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Not to be nihilistic, but what you're suffering from are chemicals and hormones telling your brain that you HAVE TO MATE NOW OH MY GOD. It's one of our deepest biological impulses - to further our genetic material - and because our brains are so complicated (and we're self-aware) painful shit like this comes out of it.

Honestly, I know it's cliche, but time heals all wounds. The world may seem like it's crumbling down around you, but if you wait long enough that will subside. Best of luck!

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I should also say that you should pay attention/take notes in class. Playing games during class is a great way to fail out of college. I speak from personal experience.

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I thought it may have been sleep apnea...

But yeah, it isn't a joke. A sleep study isn't fun, but it's a small price to pay for decent sleep for the rest of your life.

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This is so fucking stupid and I love every goddamn thing about it.

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Best of luck Vinny!

Change is scary, but necessary sometimes. I look forward to seeing the site evolve.

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Not my parents, but I watched Near Dark with a friend and his mom decided she was going to sit in on it too. That was a rough experience. Also my dad came in and sat down while I was watching Bad Santa, and I turned it off after the "fuck me santa" bit.


Salo. We don't talk about it.

For real?

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Anybody else find issue with the "I'd rather they hire somebody who's qualified than hire a quota woman" rhetoric? (It's in there, even if I haven't worded it well.) Isn't there a ton of implicit othering in this logic?

That's just a sneaky way to allow criticism of any potential candidates while still seeming progressive.

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I think it would be great.

That being said, it would also probably be a nightmare for a lot of different reasons - if you thought people hated Patrick a little too much, you probably couldn't fathom the amount and type of nastiness a woman would get thrown at her.

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