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This reminds me of the time I discovered this little gem, also on Redbubble:

Here's a shirt design I'd made prior:

But it was all so funny (and hard to say was a direct rip) that I never thought any more of it.

Thanks everyone for the vigilance on this whole nonsense!

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@sethphotopoulos: Wait, that's the clip I meant to post. I obviously had in my head.

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@naru_joe93: Giant Bomb's "Good Luck, Have Batman" was born out of a spoof of the traditional "Good Luck, Have Fun" initialisation.

See also:

EDIT: is no longer a website. I am sad as fuck about this.

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Excellent, excellent work.

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Excellent interview, Patrick!

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For something to have a "metagame" it needs to at least be ascertainable within a reasonable time frame...

Eh, not necessarily so. I'd class Achievements/Trophies systems as a metagame, and they have neither a limit (well, outside the number of games in existence) nor a time limit on how quickly you have to garner them.

Oh, and I did say in my original blog piece that I'm fully aware that total knowledge of a perpetually growing roster is an impossible task. This whole thing is, as you say, my own takeaway from Salty Bet.

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@fredchuckdave: Nope, because as I'm saying, the metagame isn't so much about the money. That's the actual game, and is just an indicator of how well you're doing at the metagame of having total knowledge of all the fighters.

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@fredchuckdave: I'm not saying they're exactly the same thing; I'm just drawing the parallel that memorisation is the key to overcoming odds that are stacked against you. As I said, I Wanna Be The Guy is a game, and the hazy, ethereal guff that I'm talking about is a self-defined metagame. But (unless you're amazingly lucky) mastering either of them takes a lot of interaction between your metaphorical head and a metaphorical wall.