The State Of The Music Industry Today From A Youth's Perspective

Before I begin, it has been an honor being in the GB community, I've loved the vibe about one big gaming family and how supportive you guys have been towards my music. With that, I'm here to talk to you guys, putting in my take on the industry beast known as music. Me being a teenager, many of you may think, "oh no, another little kid obsessed with crappy music", but I assure you my phase of crappy music has long passed. So without further ado, here we go. 
Music today is so much different than what was coming out of mom and pop vinyl and analog recording. We've evolved to a new impressive marvel of music technology, where the average Joe like me can buy some equipment and BOOM a song is made. I'm not going to go into my opinions of old versus new style of recording, but they each have many pros and cons. With this new age, you take a guy who has no musical talent, slap some music loops together, buy an autotune program and half a cup of painful "emotional" lyrics and you have an "artist". With the old age, you had a group of people who really wanted to send a message and knew how to rock their instruments and didn't need an engineer to come and fix all of their parts. Music nowadays to me is heartless, cold, calculated, and something used to sell ideals to my peers and beyond. Music has become less of an expression and more of a way to make money now. Maybe the greed placed in our ideologies is to blame, maybe get rich quick thinking, maybe the idea that music equals fame so let's pump out a song thinking is to blame. I know I'm just ranting, but we really need to take a concern about the state of music today. Sure you have some artists today who capture emotion very well and bring me back to the sounds of an older era, and make me happy. But for the most part, music has become something too cold to be considered an art anymore. Does anyone agree with me? Disagree? Give me your opinions! By the way, radio sucks.


Random Blog Post

So I am getting very addicted to this whole quest system, and I saw that one of these quests was to put up a blog entry. So anyways, I hope that one day I will be able to collaborate with Midnight Brown on some track (an album would be godly). I'm trying to put myself out here on this website because 1) I love video games a lot 2) I want to get noticed by the video game community and have their support for my musical ventures and 3) I can maybe quite possibly get to have the honor of playing music with Midnight Brown.