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Yes. Yes yes YES. Everything about this is great.

I love Clock Tower so damn much and will play the HELL out of Project Scissors.

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Galerians and Koudelka. Despite the unfavorable view it got on a recent demo derby, I had a great time with Legend of Legaia back in the day. And if you haven't played Wild ARMs, then what's the matter with you?

I can forgive anyone for passing up Wild ARMs on first glance, though. That game's visuals... woof. Let's just say they haven't aged well.

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You're all fucking champs, mods. And I mean it too. A-Number-One.

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If my dad is any indicator the hardest hurdle you'll have to help her over is the two-stick control scheme. I'd start her out with something that doesn't have a ton of combat in it - Portal would be a great place to start.

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I'm with you man, but here's what's kept me in:

If we throw up our hands and say "fuck this, I'm out," then the shrill sadistic fucks will be the only ones left. They'll have won.

I'm not going anywhere.

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I agree with this.

People can say GG isn't about harassment all the live long day, but their actions are speaking far louder than their words.

Or let me put it this way - let's say five people show up to debate somebody on politics. One of them pulls out a baseball bat and starts beating the shit out of whoever they're arguing with. Should the other four tell the person to ignore the dude beating the shit out of them and listen to their arguments?

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FUCK Galaxy of Terror, and its gross fucking rape scene.


Good list, though! (And good luck with Eraserhead)

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Jeff Gerstmann is my hero. Thanks for making this website, which has brought nothing but fun into my life.

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Not to be nihilistic, but what you're suffering from are chemicals and hormones telling your brain that you HAVE TO MATE NOW OH MY GOD. It's one of our deepest biological impulses - to further our genetic material - and because our brains are so complicated (and we're self-aware) painful shit like this comes out of it.

Honestly, I know it's cliche, but time heals all wounds. The world may seem like it's crumbling down around you, but if you wait long enough that will subside. Best of luck!

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I should also say that you should pay attention/take notes in class. Playing games during class is a great way to fail out of college. I speak from personal experience.