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pretty good

I still think about how good the Rollins/Ambrose feud was all the time. I could watch a hundred Raws that revolve around Ambrose popping out of set decorations and then hitting Seth Rollins a lot. He had a purpose and it was golden. His character made sense. Dean Ambrose is unstable but likes friendship. Seth Rollins was Dean's friend, but then Seth was mean to Dean, so Dean wanted to hit Seth really badly. He always power-walked to the ring because he was so excited to hit Seth Rollins, over and over and over. He would see Seth backstage and try to hit him because he's unstable and he didn't care about the context in which he hit Seth. He just cared about hitting him, a lot of times. And friendship.

Then Bray Wyatt became a smoke genie and, well, you know.

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Was BNB cool before coming back from injury? Not familiar with anything he did before, from what I've seen he's just a generic shouty heel with a boring finisher. Hopefully being King gives him some meaningful direction.

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gang, that was a pretty good show that i had fun watching.

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Kid Icarus is good!

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In case you were wondering about the next Takeover (happening on May 20), a lot of the card was announced at last night's tapings, and it's probably about what you expected.

Kevin Owens v. Sami Zayn for the NXT title

Sasha Banks v. Becky Lynch for the women's title

Rhyno v. Baron Corbin

Blake & Murphy v. Enzo & Cass for the tag team title

Maybe happening:

Finn Bálor v. Hideo Itami v. Tyler Breeze

Bayley v. Emma or Bayley & Charlotte v. Emma & Dana Brooke

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God, if the Wrestling Observer newsletter is right, next month could see Ryback v. Wyatt and Reigns v. Kane. Lucha Underground had better be around for years to come, or else I might snap completely.

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who cares he's eleven let him choose a dumb name. he's eleven

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PWInsider is saying Daniel Bryan was injured in a Dublin house show and is expected to be gone four weeks, which, if true, would be better than what we all feared. Wish WWE would put out a statement already.