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Right now nothing because I am still laying in bed watching TV. When I get up though it will be: mobile left pocket, wallet right pocket, car keys rear pocket if not in use.

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@Enigma777 said:
" Meh, TS3 wasn't very good anyways... "
I didn't like it much either. I liked the first as a kid well enough, but I liked each one less as they came out. The characters they introduced sucked.
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I say it so it sounds like off-n. But I also say "I do not know" as dunno or "Good day" as gday among many others, I'm Australian so I have a predilection for running my words together apparently.

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I think I can skip reading this one.

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For me it has to be Metal Gear Solid for the Playstation as it is also my favorite game period. But I love them all. Snake eater is probably my least favorite, it is the only one so far I have only played once.

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I typically don't watch a lot of anime but a friend suggested I watch Fullmetal Alchemist and through coincidence I received the complete set of it for Christmas from my mum and sister (they think playing games automatically means I am into that stuff :-I. Anyway I recently finally started to watch it and I don't mind it that at all so I would probably go with that. But the only other series I have are Samurai Champloo and all the Dragonball stuff and a smattering of feature films so I don't have a lot to draw on. I tend to enjoy the Studio Ghibli stuff I have watched as well.

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Ryan is better. Jeff and Vinny have both done/would do fine. Brad I imagine would suck.

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None at the moment. Though I plan on installing and playing the Penumbra games this weekend.

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Nuh not really.

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I have been thinking of doing the same thing for a couple of weeks. I wanted to get a friend or two in on the act but none of them would humor me, the pussies.