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Cockpit view is the only view I will never use. I hate it. I cycle through the other options depending on game and mood.

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I do to varying degrees. I love the original three movies even if Ewoks are totally retarded. I don't hate the next three films the same way some others do but I am pretty indifferent to them. I have the same sort of feelings about the expanded movies and shows and games. I have never read any of the Star Wars books though. My two absolute favorite pieces of SW fiction are Empire Strikes Back and KotOR.

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I don't hold out for Game of the Year editions. So the only one I have that I can think of off of the top of my head is Oblivion. I bought the GotY edition for the PS3 for $20 I think it was at the time for the PS3 when my Xbox 360 died and I wanted to start playing Oblivion again while the 360 was out of action.

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I loved Dead Space 2, its definitely an improvement on the first game but I still prefer number 1 for story and atmosphere. So far I can't quite split it with LA Noire for the best game I have played this year. But nothing else I have played would have come close. Portal 2 though good was still disappointing for me and a few others have kept me interested in them this year. I have it but I have yet to play Dragon Age 2 but given my distaste for Origins I can't see 2 troubling DS2 or LAN for top spot so far this year.

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If it comes up for some reason I will say so. But I do not go around wearing a t-shirt that says I hang out on video game forums or anything it's hardly an interesting topic of conversation. Also I have been barely coming onto the forums for a long time anyway so it's not all that accurate.

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You shouldn't make her play anything. She doesn't need to enjoy games so you can, just so long as she accepts that you like to play them and you don't ignore important things in the process of doing so. How should I best make my partner participate in my hobby topics are stupid. If you can share it fine, but if its not her bag deal with it bro.

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Games like that I generally rotate between three saves over writing the oldest one each time. Anymore then that is ridiculous.

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They should all be suspended. The bully, the kid recording it, the others who stood around and did nothing and the kid getting picked on. I feel sorry for him, but he still did the wrong thing. He fucked that loser up which is sort of great because he had it coming, but he could have killed him from the impact!

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Personally I am on the Brad side of things. I only liked Red Dead, GTA IV couldnt keep me interested. 

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This is the first I have heard of it, sounds atrocious.