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@gravitypenguin said:

Prizes are always welcome, just let me know what you want to give away and if you're doing raffle distribution or targeting a specific place (1st, 2nd, etc.)

I've got And Yet It Moves, Antichamber, Cities in Motion 2, Gunpoint, Little Inferno, Mafia 2, Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine, Solar 2, and 140. Might have more depending on what they add to the latest bundle on Tuesday. Can do a raffle to hand them out as participation prizes so that everyone gets something.

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@hailinel said:

@tonylope said:

Wow, makes me glad that you can just download the demo on the Japanese eShop without having to go through any of this.

Well, next week, it will be the same case for North America and Europe. The number of people desperate to get their hands on a code just to get the demo a week early is truly insane.

If there's one thing I've learned, it's that people will do anything to get their Smash Bros fix. Insane doesn't even begin to describe it.

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@buffaloseven said:

Just coming in to add myself the list of people who would gladly take a key if anyone has some extras. Probably be best to DM keys to prevent poaching, for those that are sharing them.


Direct message.

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I've got some Humble Bundle keys I'd be willing to donate as prizes if you guys are still looking to expand the prize pool.

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@slag said:

Weird! Hunh, I wish I knew how to help you there.

Were you using Chrome? Seems like most of the users there use that browser.

Nah, I use Firefox

Problem is that it thinks I've made a giveaway before (says I've reached the maximum I can create based on my "feedback score"), even though I haven't ever made one. So... I don't know. No big deal, though.

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@joey said:

I'll take XCOM: Enemy Unknown!

Someone else asked for it first, unfortunately. Sorry!

Is Knights of Pen & Paper +1 Edition still available? If so, can I have it? Thank you guys so much for doing this.

I'll have to look at my humble bundle page, because I have some keys I haven't used quite yet.

I've got a spare code for that, actually. Shall I send it over?

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Got some keys to hand out as well.

Column HeadColumn Head
The Bureau: XCOM DeclassifiedSteam
The Darkness 2Steam
Little InfernoSteam
And Yet It MovesSteam
XCOM: Enemy UnknownSteam
The Darkness 2Steam

Just tell me which one you want and I'll send it over.

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@redhotchilimist said:

I've also seen some guys disappear in a puff of smoke during a roll. What's that ability? It looks real cool. )

That's one of the new rings. Makes you invisible when rolling. Forget where it is exactly, but I know it wasn't terribly well hidden.