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It is a bad idea, and is that for more than one reason. But I have nothing but awe and admiration for the individual who conceived of this.

What a whopper!

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It's like that part of Lethal Weapon 3 where Mel Gibson says he's OK with killing humans but not dogs.

In some sort of way I agree with Mel, must have been the high point of that movie. I felt really shitty when I killed one of what was obviously a pair of ornate birds with my knife. At least the Rhino will trample your ass. I found that out! I think I needs a bigger rifle....

I realize it is part of the economy and crafting sections of the game . It doesn't connect to my feelings in real life, that's for sure.

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K+M. I tried the controller, and it felt slow. Continued to use a controller for driving till I realized what I was doing wrong. If this was Dead Souls 2, my tune would be polar opposite.

And for out of context, I cannot believe this game doesn't let you dim the music down to off, as opposed to turning it off.

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I do, unequivocally. But then I accept cables from my K+M and my controller to my PC. I have thought it out if I was forced out of the living room. The main hassle would be consoles on a monitor, which I believe is no problem.

I am considering a 4K TV soon.

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I think Dan has done way more positive than negative. I enjoy his enthusiasm. Sometimes he goes off a ledge, but I suppose that is a matter of opinion. His position on the team, and the near innate job he does is going to be divisive anyways. We have Giant bomb East coming online for a something completely different duo, and that balances things for me a whole lot.

I do not watch everything with Dan in them. But for MGS say, he is un-replaceable. I think he meshes well with some of the other staff , with another it gets a bit lopsided in tone. Leave it there, except I like the guy. And a great group on three fronts over-all. I hope Rorie specializes in several things outside his other duties for the San Francisco team, say RPGs. He seems very capable. Jason is expanding out, also.

I know this is a bit not asked for, but it all seems to be working.

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Way, waaaay back when I was a college student in a Dorm. Usually Bud or Coors or that one malt liquor that I could stand(the rest sucked). We'd go out for quarts and 40 oz-ers. It was simply convenient for us and met the lack of money we had.

Nowdays it's weak cheap beer in cans.

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I respond to the new driver alert, and it usually works. But boy did I have some trouble with the latest driver. Seems to be okay now with several re-installs. I really wanted to go back to the previous driver.

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I can flow. I understand the tweets are their private-public parts musings. At various times they all have made me laugh or think. I read Pat's consistently for some article or such to access. Vinny and the doorknob tweet the other day had me going. They are worth it, and Dan is due his.

I like these particular tweets all the more because I do not do Twitter.

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LaLiLuLeLo Crazy Kojima. People have been laughing about that one for ages. Wondering if it was thought that was at the least, happy English.

But my advice is for Drew to take some time exploring. he has a proven expert in Dan. He could give direction to Drew a bit on or off-camera without revealing spoilers. I know it's a hassle to keep freaked out viewers from judging everything. But maybe they could work out a short list of yeah, go look around areas....... They kind of do that anyway, really.

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I understand the criticizing of the term Future Proofing, @pcorb. That's why I also tried to define it as 'head room'. What my beginning post was asking for, was advancements say 6 months or so out I should be aware of before I do a PC build. As I said in the first post, I will make other decisions myself pertaining to performance and value. But if there was a hot sounding CPU, memory, anything coming out, I wanted (for once) to know about it. And I took note of what you had to say about multicore. I think Shadow of Mordor claimed it wanted a recommended 8 cores, but my first generation i7 4 core did just fine. Someone else stated 8 cores for 4K was going to become a norm...idk honestly.

And I already do have a new Nvidia card @anywhereilay and was not asking about that...BUT... there is an irony brought up by@apothaeos that I threw away money by trying to brute-force evolving video card demands for meeting 4K.

And I appreciate all what I have read. People just don't have just opinions, people into PC builds tend to understand gaming PC goals, components, and they stay abreast of what is around the corner. This has proved to be a good idea for me by asking here.