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I am twenty three and I have gone out of my way to enjoy good and plenty candy.

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I really disliked his outspoken politics, and gawker media seems like a more receptive community to "activism" like his. Loved it when he played video games on camera, though.

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Sorely missing Invincible...

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For those of you whining about Patrick going to Kotaku, just realize that it's a perfect fit for him. Not only is he good at writing interesting features, but he's also politically aligned with a lot of Gawker media group's editors.

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Snow white. The reasons I have for picking Snow White over other Disney princesses are politically incorrect.

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@rorie said:

@csl316 said:

Nope nope.

I'm sure some people are checking it. Like you said, there's a ton of opinions on the site about this stuff. Especially the more modern things on Steam.

If the staff did a curation thing outside of Steam, I'd be more interested in older games. Like Jeff telling people to play Revenge of Shinobi, or Dan recommending Twisted Metal 2. Things a younger audience might not necessarily have much knowledge of.

That's mostly what Encyclopedia Bombastica is for, I think. Hasn't been one of those in a while, though.

I'd like a more done up feature that is kind of like Besties for video games.

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I've bought Metroid Prime thrice.

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Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.

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Despite the spam necro....

I am playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution because I enjoy hacking in video games.

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I used to print out magic cards and sleeve them with real cards behind them. Costs about $7-$10 for the sleeves, and you get to play with super-powerful (read: expensive) cards for cheap-as-free.