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Oblivion is an amazing game and I think you should give it another chance.

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Everything the OP mentioned minus LA Noire and Resistance 3.

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There is no such thing as cheap. Only you being too shit at the game to beat the tactic, this is exactly the reason why I decided in the end  not to get the game. I am NEVER going to dedicate the time to being even remotely half competent at it on a competitive level. 

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Eh. Lots of people lose their jobs all the time. Not going to waste my time feeling sad for all of them all the time. May as well put a bullet in my head because I would be fucking depressed, also that video sucked.

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Giantbomb is the only one of them I go on with any frequency. But I listen to the Screened podcast and visit the site fairly often. Anime Vice and Comic Vine I have visited but very rarely. I have NEVER been on Tested and I have zero interest in doing so.

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I was still living it home up until about 6 months ago. Not having to deal with rent and utility bills made it easy for me to blow cash every week on games I would like to play but never realistically had time to play. Now I have to budget the cash to get the important ones without some serious control over my cash flow I wouldn't get any. 
Last year in the first 4-5 months I bought about 100 titles, so far this year the only thing I have got new release so far is Dead Space 2. :( Stupid reality. But saying that DS2 is about the only thing I have wanted to get so far.

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If they are going to do another GTA game they had better move it away from anything they have done with the series before or I am out.

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I've completely gone off the game. I doubt I'm going to buy it anymore.

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I lost.

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Fuckin kids these days.