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Transformers: War of bad level design 0

                 Transformers: War for Cybertron is a really hard game for me to review. I fairly enjoyed Beast Wars as a kid, but that’s where my slight affinity for the franchise begins and ends, so you could say I’m not that big of a Transformers fan. I only picked up this game because it was getting decent reviews on launch day and I just wanted to play an action game.                   The game starts really strong. The first level of the Decepticons campaign is expertly paced and has some...

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The "set-up a sequel at the end" problem 0

     Infamous had me until the very end of the game. I thought it was a great game that nailed every mechanic that it tried to implement. But then came the last cutscene of the game, and the plot twist. It was very underwhelming. It felt like a very cheap way to set-up the sequel. It was a big "fuck you, you are going to have to wait for the sequel" gesture to the player. The gameplay is perfect in Infamous, and there is not a single fault with any of its mechanics. It is the underwhelming story...

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Dazed and confused. 0

       There are three games inside Mirror's Edge. One is an awesome and original first-person game that emphasizes on flow and momentum, with a shaky camera that reminds me of the Bourne movies. One is a slow puzzle game, with a focus on platforming, which reminds me of Portal. One is a terrible, god-awful melee-combat action game that requires a lot of trial-and-error and is very frustrating. The first two games are amazing. The last one is dreadful, ruins the good effect of the first two, and...

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A beautiful game in every sense of the word. 0

I go way back with the Prince of Persia series. I played the SNES port of the original side-scrolling game, and I absolutely hated it. Then I played Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time for the PC, and I was absolutely blown away. Superb graphics, beautiful art-direction, and a great story-book plot made The Sands of Time a great game. Then, Warrior Within came along. I started playing the game when it first came out, and I stopped as soon as that terrible hard-rock guitar music kicked in. The di...

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Mr. Mechner, I want my childhood back. 0

     My first console was the SNES. I had many great games for that system. Mortal Kombat 2, Super Mario World, and Donkey Kong Country are a few great games from the top of my head. But I also had many terrible games, like Inspector Gadget, and Prince of Persia. Back in the day, there really wasn't anything called "game reviews" or "community reaction". I wasn't subscribed to either Nintendo Power or EGM, because I was just a kid. Occasionally, I got my hands on a some-months-old copy from a fr...

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Access Denied! Attracive People Only. 0

It's been a long time since I played my last "adventure game". You see, PC gaming is half-dead and most people do not want to think while playing, they just want to blow stuff up real good. I remember the time when LucasArts made a new adventure game every year, and the level of wrtiting and presentation pretty much equalled today's Pixar animated movies. I mean while their games had fantastic art-design and were technically impressive, they also had awesome cinematic stories and some very neat ...

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As close to perfect as games get. 0

I played Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast about a year after it came out, because I really like Jedi Academy. I was blown away after playing about half an hour of the game. I realized how much more polished and better Jedi Outcast is compared to Jedi Academy. I wish I had played Jedi Outcast before Jedi Academy... Well it is too late for that. The story is deep, mature, and cinematic. Kyle Katarn who has cut all connections with the Force and all things Jedi, is sent on a mission with Jan Ors. The ...

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Let's mash some buttons! 0

First of all let me say that this is probably the second best Star Wars related game after Jedi Knight II for the PC. I found this game and a bunch of others in my brothers basement, and I played at last weekend for the first time. It was quite awesome! I played in one sitting, took me around 6 hours to finish. This game is very challenging and sometimes frustrating (specially the last two flying levels!) and anyone who is not used to good old way the games were played may throw the controller a...

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Lots and lots of fun, a few laughs, but not much else. 1

Total Overdose: A Gunslinger's Tale in Mexico is an underrated game. It didn't take off in its initial release, and the PSP rework released as Chili Con Carnage didn't do that good either. But if a videogame's main purpose is to be entertaining, this game should get a 10/10. It's campaign is about 4-5 hours long, and there are some fun side quests. But the amount of fun you have during those 5 hours is undescribable. Its fast paced, funny, absurd, with a tongue-in-cheek attitude that doesn't tak...

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Best game in the FIFA series. 0

FIFA series is one of the longest running sports series, and one the best. FIFA has had its ups and downs (FIFA 03 and 04 anyone?) , but its quality never dropped more than a certain point. In my opinion, the best FIFA game was FIFA 03 for the PC, which had the best gameplay and gamemodes I had ever seen in a sports game. I kept playing that game for a long time. Now comes FIFA 09, the new contender for the best FIFA game. The gameplay is almost identical to FIFA 08, but the few tweaks and chang...

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