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Russia has stated many times Vietnam is closer to the Russian spirit and heritage than the Ukraine. Too bad we bought into that BS. Rates of dead/wounded in Vietnam that make our past involvement in Iraq a joke(though not a pleasant one) Now There very well may be a party, but we have showed up way early.

Vietnam thankfully is becoming history. Though we seemed to have forgotten the lessons. It now seems worthless our fear of what they represented.

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I thought one call to Rose was one of the best I heard in the game. Essentially it was Snakes sufficient, and I thought deeper perception, in his retort to Rose concerning a Boss. Snake thought it wrong to see the Boss as necessarily weak despite her obvious derangement. After all, Liquid trusted this Boss with great responsibility and command. The problems the Boss had did not necessarily make her weak, and may have been a functional advantage for her and Liquid's needs.

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Only that I remember you, and wish you and your survivors the best I can Oakland Raiders all their best, no matter how they played the game. What I remember is how calculated and up against to wall he was in 4th Quartors. PURE MAGIC, though not my favorite QB.

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O_o all these spoiler tags in a spoiler thread. Well I'm on a phone so I have no choice. Only thing I can't figure out is do we actually know what happened to Hannah? "My sister is gone. And she's never coming back." *creepy smirk*

This thread is listed as having spoilers, so I am fore-going the bar.

From my point of view, Nothing happened to Hannah except most likely the observational world will never consistently see her as Hannah again. Hannnah is there, but it is Eve's job now to interact with the world. Hannah will be there for the baby. Hannah will be there to drive. And Hannah will aways be there to interact with the most important thing/person of her life, Eve.

It will probably be difficult, Simon's body has been 'exposed' and Eve says Hannah did the violence wearing Eve's blonde wig. What a ball of confusion, to borrow from Love and Rockets. And it is designed that way. There will be some case against Eve, she will deal with it. probably some very reduced form of murder or manslaughter, and who knows what sticks.?

BTW, I wonder what name was used in the Glasgow hospital (was Eve still Hannah)? Or if there were records at all. One thing about Eve, she is not the particularly honest one. Her forte was confidence, not fact....

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I am strictly a single player. But to have a buddy you understand (your significant other say, or a very close friend,. And you go to town against the enemy on so many levels, tactical, strategical , as the savior, or the victim drawing your other half in,.It's what you do about it.

What an incredible experience. Not my game, but I am old. I like 2 so much more that 4 as an approach because it is a shared personal experience, with room to maneuver with intimate purpose.

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I was thrown off the twins theory when I searched the term "twins". The first two videos are of her scoffing and laughing at the question and saying something to effect of "are you really asking me that question?".

Also that there is very little mention of sister until the very last interview, we hear reflection and friend far more often. One of the last clips is Eve saying "my sister is gone and is never coming back" with a wry smile. So I read this as Eve has either gotten rid of/killed the Hannah part of her personality or that Hannah has run away.

At some point I was running off the theory that Hannah wears her hair up, and Eve wears her hair down. But I ain't no fancy hairdresser and some of her hairstyles seem to land somewhere in the middle so it's hard to know which is which in those cases.

I'm going with Eve is the evident observable survivor also. Though Eve herself may have been born from Hannah's psych. And Hannah doesn't have to be dead. Eve and Hannah's most important thing to them, was each other. They now have an impending baby to share. Eve (the confident one) is simply the one who presents herself to the world. This is what I suspect. Hannah will still be there to drive, so to speak. Perhaps.

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SPOILERS!!!! (if I actually understand anything) Do not read if you are starting this game, or even in the middle of it.

My first impression was that Eve is a construct, or actually became one-half of a fully developed personality disorder. But that does not mean Hannah is the one left in the end. There is so much info to work with, some contradictory, much which cannot really be proven where I am yet.. I will go back over it, quality tattoos can be temporary, and so much else.

I do wonder this, if at the end Eve discovered the murder, and helped Hannah hide the body for discovery afterwards. Simon would quite purposely come to surface later because it was better that way.. And in their love/hate profound co-dependent state, Eve has done her best to protect Hannah. In fact Eve, perhaps the virtual personality at first, now perhaps absorbed Hannah into their Her(their) own being.

Eve will now handle the outside reality, Hannah has fled inside or has physically 'died' (which would be messy). The important thing for the 2, bought as usually by a lot of angst and divided needs and jealousy, is that there is a baby. Between Eve and Hannah, those 2 will share their baby, though the outside world may never see Hannah again. Simon, besides the usual load of grief and conflict, has done his princely duty, gotten Eve pregnant. Simon did his work of a regal drone.And I think, for the twins or at that point whatever they were, Simon submitted his Final contribution to the bond the 2 personalities or twins (to a fatal fault) had. Simon was asking to be cast away. And cast away he was.

My dissatisfaction s of where Hannah is. Is she one twin dead, or fully gone inwards.

I have not proven to myself the overwhelming proof for either stance. These 2 ladies were very psychosomatic, periods on the same time, all that implication. Remember, because Eve said she did a lot of screwing around, does not mean Eve did anything she said. Now what happened to her parents, and also to Florence if that was for real, is much, much darker. I think these 2 personalities or twin killed for each other. After all, they loved each other.

I need to do more queries.

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I've seen him kill people inadvertently, they being too close to an edge or something else.

Batman does not deal death with intent. But if it happens, ....

edit- can you imagine the number of paraplegics and quadriplegics left by a number of Batman fights?

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Just to say I finished this game just now. Overall, it was very decent. The last boss fight was just okay. And I 'm not sure I understood the personal motivations of some of the Partizans,. I will have to read something to get the better picture.

But Old Blood overall is a solid FPS, and it has even a little of B.J. being so insane he literally stays just the opposite, a little of that Batman thing. That comes much more evident in The New Order. But counting to 4,inhale,- repeat, makes it's grand appearance.

Speaking of such, on to Arkham Knight

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I just solved the problem by ordering the PS-4 version...tomorrow. The time has passed up now, but I could not believe I could actually get this game, and on a Sunday to boot.

My PC is PISSSED OFF!!!! Not it's fault, though.