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@fredchuckdave: Nope, because as I'm saying, the metagame isn't so much about the money. That's the actual game, and is just an indicator of how well you're doing at the metagame of having total knowledge of all the fighters.

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@fredchuckdave: I'm not saying they're exactly the same thing; I'm just drawing the parallel that memorisation is the key to overcoming odds that are stacked against you. As I said, I Wanna Be The Guy is a game, and the hazy, ethereal guff that I'm talking about is a self-defined metagame. But (unless you're amazingly lucky) mastering either of them takes a lot of interaction between your metaphorical head and a metaphorical wall.

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@tycobb: Good point, I didn't think of that. I'm coming at it as someone who's dropping down to $690 every time I fuck up an all in bet, but you totally wouldn't be subscribing each one for that privilege. That would be dumb (and probably a waste of for realsies money). As you were!

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Sinister question: Could you set up a whole farm of bots designed to bet incorrectly? That way you could even the odds and make yourself better money with each match.

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Huh, just finished Starship Damrey last night - a timely article! I really liked what it was doing, and would have happily played more, but as it stands it's a solid little condensed vignette that I think works at its final length.

And I was eyeing off Attack of the Friday Monsters while I was away overseas, but connecting to hotel WiFi sucks with a 3DS, so downloading stuff wasn't really gonna happen. But thanks for jogging my memory, Patrick. Might peep it tonight!

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I'm flying OS at 11:40pm on the Friday night, but I'd love to pop in beforehand to make a cameo appearance and raise at least two double-fisted glasses to one of the best duders who ever was.

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@mracoon said:

I hope you're sitting on cake in heaven right now.

Right on. This was one of my bona fide thoughts during the last few days (and I'm an atheist, fer Pete's sake).

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Great writeup, duder.

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Great stuff, Joey. Thanks so much for this.

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Not even close to everything I want to say right here.