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I want to hear about it first for that price. Have to be a QL. please!

But I am not adverse

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Lets take two games and make some choice. I read through the comments expecting something definitive. I did not see it.

What I would say is that different games garner different expectations from me. Does this poll try to illuminate something besides personal choice?

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THX 1138, early Lucas film. Impressed me way back when.

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but despite (accidentally) (emphasis mine) running over many Chicago residents,..." P.K.

I DON'T BELIEVE YOU, PATRICK KLEPEK! You ran them over every chance you got!

Actually I do believe Pat, if only because his playing of the role is similar to my own inclinations. And that for good or for bad actually. I do not role play well outside my comfort zone. Nor did I purchase Watch Dogs, but then I do not do GTA's anymore either.

Sounds like there was obvious conflict of asshole game moves that would appeal for various reasons, and the story progression. If it were as Pat stated, then I like his solution to finishing the game and being done with it. Probably the one way I could play the bad guy would be to not project myself into the character. Let him or her play their self. I've really never done much of that in a video game before.

Having said that, I would pay real money for a return of SHODAN, and I think I could do SHODANS move set credit.


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I got a lot f mileage (for me, one play-through) out of DS2. I thought it as good a game, and better graphically, than the original Dark Souls. But I did pc with a new and very strong video card.

DLC is next week and I am up for it.

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I want this and Amazing Princess Sarah QL'd back to back. They both have something in common besides adjacent slots in the new games stack.

(HINT...their hair!!!!!!!!!)

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I'm interested, wait and see.

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I understand the definition of overrated here. It means a game to you(or I) that fell short of the public/review set standard. I conceptually grasp it from the opposite view, since I think Bioshock-Bioshock Infinite great games. It's hard for me to consider overrated, because I am conscious I am measuring my take vs. vast public opinion, which I do have some respect for. But not total, since the majority can be and has in cases been shown to be historically wrong by present perceptions.

I do have a contribution however.Mine is Far Cry 3. I started off really enjoying it, but at a certain point just said f**k it. The story got lame, guess I should have waited for more Crazy Guy.

But oh gawd did I love Blood Dragon!

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Not to be contrary, but video reviews are very often to me, simply redundant with their written reviews. Like many others I invest in the QL's

What I miss is their often inspired sketches. There was just one in a thread lately about Jeff hoarding games I had never seen before. just f***ing hilarious. I can think back all the way to Ryan, early Whiskey Media, banging on a box for sound input into a designed-for game. It was jank, but he found with adjusting he could make it work. Their Too Human Gang-Star is classic , but it isn't the only one. And Pat even (and also) when he was in the main office, was capable of some physical comedy. One was that 'modified' interview with the dev of Deadly premonition. Over the years they have a decent catalogue of this sort of thing, sometimes buried in their other shows, also.

That is what I miss.

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@turambar said:

Just a few thousand. I've been running with a ring of life protection since I've gotten one. The fact that they are repairable for just 3000 souls means there's really no reason to ever lose souls or not be 100% human unless you die via petrification.

Damn! I never considered repair, and thus never used them (had 2). They ought to make the soul cost steeper, 3000 is nothing.

I lost I am sure 15000 a few times. I forget how much I was needing to level up in the end, I'm sure I lost that amount at least once. But I was so aware of soul lost that I was always to a fault going back and leveling or investing somehow. poison arrows rock.