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Burnout Paradise is already the perfect video game, no need for more.

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This is all so goddamn dumb. This right here is one of the biggest problems with the games industry, or at least with Microsoft.. All this fucking double speak..

"We got paid lots and lots of money to tell you what a great xbox experience this game is going to be for xbox one and xbox 360 on the xbox platform for microsoft's xbox division... At least until it comes out on PS4 and PC and looks, plays and feels exactly the fucking same."

No-one is fooled by this. Yet they still do it anyway? Who the fuck gains from any of this nonsense?

I mean, they wouldn't do it for nothing. This is getting them a huge chunk of cash from Microsoft. Read between the lines and that's all they're saying.

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@me3639 said:

Ill just stick to what im currently playing and say far Cry 3. I can understand why it seems to be a favorite for a lot of people but even playing it on the hardest difficulty presents zero challenge which seems to raise positive reaction from press and casual players(see also titanfall). Its a beautiful world and its fun but I can only play it briefly as it just is boring. And as for the whole 'race' card that was thrown around, i have no idea what the hell anyone is talking about. Its a game, shoot stuff have fun.

That's probably because the 'race' card being thrown around was in regards to the upcoming Far Cry 4's box art, not Far Cry 3.

No, people were definitely upset at Far Cry 3. You're the rich white dude who comes in, learns the foreigners' folksy mystical powers, eventually becomes the best at it, and saves all the hopeless natives. Knee-jerk complaints about Far Cry 4 (warranted or not, we'll know in a few months) came from the poor handling of race in Far Cry 3.

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holy shit

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@shirogane: Does the MGS Collection actually include MGS? I thought it was a product code.

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Is there any way to get the original MGS on the Vita without transferring it from a PS3? I'd buy it in a heartbeat if it was just available on the store.

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@redroach: I think I was in the same boat you are a couple months ago? Had no interest in wrestling, then one day, I wanted to start. I jumped right into an episode of RAW and was hooked, signed up for the WWE Network not long after, and since then I've sunk deeper and deeper, reading books and watching old matches and whatever else happens to catch my fancy. It seemed intimidating from the outside, but it turned out to be insanely accessible.

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So, if I've got a PS4, a Vita, and a 360, is there any way for me to play the original MGS?

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@giantlizardking: Well, it's not a PC game, first of all. They included all the DLC along with brand-new commentary. They also spent the time getting the game to run on a completely new console, a massive task in and of itself. It's more than just a settings bump.

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Anyone played Injustice on the Vita? Seems like it might be fun on there. (Only really interested in single-player stuff.)