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The girl that took the photo is just so incredibly lack of empathy and awareness to history and what she did is so tacky and tasteless its incredible.

The fact is, is that Selfies are just a new form of really annoying Narcissism that epitomizes what people hate about Teenagers in America. So obsessed over petty and juvenile things and so into themselves that it makes people cringe. This isn't a new phenomenon, its just so much more easily seen now with Social Media.

The fact that the girl was so obsessed with making sure she took a photo of Auschwitz, not because its such an important place in the history of the world, but because she wanted to brag and show off the fact that she was at Auschwitz. It shows that she has no understanding or perspective of what that place is to the world at large. That's probably a testament to where she is from and the level of education she was exposed to.

She doesn't deserve death threats, shes just ignorant and a little bit narcissistic. I do think that someone needs to sit down with her and explain that what she did was not cool. Though, I don't know how well a teenager would take the idea that they are wrong. But who knows

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Great post, loved the examination of the Tidus Character. I always felt that people gave him too much shit for the situation he was in.

Its too bad that they went ahead and destroyed pretty much everything X and X-2 built story wise, and left the series on a cliff hanger that Square has said will probably never have a resolution. (At least as a game anyways.)

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As for explanation: "You should see the other guy."

Perfect. I'll use that one. Straight up lie but thanks :)

Except it isn't. See people make the assumption that the other guy looks worse but in fact you don't give any information about the actual state of the other guy. ;-)

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Well, I'm gonna look at this in a way that I would assume a lawyer would look at it. If you don't agree with that on a moral level, then get over it.

Looking at what we have, we have a classic he said-she said situation. A women who saw a News Article about the success of Max Temkin and recognized him as the man she had a pseudo relationship/ potentially her Sexual Assaulter. She then created a Social Media Mud Slinging Campaign to deface Max Temkin.

Max then creates a Blog Post about the events and tells his side of the story about their relationship. Apparently, he was a young idiot, and broke off the relationship is a poor way. After the events the women created on Social Media, he contacted his Lawyer about what he can/should do, and he can sue for Libel. However he has said he declines sueing the women, because he doesn't want to hurt her, and set a precedent that women that come out against their attackers will be sued. Or so he says. He also tried to get in contact with the women in question and gave her his personal contact information. Or so he says.

Now my personal take on what it happening. Honestly, nothing has really changed. One women is defacing Max because he apparently raped her, and Max is defending him. Because there is literally no evidence to believe either of them no REASONABLE 3rd Party person should be able to judge either character at this point. So my opinion on both people are the same as before the events, Max is a pretty cool dude, and I don't know who this lady is. Obviously if we went to court right now, Max would win easily. Why would someone wait 8 years to come out against her attacker, and also the timing of the campaign is very suspicious. The accuser happened to see a news article about the boy she had a relationship with in College, one that ended poorly, perhaps she is a bit touchy about that one (but that one is pure opinion and speculation, we cant really jump to that conclusion because we have no meaningful reason to do so) and when she saw the boy that shunned her and now he is super successful and rich? Not a good combo in my opinion.

In the end the only thing I can go to is the fact that it took a long time for her to come out with these claims, and she seems to be more interested in defacing Max then actually building a case against him. There can be a number of reasons why she would do that, she doesn't want to go through the ordeal of a trail, or she knows she cant create a case against him and decides to try and ruin his career instead, or she might actually be building case right now and we don't know it, or she could be doing it because she is jealous, or something else. I don't know, all I can say that from my perspective, she looks more scummy then Max. But the aggressor usually does, but that doesn't mean they're wrong.

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So a crap ton of games have been coming out on Steam this year, so I think that the sale will be a little crazy this year, and I'm sure a lot of you guys have gone through a few years of steam sales so you might not have much, but are there any games you guys are looking at and waiting for the summer sale?

I'm looking at both Enemy Front and Wolfenstein, though I don't know if Wolfenstein will be on sale but you never know. It'd be pretty hilarious if Witcher 3 somehow went on sale for Pre-Orders

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LeftArrowRightArrow Engine

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$67.9 Million Good Sir

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...I like the way the Turtles look good...

Also, I chuckled at the joke at the end.

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they got about 4 hours left