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C'mon OP. I want this game to saunter over to the PC as much as you do, but I'm not going to get my hopes up over a 'leak' from Amazon France. The amount of PC vs Console nuttery this single game has generated is all kinds of amazing though. I guess I'll be owning Bloodborne in a few years when the PS4 has a good exclusive library and is worth buying.

After looking ahead at upcoming games, this is my final conclusion.

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@zevvion said:

Thread title answers itself. If you have to put a question mark behind confirmed, then it's not confirmed.

This. and as much as my hopes lie one way, logic goes another. I still won't buy a Ps4 yet so I will have time....

edit, get a few more games on the PS4 that appeal to me and I will change my tune, kind of want to.

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If they are available, I usually watch these two guys first, in the morning. I really like Vinny, but his humor has sometimes, gone a little around me. That is where Alex steps in. Just different whatever, I can see why Vinny is so popular on the site. Losing GBeast would mess me up some.

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Podcast up here at 9:00PM here tonight.

Like others, looking forward to some kind of QL...

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Two guys surrounded my piece of shit truck(so to speak) with me in it in a downtown parking lot. They wanted in, I, a little scared, simply backed up and drove away. I had the advantage and they I guess did not have a gun.

Truck nearly died on me, lol.

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That it will come to pc ( or more will come to the PS4), and have some solid critiques.

I wish the game well...

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Don't forget Shadow Warrior or Space Marine. These were games limited in budget and reflected it. but still they could be good. I like indie games, but I also liked developers working with good concepts and such as say an AAA game, but more limited by budget. Not everything has to be Assassin Creed-Force Fed, or the hip indie bracket (we love pixels) bracket. I do think so called indie games are or have been creeping into the AA tier.

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Thrash ball it's not.

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So we have already decided that Bloodborne is a great game and are preparing to do damage control just in case the first people to actually play it don't give it the recognition it deserves? Alright then.

If I see an 8.8 I'm going to fucking lose it you guys!!!! Who's with me?

Damn right. This is a job for Jeff!

You know, it sounds like people are really putting these games on a pedestal. They are good, and I enjoyed stumbling my way through Demon's, and Dark Souls 1 and 2. I am glad they exist. But they do not replace sex. They got things right, and threw in a challenge.The fact they come with the structure of an action RPG is excellent, but it's not a new idea.

I really like the Souls games. But if Bloodborne misses, and the Reviewer faces another Zelda 8.8 Collapse of Civilization, well then I am going to really enjoy the comments.

And just to mention, I am bummed that for the time being, I probably won't get to play Bloodborne.

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Though for me it ran fine from the get go.