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Jeff making me laugh, Bombcast, Quick Looks.  
I wish they'd update the site more often though. Gaming news is fine but there's other places you can get that sooner, and to be honest it's difficult to write up news stories without them sounding like the press releases that they usually are.  
I'd like to see the team writing some opinion pieces about gaming, what's in the news etc. I really enjoy listening to/reading the views of the different members of the team, but presently you only really get that once a week, and much of the news discussed during the Bombcast is inevitably days old. 

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At least Wave has some kind of meaning. Natal is a horrible word and a dreadful name. 

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Good choice for me. 
The helicopter attack sequence in Nepal was probably my only hairs-on-neck raising moment in videogames last year, it was incredibly well orchestrated. 
Oh and 3 hr 43 min Bombcast... *faints*