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I don't understand people who don't prefer Horsey Sauce

This a million times. Though I have grown fond of full blown hot Horseradish. But the Arby sauce...always had a special name for it.

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Jeff in the last Jar-time becoming mildly disturbed that there was so much sun-shine outside his window. Jeff to me works a strange form of subtle, but it is there. I will always give him a listen to just to see where he is going on most any given topic. Or just rambling thoughts.

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There was a death of a character in ME 2 that I thought was done very well. He was perfect for the part, but I didn't like it going down that way.

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There was a Space Marine sequel or something that was in the works at one point, but fell apart amongst the collapse of THQ. I wonder if Prey 2 or some such just may raise it's head once again. People liked the trailer. Half Life 3, I just do not think. I feel it is being squeezed to a no-go, time-wise. Also a sequel for Freedom Fighters has long past it's moment. I would wonder about a System shock 3, but I think Dead Space is the most one will see in that regard.

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Just one thing first, I respect Jeff's reviews, and only balked with my cash over Syndicate. But I have that spoiled 60.00 No-way-Jose for a PC game. I bought on sale and will try it just because Jeff liked it so much.

I was a little surprised by the score today. It seemed to me to be a competent game, having at least a set minimum amount of gameplay and story. Nothing was bad really, the bar was simply set at a real conservative value. Disappointing I guess in knowing it really should have shown more. Graphics even looked excellent, probably orders above the other determinants of a video game. In short, it looked like a just barely 3 star to me. It wasn't bad, but rather competent in a severe take no chances sort of way. Well, perhaps that was still too much to swallow. I was thinking of the first Gears of War for my comparison, but Gears did much more I suspect, despite the threadbare story.

If I had a PS 4, I'd get this game on sale someday...maybe.

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That's a nice track featured here! I do not know the guy, but perhaps I could catch up on Parks and Rec, and also do a you-tube search. I come across a lot of music these days, especially for times gone by.

RIP...he looks like he has a grasp of humor. Sad that many of the funny crowd have such internal struggles.

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I was inclined for Vinny and Alex, but there is undeniably important history here. Perhaps Vinny and Brad could quicklook it, one of them by video conferencing in,... is that possible?

As for review, that is open to all including very much perhaps, Matt Rorie.

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I'll watch it someday, perhaps more than ever now. I have to know my own take.

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I would watch something Zelda. I mostly (but not all) dislike the Mario dimension of Nintendo. But Legend of Zelda brings back memories, it was my wife's favorite game. And I'd like to see Pat on the site again.

Now MY twisted side...Jeff, pull the trigger!!!!! It's been years Jeff, since the Review of the Century. I can go back and read the responses to that Review only so many hundreds of times.

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Maybe try reinstalLing it? Are your drivers up to date?

In the old days this would be my response. Somehow the game would be corrupt.