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I remember when my parents watched the original Terminator when it was first released on video, and I was allegedly too young to watch it. Mum was excitedly telling me all the next morning of the whole factory ending to the movie, and I couldn't help but feel stoked this thing existed/bummed I couldn't watch it. (See also: RoboCop)

I wore out two VHS copies of T2 as a kid. That is one of my all-time favourite flicks, man. There's nothing else to be said about it that everyone doesn't already know.

T3 was not great. Every time I hear Dan enthuse about it, I get a little caught up in his excitement and think, "yeah, that does sound like a kick-fuckin-ass movie!" But then I actually remember the movie and can't go with him on it. But I still always love Dan's unabashed love for that flick.

Terminator Salvation I actually really enjoyed a lot (going in with low expectations helped). It's not the best movie ever made by a long chalk, but it does do some cool stuff and is a pretty decent little potboiler entry in the series.

Never seen the TV show, despite wanting to.

So, I guess in summary for me it goes T2 > T1 > Salvation > T3. With a view to watching and finding a place for the TV series in there somewhere in near future.

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More friends of the site than staff, but eh...

From this exercise I've learned that (a) Dave Lang with Goldust makeup on still just looks like Goldust and (b) John T. Drake makes for a total dreamboat Stardust.

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If you're ever in doubt about Dan's awesomeness, you should check out his work on the Game Informer Replay & Super Replay video series. Dude's always been my favourite there – the way he gleefully revels in dumb shit was always the best thing about those GI videos – so the fact he's here now has made Giant Bomb content that little bit more of a one stop shop for some of my fave gaming personalities.

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Pssst... Ash is an android, not a cyborg.

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From the most recent 8-4 Play podcast:

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Hell yeah, I have. Kangaroo is possibly my all-time favourite meat to eat. You gotta cook it just right, though, otherwise it gets too tough; all you gotta do is pretty much sear it to give it some colour, and serve it fairly rare.

Source: I'm Australian.

Sauce: Fuck no, you don't ruin a good bit of meat with that shit.