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#1 Posted by cabrit_sans_cor (113 posts) -

I thought it may have been sleep apnea...

But yeah, it isn't a joke. A sleep study isn't fun, but it's a small price to pay for decent sleep for the rest of your life.

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This is so fucking stupid and I love every goddamn thing about it.

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Best of luck Vinny!

Change is scary, but necessary sometimes. I look forward to seeing the site evolve.

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Not my parents, but I watched Near Dark with a friend and his mom decided she was going to sit in on it too. That was a rough experience. Also my dad came in and sat down while I was watching Bad Santa, and I turned it off after the "fuck me santa" bit.


Salo. We don't talk about it.

For real?

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Anybody else find issue with the "I'd rather they hire somebody who's qualified than hire a quota woman" rhetoric? (It's in there, even if I haven't worded it well.) Isn't there a ton of implicit othering in this logic?

That's just a sneaky way to allow criticism of any potential candidates while still seeming progressive.

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I think it would be great.

That being said, it would also probably be a nightmare for a lot of different reasons - if you thought people hated Patrick a little too much, you probably couldn't fathom the amount and type of nastiness a woman would get thrown at her.

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PSN: gknight4220

Time Zone: CST

Games: Resogun, Infamous, Mercenary Kings

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I don't trust the ESRB's statement farther than I can throw it.

America still has an overall negative view of homosexuality. It's better than it used to be, but homophobia hasn't gone away. It's just gotten more covert.

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#10 Posted by cabrit_sans_cor (113 posts) -

I absolutely love this game. I rented it multiple times, then bought it, then lost it. I might have to seek it out again.

Also, it's probably been a decade since I've played it and I still get snatches of the music stuck in my head at random moments.

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