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The Walking Dead is the ONLY videogame I consider to have a story the quality of which rivals other entertainment media, both in terms of the way it's presented and the characters that take part in it. That it was a financial success and won game of the year means other studios will start to follow suit, and that is a very good thing because it means we're going to see more of the same, and future projects that improve on that formula. Finally, videogames are coming out of the cheesy, unsophisticated 80's action/horror movie rutt they've been stuck in for the last few decades.

Of course, the more "gamey" games aren't going anywhere, so people that decry this change as a bad thing really have nothing to worry about. We'll still be able to shoot mindless hordes of things in the latest Serious Sam or Painkiller iteration any day of the week; I'm just glad things are getting better on the story side for those games that want to go in that direction, i.e. Tomb Raider, Last of us etc.

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It's high profile stories like this that are going to hurt future potentially good kickstarters. Then again, anything that encourages people to be more careful with their money can only be good for the industry in the long run.

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It's only been on Steam for about 24 hours. As soon as it was obvious it shouldn't be being sold as a full game, they took it down and are offering full refunds. I really don't think Steam can be faulted on this one, the devs clearly took advantage of the trust placed in them from having another title previously released on Steam.

Hopefully this will prompt ALL titles being thoroughly checked by playtesters before going on Steam in the future. Well, we can dream...

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The one I read about somewhere that I thought was pretty hilarious: Didn't Treme have an achievement that was "Get 100% achievements" which was, by definition, impossible to get?

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Over the years I've collected over 300 games on Steam. I will estimate that I've completed maybe > 5% of them. About half of them I've played less than an hour. I have not even ever installed ~ 10% of them. I think I may have a problem. They're just so cheap!

The irony is, I have a decent enough PC to play most of the games at max settings, but I spend the most of my gaming hours playing Crawl.

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Everyone with losing saves stories:@jking47 said:

This has led to me being paranoid about saves, ever since then I always use at least 2 save slots, usually more.

You would have lost your shit if you ever played Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem.

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Chiming in to say I've noticed it too. I'm in the UK on the Virginmedia network. This isn't happening to me on any other websites, and I first noticed this issue about a week or two ago.

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Trine 2, Tomb Raider Underworld, Anno 2070, Pixeljunk Eden so far. Hoping to see Witcher 2 get a daily deal and Rage to win the community choice in 40 mins. I still have games from sales over a year ago that I haven't even installed yet.

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