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Where did you hear this rumor exactly?

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Wasn't that thing called e for all ?

That was some other smaller-scale, short-lived event, I think.

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Pretty much, yeah. Frame rate drops are far more uncommon.

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This is, what -- the thousandth time they've said they're not doing a remake? They should really stop commenting on it. We get it already.

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Yes give higher priority to games that few of your fans want over a remake that everyone has been demanding for years. Good thinking. :P

I was actually kind of thinking this too. Weird how in an age where most companies will do anything for profits, Square seems to ignore the fact that a FFVII remake would probably sell more copies than recent final fantasy games, and take less work to create.

Yeah. You'd think they'd be all for it if only for the potential buckets of money to be made from it. Maybe they just don't want to risk screwing it up in some way, big or small, and having to deal with the fallout for not delivering on something as huge as that.

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This is just the best. I will be very disappointed if Giant Bomb doesn't use this in some capacity.

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How bad can I fuck this thread up just by saying Orion: Dino Beatdown?

This. Unless they do a quick look for it.

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Can i ask him if Half Life 3 will be good?

Sorry, Half-Life 3 is never coming out. Ever.

Indeed. Half-Life 3 will never come out.

Did Valve at least say why it's never coming?

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Dr. McNinja is the best webcomic ever. So good.

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From Jeff's Formspring

Q: Why is Ryan is even apologizing for what he said? This is contradicting all that GB stand for and you all become bunch of wussies after acquisition!

A: Fuck you. If you think that's what Giant Bomb "stands for" then you have no idea who we are and what we represent. Stop using the site.


Bravo, Jeff, bravo.

To be fair, Giant Bomb ain't exactly immovable when it comes to standing for shit.

I completely support what Jeff said, if that wasn't clear.

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I was about to come and ask for a QL of this game, now it HAS to happen!!

Jeff earned some achievements in the game not too long ago, I think. Until proven otherwise, I'm taking that to mean a quick look is totally happening.