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@nintendoeats: So it was posted here by the original author?

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Alot of snarky comments about 3DS shortcommings. Ive seen no such snark in Vita reviews/news/quicklooks.


haha dont sigh. My point was it would be more justified for the vita which OBJECTIVELY has even less "must-own" titles. I mean they should at least be consistent. Its hard not to think theres some bias there

"Objectively"? Really? That's you're defense? Christ... Are you from System Wars or something?

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Okami. I've played it so many times now that I can't remember what it was like the first through.

Also: Journey, for obvious reasons.

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Either way works, really. It's merely a matter of preference.

Though I will say, if you have some wired GameCube controllers and plan to use them frequently for certain Wii games, it's better to place the Wii horizontally.

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That was one of the best parts of the podcast for a while there. They really need to bring that back in some capacity.

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Just read something that had Pachter claiming GTAV would get dated the day before E3 just to show up the convention, i wonder, if it even happens, if the announcement of Half Life 3 could over take even a date for GTAV this year

Probably could. A new Half-Life would be major news given the long wait for it.

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I would be be there day-one if Amaterasu were in the game. Make it happen, Sony!

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Firefox. Mostly because it has NoScript.

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Am I wrong to think the topic title sounds like something from the Giant Bomb Forum Thread Generator?

Anyway, I haven't yet damaged or broken anything because of a game. Most I do is just get really angry, maybe swear under my breath a bit.

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That's awesome. Only at Giant Bomb would this have ever been possible.