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It's all I have/listen to. Mostly because those Humble Bundles often include them.

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Got the third code from the second batch. Thanks!

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They're attempts to put a positive spin on this are gross. You aren't obligated to do anything? Well that's just swell. Way to build some good will after the project failed. Ugh.

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Just play until you think you've seen enough to write a review. Sometimes that will only take an hour or two, other times that will take 50-plus hours. All depends on the game, really. Just know when to stop playing and start writing.

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@wolfgame said:

I just hate seeing so many topics locked, its the reason I would make a terrible mod. Because a part of me would hope that we could find a way to communicate on tough issues without putting mods in a tough position on keeping certain topics open. Maybe we can work on building more confidence with the mods that our community can be reasonable and respectful on tough issues.

Ideally, sure. But eventually you reach a point where you just know something is beyond civil discourse, which makes locking things down the easier solution. You're fighting a never ending losing battle by keep them open, unfortunately, wasting the mods' time in the process.

I think the community is definitely capable of discussing anything in a civil manner, but we can only do that by weeding out the troublemakers. Things will never change otherwise.

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Not really. The console itself never interested me to begin with, but all the crazy and dumb publicity stunts and other poor PR moves have pretty much cemented my position on never buying one.

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@white said:

I call bullshit on this guy.

I'm sorry. I kinda did a trybeforeyoubuy thing. I already bought it on PS3 and I'm planning on buying it for Steam, soon.

Why do you need to "trybeforeyoubuy" when you already bought it on PS3? You already know what the game looks like. You already know what it plays like.

I would assume it was a case of seeing whether his computer could run it or not. Only reason I can think of.

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Finally, something to look forward to in July. Can't wait!

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@theht said:

His phone is basically a sonic screwdriver with sick range bro.

Now that you mention it... yeah -- it kind of is.

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Awesome. Incredible work!