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...I like the way the Turtles look good...

Also, I chuckled at the joke at the end.

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they got about 4 hours left

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I've been playing it and its been fun. I'm in the elemental tower dungeon right now, and its been entertaining. I've never been one to build a party all on my own and try it out. Its been fun, been running Merc, Guardian(Paladin class), Druid, and Ranger. My only gripe is its hard to tell the difficulty of quests, say for example, the quest to class change towards a pally for my guardian comes near the end of act 1. However, the area that I need to go to complete the quest is blocked by these two spectral wraiths. Both extremely powerful, and completely wreck my team right now. So I wish there was more clarity on a level range of sorts for the game.

Also, I think this is a bug (I hope so at least...) But when I'm in an area and I am fighting an enemy and battle music queues in, after the battle it never goes away. Its a little annoying when I'm exploring an area that I cleared of enemies and all I hear is DUN DUN DA DA DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUUN!!!!! The entire time.

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I disagree with Joel's choice simply because of his reasoning. I don't feel that Joel did it because Ellie had the right to live or die as she chose, but because he couldn't bear to live without her. He become much more dependent on her then she of him. Her feelings were never involved in choice that Joel made. He never tried to delay the operation so that Ellie could make a choice. A choice that I'm am very sure that Ellie would sacrifice herself to get the cure. That final conversation pretty much cemented the difference between the two characters. And showed that Joel has become a monster and solely dependent on Ellie. While its nice to think what he did was very noble, he did a very selfish thing. And moving forward, that relationship will only become more and more strained and will not end well.

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Chess is said to be pretty good.

As is Go.

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So is tactical strategy games going to now be the new common type of game for the lower leveled/indie game developers?

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Well I kinda feel that video games are becoming more and more exclusive as a medium. Its already a fairly expensive hobby anyways. The base line to play new console games cost 300 dollars just for the hardware. And that's not counting the price of games. Its probably continue since I doubt the people who make games and consoles actually can relate to those that can't pay for these things. Its becoming more like the tennis of digital hobbies.

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@dmfdude: So I missed this whole thing, and was wondering where Dave has been. When exactly did Dave leave Giantbomb, and why?

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@hailinel: Not the guy who voted for WoL. But I suppose self-insertion? I mean, WoL is just a base character that is open for interpretation. So maybe that, or someone just being a smart ass about the topic.

Typing this made me realize that I would really enjoy a serious retelling (reinterpreting) of the original game. (That one specifically, since you can argue that most of the other FF games are retellings of that game). Something a bit more serious, since there is already a comedic version of that game. (8-bit theater)