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@video_game_king: Sure, but the clunky-as-fuck combat also didn't help this game in particular.

@mento: Yeah, those other hands were very much sketchy vectors (oooh, nice band name) that had taken all of ten seconds to pop in there.

And you're so on the money with this Fish and MicroChips idea! That's why I dig you, man: always such a thinker.

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Courtesy of my old nemesis Dr Procrastination, I missed out on contributing my coarse Aussie tones to the OG community song; I'd love the chance to make up for this bad life (in)decision.

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@patrickklepek said:

Count on Wired's Chris Kohler to have the most poignant rip on modern Nintendo.

I like Chris, and I always enjoy reading his stuff, but it's always in the back of my mind that he gave Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts a 5 out of 10, saying that "it fails to produce any gameplay moments that are especially fun."

Which, y'know, is objectively wrong. I SAID OBJECTIVELY.

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To quote Ben Kingsley's pitbull of a man Don in Sexy Beast, you've got to do simply for "the sheer fuck off-ess of it all."

Not only do you have to do this thing, but I'm kinda pissed at myself that I've not done it first myself.

Also, I haven't seen Sexy Beast in hells of too long.

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Holy ambivalence, Batman!

While it's a bummer that you won't be an officially-on-the-payroll duder, it's good to know we'll still be able to sample your Daveness in the future. I'm also stoked for you that you get such a good chance to hang out with your lil lass and join Vinny in the ranks of the Cool Dad Brigade.

And hooray for Rorie! One got the feeling it was only a matter of time before you guys managed to swing it so he was able to return to the fold.

In summary: Dave's awesome, Rorie's awesome, they'll both keep being awesome.

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I liked Asylum. I fucking loved City. I am dispirited by the announcement of Origins.

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@alex: Nice Fight Club reference, with an even better article to follow. This whole thing has been mad interesting to watch, with what I'd consider landmark activity (for better or worse) from all corners of the industry. I bet years from now, this launch will be called out as "remember when..." fodder in podcasts and articles, both for the disasters and reactions that have ensued.