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I apologise to everyone on this websit for my recent plagurism on my wiki edits. The truth is that i am no good using computers and i would have never copied from wikipedia if i knew what plagurism meant. so i am not using this as an excuse but do say i am really sorry for the miss-use of this website.

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I miss the good old games when Spyro used to be great and lovable. Now the new company that makes the games has spoilt the game all together. It isn't as fun as what it once was and should be given back to the best company for the game.

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I definitely think the Fifa football/soccer games have improved year after year massively. I think that it's the best EA sports game because it's addicting , the graphics aren't bad and the online features are amazing.

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Without Naughty Dog Crash Bandicoot is really boring and the sales of this game has decreased. Naughty Dog should retake Crash Bandicoot and turn it back into the fun, lovable and joyful game we used to know and play.

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favourite: HBK
most hated: randy orton

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night sham-al-awn

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he's amazing. he may be terrible at things but music is something he's brilliant at

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Mine's obvious. They're just the best. Not really i'm just from Bolton so i support my home team.

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@Jayzz: Reach! Reach! Reach!
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I think that this type of behaviour is horrible and shouldn't be forgotten about. No matter how big his grudge against Halo he should never have said anything that he said. Really he should be the one apologising but he's probably gone offline and may have been banned from typing or speaking to people. If anyone didn't like his attitude like i didn't don't be horrible to him, just avoid speaking to him as it seems that by his profile he knows nothing about computer games at all. He might be a good friend to me but i won't let him say that type of thing. i do believe people are entitled to an opinion but this is too much.
Thankyou for understanding!