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On some things, everybody is a liar and everybody is a hypocrite. Those two things can't be escaped completely.

For me, a lack of empathy is probably the most serious flaw. Not just a lack though, as we all lack enough empathy on certain things. An unwillingness to empathize is probably the worst flaw. This is usually the result of arrogance on their part, which is a close (if not equal) second.

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@theht said:

I'm not interested in puritanical movements, falsely traditionalist resistance, or guilt-laden kowtowing. Big tits, huge dongs, anthropomorphism, green hair, whatever man. Make it interesting and fun to play and let's fucking go.

All of the above at the same time. Let's go crazy, like Prince said.

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Games aren't fair? LIFE isn't fair. You can either curse the heavens and drown in your own tears or stand up and do something about it.

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I have nothing but mad fucking respect for Zoe. This is the most badass response to months of utter shit that's been flung at her.

I'm generally a nihilist leaning dangerously towards misanthropy, but I feel like what she's done here is an example of how awesome human beings can be if we just try. Right on Zoe. Right fucking on.

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Friendly reminder that Australia has been pulling this shit for DECADES before Feminist critique made it's way over to video games. Okay, carry on.

That being said, I'm not happy that this scene's in there. I'm even less happy that the developer's statements imply it's in there simply for cheap shock value. I'll still play the game, but I won't feel great doing it.

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Hoth. It's about Star Wars.

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I play this game almost every day.

I WILL finish a hell run some day. I swear.

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Things are looking up for me -- way up. After managing to quit cigarettes in 2013 (which was hard), I also managed to free myself of my very heavy pot habit (which was also hard, regardless of what you may hear). I'm almost done with my degree, and have some exciting opportunities for afterward. That being said, this year I'd like to:

-Write more (I have a creative project I've been mulling over, and I need to get started on it)

-Eat less, move more (if not to simply lose weight, than for my health first and foremost)

-Build my burgeoning record collection

-Make a marked improvement in my self-esteem and self-confidence, and finally

-Keep an open mind and exercise empathy, even (and especially) for people I may not understand very well.