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Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.

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Despite the spam necro....

I am playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution because I enjoy hacking in video games.

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I used to print out magic cards and sleeve them with real cards behind them. Costs about $7-$10 for the sleeves, and you get to play with super-powerful (read: expensive) cards for cheap-as-free.

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I've never finished it, but it is a really fun game to play. Hulk Davidson can go suck an egg, though. He's such a jerk.

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Expectation to work overtime with no notice whatsoever.

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How's about a compromise. Dan Ryckert eats food while playing DOTA 2. Get it? It's like Dan Ryckert is being fed while feeding!

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I have a couple:

  • Metroid Prime - Bought and sold it like five different times, enjoyed every minute of it but I just didn't have the patience for it.
  • Dragon Quest VIII - Played about 30-40 hours of it and then sold it to gamestop. Now I've got to start all over.
  • Final Fantasy Tactics Advance - Was dumb as a child, and couldn't strategize effectively. Pretty awesome game, though.
  • Fire Emblem - Same as above.
  • Fallout 2 - I just keep wanting to restart.
  • Deus Ex - I just keep wanting to find all the ventilation shafts, and then restart.
  • Plants Vs. Zombies - I keep getting to about the third world, and then I just kind of lose interest.
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I really, really enjoy Advance Wars: Dual Strike.

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If I'm playing a game to see the content and the dump it I play it on easy. If I'm genuinely interested in a game and it has four difficulty settings then I will choose the second hardest difficulty.

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SteamWorld Dig was pretty good. I was tempted to go back and get some more of the upgrades, but without another to challenge to use said upgrades on....

Gunpoint is really a lot of fun, and it has a lot of really cool emergent design. You can hook up a single switch to multiple things at once and it's actually quite brilliant.