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Honest talk here. Some of the most outspoken critics on Twitter have been folks like Samantha Allen, Eilizabeth Simins, and applicant Maddy Myers.

That's hilarious. Samantha wasn't hired so she's not being "allowed in the treehouse.". See, Giant Bomb are just meanie boys that don't want to play with me because I'm a yucky girl. And this place that I wanted a job at only days before is now a treehouse, a mere child's fascination, it's no big deal.

They (or the people they wanted to) didn't get a job so instead of accepting it like an adult, they blame institutional sexism as the reason why. "Goodbye, video games. Enjoy drowning in your own homogeneity."."The people in positions of privilege in this corner of the world have already decided how they want this thing to be. Game fucking over." (Samantha Allen, retweeted by Maddy Myers). I didn't get something I wanted. Why? Not the right person for the job? No, that would imply I'm not perfect! I know! Institutional sexism!

Eilizabeth Simins is even advocating people stop going to GB in protest. Why? They didn't hire who I wanted so no one should ever listen to them again. They were a perfectly fine video game website a few days ago but because they hired two straight white dudes we can't go there anymore."Giant Bomb killed a lot of hours at work but I'm through with them after this." (retweet) "currently RTing (mostly game) podcasts with women on them~" Switch that around. If someone went on Twitter advocating for the wholesale abandonment of Giantbomb because they hired a minority or a woman, the backlash would be inconceivable. She sounds like one of those "you can't be racist against white people, you can't be sexist against men" SJWs.

No one is stopping them or anyone from writing about video games. That would be discriminatory. They just don't do it for Giantbomb.

I understand that these women are in the minority of feminists and I'm sure there are plenty of writers/people in the industry who address gender and race without resorting to inflammatory garbage like this. But I loathe these professional victims with their hypocritical bigotry and smugness; and will take every opportunity to expose their shit for what it is: exploitation.

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@bwast: Maybe I don't! The last subscription-based MMOs that I remember have lasted more than a couple years are WoW and EVE, both of which do something unmatched in the marketplace. I'd like to know if I'm wrong, though, so... Could you explain what you're saying?

Don't be obtuse. MMOs can't have subscriptions anymore because UT is F2P. What? They're two completely different genres. UT isn't going to have 1/50th the content Wildstar will at launch. That's what MMOs do and that's how they work. They have massive, evolving worlds that players spend thousands of hours in. You pay a subscription to gain access to that massive world that they've spent countless hours creating and have the expectation of significant content updates in the future. If I have to explain this to you, you don't know what MMOs are.

The reason recent MMOs have failed isn't because they have subscriptions. Free to play MMOs come and go all the time so that proves that argument bunk right there. The reason they fail is because they don't have enough content, especially at max level. Wildstar has veteran dungeons (4 per faction), veteran adventures (5 per faction), 2 raids (20 man and a 40 man), single player story dungeons, battlegrounds, arenas, warplots (40v40 customisable fortress pvp), world bosses, daily quests, weekly quests, all for max level. When you add housing (the best housing in any MMO ever), crafting and paths (optional objectives that are tailored to how you want to play. If you like lore, be a scientist. If you like killing shit, be a soldier. You also get unique abilities for each like the settler can summon a vendor anywhere in the world and the scientist has a group summon.), you begin realize this game is fucking enormous. And Carbine (the developer) have said they have the next 18 months of content lined up to do significant updates on a monthly basis. This isn't another fly-by-night MMO trying to vulture subs off WoW for a month then go F2P, Carbine have been working on this thing for like 8 years and they've created the most complete at launch MMO since WoW first came out almost 10 years ago.

The one thing people have to do before they decide whether Wildstar is a game for them or not is get to level 20 and do a dungeon. The questing is super generic and boring in the early levels I know but power through, I beg you. This is why I love Wildstar. The PvE is hard as fuck. The first level 20 dungeons have mechanics that are comparable in difficulty to endgame raid mechanics from WoW. No hyperbole, try it yourself. Then you get to 50, do veteran dungeons which are the "heroics" of this game. You will not be able to PUG veteran dungeons. At least at launch. Then you get to raids. After you do an attunement quest, you have access to the 20 man which hasn't been cleared in the 6 months it's been in beta. The furthest any guild has gotten in is the 4th boss. There are 6 bosses, 10 mini-bosses and 5 events which are encounters that challenge you outside of combat, like a movement puzzle. Carbine even recently buffed the raid and many guilds have regressed in progression, meaning they're stuck on a lower tier boss than they were before. In order to even step foot in the 40 man you have clear the 20 man. You are not rewarded for merely participating in this game. If you want achievement, you have to fucking earn it. And if you think they're just going to nerf everything when people complain, Carbine have publicly said many times that they are not going to nerf content - difficulty and achievement is a core design philosophy. Not everyone is going to like the level of difficulty (not to say there isn't easier PvE content like adventures and shiphand missions to do) but I am super excited for difficulty in a MMO again.

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I don't understand how companies can still launch paid MMOs in the age of the "Yeah, the new Unreal Tournament will be free."

You would understand if you understood what MMO's are. Clearly you don't if you're making that comparison.

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New album is up and it's a split! A conceptual split to boot. It's about the sun or some shit, I don't really care.

Some people like Nightbringer, some don't. Heavy atmosphere, sonically dense, droning on and on. Some might even call it tedious. I'm a huge fan of funeral doom, occasionally lambasted for its long, drawn-out songs. Maybe there's an overlap there, I don't know. Their new vocalist is also in Acrimonious. Very similar style, also quite good. Check em out!

Never heard of Dodsengel before but I like what they have on here. I'm going to look into getting some more of their stuff.

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New album is up. I also loosely organised the albums into genres to make it easier for people who only like a particular genre.