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Too digital....

Because there is not enough to justify it for me. I will of course deal with EA as needed, because even when I buy disk(and with EA I do) I am enrolled if I understand correctly. I have an EA account, as the same as I have a Blizzard account.. But my investment with them is purely as required. Not wanted. Blizzard I give more a pass to. Their games are more specialized and have a unique identity. They come from another corner of the field. But EA is just wedging themselves in without the kind of presentation of uniqueness, and justification as a viable alternative that I would like to see. They are simply a self serving extra hoop.

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@gaff said:

You sometimes have to wonder if the Homefront IP is actually cursed.

I know it is beaten to death by now, but Homefront seems to be surviving better than it's performance warrants so far, and Crytek is the one sinking. Why, hello there THQ, I'm coming down fast but don't let me break you...something like that.

Sure agree with that poster about Space Marine, I would have loved a sequel to that one. The glow from that one reminded me of the fate of Freedom Fighters.

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I used to have vinyl disk music when I was young. I miss it, there is something about the sound, though it can be roughly matched if you are not into compression. Lately I have bought some digital downloaded (non-compressed) albums' by Bevis Frond, and it and they sound very good. Also the album covers plus inner liner pictures and art are included. I will expand the practice via Band camp, I need to instruct myself and get it going to check the catalogue.

But done as well as Steam does, digital for games is just a no-brainer for me. I do not care about Steam as DRM, it's when it is combined with Microsoft live or whatever Max Payne used that pisses me off. What a f**king hassle! Microsoft literally barred me from playing an already purchased Dark Souls for months because I made the wrong decision on how to rectify a situation that was absolutely not my fault. Sucked. The lesson is that one digital master is enough, and that is how it should be presented to the end-user. Don't muddy the waters.

And as time goes, it's just no problem to me to go digital, except for the collector angle. I installed shelving behind the sofa in the wall, and it is full. Got some good box art though, keep not throwing it away....

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I want to hear about it first for that price. Have to be a QL. please!

But I am not adverse

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Lets take two games and make some choice. I read through the comments expecting something definitive. I did not see it.

What I would say is that different games garner different expectations from me. Does this poll try to illuminate something besides personal choice?

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THX 1138, early Lucas film. Impressed me way back when.

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but despite (accidentally) (emphasis mine) running over many Chicago residents,..." P.K.

I DON'T BELIEVE YOU, PATRICK KLEPEK! You ran them over every chance you got!

Actually I do believe Pat, if only because his playing of the role is similar to my own inclinations. And that for good or for bad actually. I do not role play well outside my comfort zone. Nor did I purchase Watch Dogs, but then I do not do GTA's anymore either.

Sounds like there was obvious conflict of asshole game moves that would appeal for various reasons, and the story progression. If it were as Pat stated, then I like his solution to finishing the game and being done with it. Probably the one way I could play the bad guy would be to not project myself into the character. Let him or her play their self. I've really never done much of that in a video game before.

Having said that, I would pay real money for a return of SHODAN, and I think I could do SHODANS move set credit.


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I got a lot f mileage (for me, one play-through) out of DS2. I thought it as good a game, and better graphically, than the original Dark Souls. But I did pc with a new and very strong video card.

DLC is next week and I am up for it.

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I want this and Amazing Princess Sarah QL'd back to back. They both have something in common besides adjacent slots in the new games stack.

(HINT...their hair!!!!!!!!!)

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I'm interested, wait and see.