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WWE Supercard for PS4?

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wow this is a bad raw

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dudes chill

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Used to, but now that they've signed up with that new group, I've been skipping. I can only listen to so many podcast hosts riff on Naturebox.

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I've seen a lot of people talking about how Destiny will last for ten years, but that's really misleading. The documents released in 2012 as part of Activision's lawsuit against West and Zampella outlined a plan for four games, one every two years, with DLC expansions in between. This isn't a WoW-style ten years, it's a standard shooter franchise ten years. You'll be playing Destiny 4 in 2020, with this game being a distant, probably-still-confounding memory.

EDIT: Since apparently people aren't reading the part where I explained what the plan is, and instead are guessing at what this mysterious plan that was outlined in detail might entail, let me put it in Madden GIFs.

For whatever reason, you can't write "DLC" in the #maddenGIFERATOR, or "D LC", or "D L C", or "DL C", but you can put "D.L.C.".

Here's the link to the whole thing.

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It's nuts how lame the story is. Fucking ridiculous. That moon sword thing seemed cool. It could have so easily been cool. A legendary weapon that destroyed countless guardians? Its owner sleeping, the sword buried underground? Protected by a series of princes? This is all story stuff that should be easy to translate. But no, what do you do? Kill a dude with yellow health, go underground, find the sword fucking sitting on the ground, pick it up I guess because it's literally just a sword?, kill everyone with it, and then it leaves your inventory because that's how you destroy one of the most deadly weapons in the history of Destiny's universe. Yay! Good work, let's go back to your dumb ship. There's a story there, but Bungie willfully ignores it in favor of being boring as shit.

And yet I can't wait to jump back in and play more.

This is one of the most fascinating games I've ever played.

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For example, in this week's bombcast, Jeff and Brad were saying that they hoped that there would be more than 4 areas.

The grimoire does seem to strongly suggest that there are nine.

I wonder if that is the expansions though.

Also one of those is The City, which the Tower is part of.

I picked up a dead ghost and it gave me a card for Jupiter - so they aren't necessarily explorable areas.

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It's got ten more levels, a new act, and a really fun new class, along with a new endgame mode. It's really worth it!