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Why do we need a new console? Why not just release new NES consoles as is... since there's a crazy large back catalog of cheap used games, and there are people still making new games for this 26 year old system.

Like... Battle Kid!

Speaking of which, I still have my NES plugged in... and I haven't beaten Battle Kid yet... hmmm.

I would buy that too! I had no idea people were making games for the NES still. Can you get Battle Kid in cartridge form?

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@Cloudenvy: The idea is that it would be way way cheaper than the 3DS because you don't have to make it with a touch screen, 3D, or super compact.

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@Cloudenvy: What about new games?

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I was just thinking that there is a huge market for people that want a game system but don't want to spend a lot of money. The system would basically have the graphical power of a 3DS, but be a home console. They could re-release some of their best games on it. Ideally use cartridges again (fuck yeah). The games would focus on story a lot more, etc.

What do you guys think? If the price is right (around $80 bucks probably) I would buy the shit out of that.

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@mosespippy: Great response!

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Ever since the beginning of the film industry there was always an emphasis on the directors. I wonder if this is because there was a focus on credits. Showing them at the beginning of the film, or people staying through the end of the credits after the movie.

People don't often watch the credits of a video game. The credits that show at the beginning is often just the names of the studios/publishers involved.

But maybe there is a slow shift in focus happening. Game directors/project leaders are certainly having bigger personalities in the media than they have in the past.

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@Little_Socrates: Sid Meier is basically like Tom Clancy though. But yeah, I think we are slowly headed that way with the famous people you listed.

I wonder if when people get super famous for their work they will be able to just float around to different studios like film directors.

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The beginning of the most recent bombcast got me thinking. When will we see "From the makers of ... " or "Tim Schafer presents ... " on the covers of video games?

Video Games is really the only medium that doesn't have an emphasis on the artists behind the games. People know certain developers, but why not the project leaders?

The way things are now is like if people knew what studio payed for a film, but not who directed it.


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@mscupcakes: No there wasn't! I'm saying that NONE of the language tracks are accurate because they both would have been speaking different languages. The game doesn't make sense because in real life they would not have used English as a contact language. So how did they communicate in the game? Nobody knows...

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@mscupcakes said:

Even though I don't speak Italian, playing Assassin's Creed II with the Italian voices was an amazing experience.

As was playing Brotherhood.

The real mindfuck comes when you play Revelations. Ezio speaks Italian, Yusuf speaks Turkish. So what language are they speaking to each other?!