On Ryan Davis' passing

I never knew Ryan Davis personally.

The only sort of interaction I got was several years ago when he read one my questions for On the Spot on-air. Said my name was awesome -- even pronounced it correctly! Was a very cool, flattering, and weird moment. I've come close to meeting him along with the rest of the Giant Bomb crew at these past two E3s (and I did have a brief encounter with Brad and Vinny this year), though I never saw Ryan. "There's always next year," I thought, certain I'd be lucky catch a glimpse of him eventually.

Well. There won't be a next time now. Not anymore.

Ryan passed away last week, just days after his wedding, at the young age of 34. I'll spare you a repeat of the details and direct you to Giant Bomb's story for more. It's been tough to comes to terms with. Followed his work for almost a decade now. You sort of get to know someone after keeping up with their career for so long. Makes the eventual death all the more difficult to handle.

I've spent the past few days in a daze of confusion and depression, unsure of what to do with myself. Tried working, playing games, reading -- nothing helped distract me. Couldn't focus on anything, instead aimlessly browsing the Web just trying to pass the time until I somehow manage to accept what happened and move on. Hasn't been fun.

I'm still surprised by how much this effected me. I've lost people close to me before -- my grandfather passed away back in early 2010, for instance -- and I recall taking that well. Saddened, of course, but not broken up over it. Maybe it's because I knew it was coming with him. The family and I knew he was in poor health for months prior to his death, the signs of poor health clearly visible on his rare visits. So the news wasn't as shocking when it came to pass. Ryan, by comparison, seemed to be fine by all accounts -- fit as fiddle. And yet, here we are.

These incidents always serve as a stark reminder of how short life can be. A fact we're all familiar with, sure -- but it never truly hits you until it happens. Ryan was one of many who inspired me to try my hand at game journalism. Always hoped I'd one day be able to work alongside him and the rest of the Giant Bomb crew; or at least be acquainted from afar. Perhaps thank him for all his stupendous work and for motivating me to become a writer. Alas...

Rest in peace, sir. You'll be missed dearly.

Edited by GaspoweR