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I've heard upwards of 1 billion for the acquisition. Which I think is false, but if not.

Jesus the Ouya team are the biggest scam artists in the world

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@iamjohn: I'd argue in the events of this case the articles that Gawker posted weren't newsworthy.

The video was shot in 2006 and were released on TMZ in 2012. 7 MONTHS later Gawker releases the video of a supercut of the sex tape.

So not only did Gawker post something that happened 7 months ago, they took the time to cut out all the boring parts of the tape and show the good stuff. Gawker went out of its way to show the video that already was out in the public. I can't see any real "news" worthiness to what Gawker did.

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It can be frustrating seeing the crew's look on things because it can feel a bit elitist. Especially Alex, they way he says things like, "They probably don't deserve these games" comes off as a man that really doesn't like his audience. But that's getting off topic. A person is involved with the industry obviously have a higher opinion on games than a normal consumer so of course they will think highly of themselves to a degree, but its a line to tow that can lead to less of a communicator of facts and news, and more of a teacher and student, where the student is very much not interested in being taught.

Every time Jeff rants on about how yoshi or final fantasy are stupid or sucks or he just doesn't like a thing, he feels like he can be berating those that do enjoy it. Everytime someone mentions something cool but maybe a bit childish, and Alex responds "REEAAALLLY?????" I feel like I'm being lectured. Obviously that feeling is met with a more level headed opinion that its just one opinion, their own, and they aren't trying to force it on me and I could just leave if I felt strong enough about disagreeing with them. So I temper it. But people truely enjoy things in moderation, cynicism is fine and necessary on a certain level to survive, but being around a bunch of louts and having temper my emotions at all times can be draining.

Fans can be annoying with their blind optimism, and critics can be frustrating with their incessant cynicism. Its a balancing act and it can be hard to balance since it seems each side is on such an extreme scale, so anyone with a moderate position can just become tired out of trying to balance those two ideals, which can just lead to a bad time.

Also that bunny dude needs to realize that the whole point of e3 is to market your product, so the idea that everything is an ad shouldn't be a mind blowing revelation to him.

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@byterunner: I know you didn't see it, but in my edit I talked about a slide that shows the wii u and 3ds coexisting with the NX. Seems like it's a new category of hardware

In the Q&A at the end, when asked about timeframe for release of the mobile games, Iwata said he doesn't have anything to announce right now but that he doesn't see the advantage of the collaboration if they're not able to release something this year. Development will be handled by both Nintendo and DeNA, with Nintendo doing most user experience work and DeNA will do more backend analysis and server work. Sounds like Nintendo develops the games and sends them to DeNA to get them working. He was also adamant that the mobile games will not just be 3DS ports, due to needing the games to be tailored to the mobile platform. Iwata is definitely saying the right things here, hopefully it pans out.

The way Iwata was talking about the NX, it sounds like the NX will be their next generation of dedicated gaming hardware (IE: Console)

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Man, a month after the N3DS they announce a new piece of hardware? Huh. I just bought my N3DSXL about a week ago. But there's no way this can be a new home console, right? The Wii U is too young and too much of a failure to have run it's course considering their R&D cost. It's got to be a handheld. Or maybe the dream handheld/home console combo people seem to want?

Or maybe the NX is like four years out anyways so it doesn't matter. Who knows. They say we'll hear more next year, so I'm not upset yet!

Aren't consoles usually announced a year before it comes out? So a new console is 2 years out at this point

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Oh snap, new console, NX

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In a joint between DeNA and Nintendo, Nintendo will be making games for the Mobile Market.

"Nintendo and DeNA intend to jointly operate new gaming applications featuring Nintendo IP, which they will develop specifically for smart devices. Consequently, Nintendo expects to benefit from new business opportunities as more consumers encounter Nintendo IP, and DeNA expects to strengthen its core business of mobile gaming internationally through the use of Nintendo IP."

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@morelikelames: I'm mainly talking about the part where Jeff basically backs down from his position of taking down Hatred from Steam is dumb, because he heard some hearsay and rumor about one of the developers being a neo-nazi (which is ridiculous, and there is barely any credible evidence to that fact) and when confronted by people who believe that idea, Jeff was just like: "Wait yep, that's fucked up, never mind."

He switched his position on rumor and then started to complain that he said something that caused political outcry and got tweets from all sorts of people. I'm just like, dude, stick with your guns and stop complaining when you get shit on for it. It was just kinda lame to me.

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Hatred is kind of a meh game, its overtly edgy and I feel the issues with the game aren't the game itself, but the climate of the internet that its being released in. (Which is a bit depressing)

Also, Jeff's reaction to the situation is pretty lame, I kinda expected better from him