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I would have been open to co-op. I doubt I would have touched it. So I am kind of glad its out. I just want another solid single player experience.

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Mirrors Edge kind of sucked. So I don't care.

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You can kill anybody with anything under the right circumstances so why don't we just ban all human life.

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I live in Australia... however I disliked both those movies so I don't think so. Also I currently live in Perth and have no plans to be in Melbourne in the immediate future.

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I like Radiohead, hopefully its a good album. Which reminds me I need to keep looking for my missing disc of In Rainbows. I went to listen to it the other day and realized it was lost :(

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I don't remember playing Soul Reaver, but Soul Reaver 2 was one of my favorite PS2 games.

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I love MacGuyver. But it would make a turrible video game.

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Its a shame, Enslaved was a great game. I am really liking Ninja Theory a lot and I cant wait to see what they do with the DMC reboot.

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I either love sushi or freaking loathe it. I am not so much into the hardcore Japanese ass sushi. But I love me some of the more westernized stuff. Katsu roll is my absolute favorite I eat it for lunch from the same place every week on Mondays with some bubble tea. But I often have it for lunch a few times a week so I don't mind getting other stuff mostly things like California roll, spicy tuna roll, teryaki chicken or beef etc, etc. If I get some of the more traditional stuff I'll only eat from a really good restaurant.

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I haven't seen any of the Dead Space commercials and only a few magazine print ads which were well, print ads. Nothing special either way.