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I myself was hoping for a no vote, but that may have been the conservative (non-political term) and caution in me. When this kind of event occurs there is both what a country is seeking independence from, and then what then does it want to institute for itself. It is along this line of thought I hope the British PM honors the promises he made concerning what was abrasive to Scotland most.

To Scotland as an American, I am quite aware of Scotland as a separate country with identity, and the Scots (inhabitants) existing as a people, say as the English.

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Isn't there a service now to play PS3 games on the PS4 for some kind of money? One of the guys looked at it the other day.

And this thread is a month old, and a new MGS collection is coming out?

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@pozo said:

Not sure where the episode is. Maybe it's still getting encoded.

Waiting myself. Thought I'd be viewing it this morning.

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I've played Killer 7 twice, unfortunately PS2 and retro chip PS3. I understand totally your remarks for the tonality of this game in it's frames, colors, contrast and graphics. This is part of what sold me on Suda, and he hasn't done a game quite like it. Sometime I will play his No more Heroes paradise(is that right...something like that) I did really enjoy Shadow of the Dammed, think I got more out of it then you did. But Killer 7 is a true gaming classic, and reflects true genius. The only disconnect I had with it was using Greensleeves for that one section, it didn't match though I understood. Just didn't work for me.

I hope Suda 51 will do a HD version of this game for current gen. Of course it will not be as such given the style and so on. But high graphics for an old game is not the point.

Availability for present gamers to experience Killer 7 is.

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I might end up getting it down the road. I do not understand the decisions made by Gearbox, like other posters. Maybe it'll be a surprise good game and is access-able on steam.

I still want to like Gear Box.

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I agree that these far right European political parties are way more extreme than most American Republicans. Not all, but most. They are left over very often from the racial and anti-Jewish prejudices of the past. They are birthed in the historical filth and mire of organized hate.

But the problem has more that one aspect. Assimulation into a new culture, economy and way of life, even if one keeps their old culture of home and practice their religion, can be difficult at best. Try to be Iraqi and learn Swedish to get a job, even if a Professional. But the immigrants of today have ready made a recourse that seems all too easy to retreat to. What would be called radical Islam. Feel not in place, not welcomed, not accepted in ones new country? The most inclined will retaliate by involving themselves with various groups fighting it out in Syria, and whatever else. The European far right hate groups are growing stronger because of the grist that is being supplied them. The radicals bring their hate back to the European countries, where the hatred of the far right parties awaits them and what they provide for existence.

It is a two way problem. Coldly that.

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I cannot see Dark Souls 2 listed as a major disappointment at all. Perhaps not fulfilling it's highest promise, though I think it did quite well despite the first dlc.

Titan fall seems to have come and gone, decently conceived but severely limited. Destiny is very mixed. Watch Dogs seems clearly the front runner to my mind. I wonder if Destiny has done a first assassin's Creed, and will climb out of the pit. It is certainly not all failure, and has potential w/ the depth of it's developer.

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@viciousbearmauling said:

Now I'm paranoid that there are people that don't like me or anything I post.


I do hate dislike you and your posts. But I cannot turn my eyes away. Some kind of affliction. Beware though, there will be many more like me if I can create new accounts. Then there will be many eyes that cannot turn away. I hope this matters to you when you post, Viciousbearmauling!

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I'm kind of looking forward to it on PC (which I thought they announced, but is not stated so on it's GB page). I never do games like this and want to give it a shot. Closest has been Diablo 3 and I do not play public. If it doesn't pan for me, well, not the first time I spent money on a game that ended as a Nope. (I sure try not to, though)

I'm looking at Destiny as worthy of the question.