has the best community, well done buzz_clik

Posted by Daveyo520
@buzz_clik: Ryan said he loved you because of this on Twitter.
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This is amazing. i just woke up, but i can already tell that this is a great day.

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