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Yeah the restraining order is looking real nice right now. The person in question is showing up in my driveway every couple of days being crazy, attempting to throw cops and lawyers at me for laws that don't exist and other absolutely insane things. They have also attempted to assault my mother, but I stopped them. I'm on less than "Friend" status with this person. I know just enough about them to know who they are. It's a real weird thing, and I'm considering feeding them to my 100 pound guard dog if they keep this insanity up. (That's a joke, don't go nuts)

Call the cops.

Right now.

This person sounds dangerous and you should get a restraining order. Like, today.

Best of luck.

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God I envy you Austin.

Not only because you're a great writer, but because you haven't let rage consume you with regards to this topic.

Honestly? I don't even talk about this kind of thing anymore. I feel like everyone has their viewpoint and they're not interested in a discussion or a conversation. They're only interested in being right and shouting down the other side.

That said, there's one thing I honestly never understood. Gamers threw a fit when Roger Ebert said that video games were not art, nor could they ever be. Yet when people start treating this medium like an art form and critiquing it (like they've been doing with literally every other art form for god knows how long now) Gamers throw a fit and pull a "they're just games" arguement, or feel like people are shittalking the things they love/trying to force it to be something it's not.

(Interesting side-note: as a white English major whose time in college has been spent reading numerous works by numerous marginalized people, I'd invite anyone who's white to go up to almost any other white person and try to discuss racial issues with them. They'll look at you like you just brought up fucking chemtrails).

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Yes. I would like an excuse to read more.

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Jet Set Radio

Chu Chu Rocket

Space Channel 5

Lots of great ports of fighting games

Dynamite Cop

Did anyone actually play Ecco The Dolphin for DC, and was it good?

Illbleed is incredible, I mean it's a terrible game but in an interesting way.

Virtua Tennis is good if you like tennis.

Shenmue 2 > Shenmue 1 IMO, but neither of them are super great gameplay wise.

None of the sonic games were good.

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On some things, everybody is a liar and everybody is a hypocrite. Those two things can't be escaped completely.

For me, a lack of empathy is probably the most serious flaw. Not just a lack though, as we all lack enough empathy on certain things. An unwillingness to empathize is probably the worst flaw. This is usually the result of arrogance on their part, which is a close (if not equal) second.

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@theht said:

I'm not interested in puritanical movements, falsely traditionalist resistance, or guilt-laden kowtowing. Big tits, huge dongs, anthropomorphism, green hair, whatever man. Make it interesting and fun to play and let's fucking go.

All of the above at the same time. Let's go crazy, like Prince said.

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Games aren't fair? LIFE isn't fair. You can either curse the heavens and drown in your own tears or stand up and do something about it.

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I have nothing but mad fucking respect for Zoe. This is the most badass response to months of utter shit that's been flung at her.

I'm generally a nihilist leaning dangerously towards misanthropy, but I feel like what she's done here is an example of how awesome human beings can be if we just try. Right on Zoe. Right fucking on.

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Friendly reminder that Australia has been pulling this shit for DECADES before Feminist critique made it's way over to video games. Okay, carry on.

That being said, I'm not happy that this scene's in there. I'm even less happy that the developer's statements imply it's in there simply for cheap shock value. I'll still play the game, but I won't feel great doing it.