C64 Games with Awesome Music

The Commodore 64 was the first computer I ever owned, and as such it holds a very special place in my heart. It's due partly to the quality of software on the machine, and partly to the great music found within some of these titles. Some of the game musicians of that era were sonic wizards, managing not only to come up with fresh compositions, but also making their creations work within 3 channels of sound.

Great music wasn't just confined to games either. Many demo and standalone tunes were produced for the C64, and you'd never even hear them unless you did some deep investigatoring on the the High Voltage SID Collection (HVSC). If you've any interest in SID tunes and haven't already hooked into this, I recommend you check it out.

The other thing to remember is that these are games with good music, but that doesn't necessarily reflect the amount of non-musical entertainment you'll glean from playing.

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Superlative selection senor!

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Pretty good list with some way obscure titles.
The C-64 Orchestra pretty much covered a lot of my favourites, though. In fact I think you could take their rendition of the INTERNATIONAL KARATE theme and put it in any modern kung fu film and it would kick ass. 
Or even a frantic, delightful score like MONTY ON THE RUN.

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Well, even look at a touring band like Press Play on Tape.
I honestly don't think that in 15 years there's gonna be a band  going around covering 'classic' theme tunes from XBOX and Playstation games.

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 It's lists like this that make me wish I could have a list collection here on GB so I could look all these composers up later.  Really accomplished list.

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Very nice list mate. Although could do with some Daglish maybe. Don't think I've ever played Mutants before, but listening the SID now. Awesome stuff

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No Cosmic Bakery?

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My favorites are usually done as standalone tunes or for demos.

Favorite sid-musician has to be Drax for me. You should check out the tune "Tristesse".

Laxity and Galway would complete the top-three I think.

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@Mordi: Holy shit, you've read my mind! I was actually going to do a special in a future SID-licious blog where I compile some ace demo tunes, and I was definitely going to include Hypersensational by Drax. I goddamn love that tune - it's so subtle and restrained, but still hard hitting.