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I voted tiger because your impeccable arguments and your serious dedication to this essential debate has shown me the path and the light. Thank you.

...Unless you're lion. Then you'd be another false idol I have chosen to follow.

Get it? Please get it.

I'm not lion to you, there's nothing roar I can say.

I really admire your dedication to this very important topic. Are all your topics going to be about tigers, or are you down to talk about video games as well?

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You want my advice? Stop buying games and play only the things you enjoy. Maybe use demos/rentals/PS+/reviews more when making purchasing decisions.

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I think two sequels to Cars is worth one sequel to The Incredibles.

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I really enjoy games like Metal Gear Solid that tell you exactly what changes happen between difficulties. I want to say some other games do it, and I can't think of any others off the top of my head.

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Spec ops the line is probably the best commentary on free will and choices that I've ever experienced.

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What did I do to get followed by you?

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He's sick of military shooters, has always loved Starcraft and now loves DOTA 2 as his first MOBA.

I do not see the double standard here. Also, it's not like there has been released a DOTA or Starcraft game every year...

The double standard is that somehow it is cool for DOTA and SC to remain the same and remain popular... So why is that military shooters that need to evolve and be something else because... reasons?

Because COD doesn't stay the same, they release a "new" game every year and expect you to pay full price for it every year. DOTA 3 hasn't been (and probably won't be) announced, and Starcraft II got an expansion that was not full price after 3 years.

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Wikipedia does this. Just search for "X in video gaming" where X is the year.


If you don't want to leave Giant Bomb you can view all games released in a year using the wiki advanced search/filter. Just mouse over "Wiki" and click games to get to it.

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I should reiterate that Namco is looking at options for a replacement service to serve up online play.