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Shit. That really sucks. The quicklooks and podcasts will never be the same. It's weird to say but I think I'll miss this man's voice more than I'd miss a few of the people I actually know in life (god forbid...)

Condolences, my thoughts are with you all, and Ryan's family.

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I for one love violence in my entertainment media. Not all of it of course, but it has it's place. And when I do fancy playing a violent game, the more realistic, over the top, despicable, deplorable, depraved, stylised, or whatever wrapping the violence comes in, the better. I have never once been in a fight, nor have I ever had the urge or inclination to behave violently, or even confrontationally towards people in real life.

I just like having the option to play the part of a violent sociopathic killer if I so desire, and any study that says the violent media I've been regularly consuming since I was a kid has affected me in any negative way is wrong. I am confident that any study done in good faith will support this conclusion, but I'm worried it may be more politically motivated, and will come out saying whatever those that commissioned it want it to say.

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Any news on this issue, that has been going on for a week or two now? There are several threads about it and none have had any kind of a reply from the site runners. I find myself visiting the site less and less because each time I do I can't view any videos without waiting a few mins for them to stream in, which is a shame because I really like the content here. Sorry, but I'm just not that patient. Other websites/downloads/speedtests work fine, so it definitely isn't my internet connection.

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Yep same here. 100Mb/s connection speed, other sites/downloads etc working fine.

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Oh god I can't afford this. Bring on the next sale already.

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Well that was 13 minutes of my life I'll never get back. This has nothing at all whatsoever to do with Games. Also, the US government appears to still use typewriters to take minutes.

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"The really exciting thing is the notoriety of The Walking Dead certainly is making it so we're having a lot more conversations with a lot of other TV shows and movies and books and things that would be really awesome to make games out of. That's super, super exciting."

Oh boy, this got me sperging out with excitement. TV series I'd love to see Telltale's take on (warning: imminent overdose of wishful thinking and probably not very good ideas)

BSG - Plenty of scope for desperate situations & tough moral choices here, you could play the part of some random survivor on one of the other ships in the fleet as the cannon storyline goes on in the background.

Mad Men - You play a Peggy Olson character equivalent, having just left Sterling Cooper or whatever that other company is called, as she tries to make it on her own in the world of 1960s advertising. Will she work for another company or try and set up her own? You tailor how she networks and forms relationships, chooses corporate strategies, all the while as a young woman coping with the challenges of office politics, the changing social landscape and inherent sexism of the period.

24/Nikita - A more action based spy-thriller adventure where you play as a CTU/Division agent, perhaps with a hidden past (secretly defected terrorist with faked US citizenship documents, I dunno), think Alpha Protocol-like branching storylines.

Jericho - Similar to TWD but a lot more grounded. You could play someone from that other town (or any smalltown still standing after the attack), and it be the story of how they survive the ensuing collapse and re-building of civilisation.

The Good Wife - The courtroom drama would fit the adventure game genre quite well I think. You could play as a lawyer, or an investigator like Kalinder perhaps. Did your client do it? If you think or know they did, should you still take the case? How should they plead? How will the outcome of the case affect your firm, your colleagues, your friends and family vs your career?

Breaking Bad - Turns out BB was not just the story of the rise and fall of Walter White. It was the origin story of Jesse Pinkman. With Mr.White dead and gone, he now has control of his drug empire. A few years have passed and Jesse is older, wiser. His street smarts and humility have got him further than Walter's naivety and hubris ever got him. But the DEA are closing in. Rival gangs threaten his empire. Having recently reconciled with his family, ironically due to Jesse's younger brother becoming addicted to the very product Jesse's dealers have been pedalling, he faces a constant struggle to keep what he does hidden from them. Not to mention the familiar themes of the morality of what he does and the things he did to get there, the impossibility of getting out of the game, the danger it now puts those close to him in etc.

Think of the possibilities! With the level of maturity they have displayed in their storytelling, Telltale could totally pull any of these off, and much, much better than how I've described here.

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We should all get off the fucking internet and go do something with our lives.

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The Walking Dead is the ONLY videogame I consider to have a story the quality of which rivals other entertainment media, both in terms of the way it's presented and the characters that take part in it. That it was a financial success and won game of the year means other studios will start to follow suit, and that is a very good thing because it means we're going to see more of the same, and future projects that improve on that formula. Finally, videogames are coming out of the cheesy, unsophisticated 80's action/horror movie rutt they've been stuck in for the last few decades.

Of course, the more "gamey" games aren't going anywhere, so people that decry this change as a bad thing really have nothing to worry about. We'll still be able to shoot mindless hordes of things in the latest Serious Sam or Painkiller iteration any day of the week; I'm just glad things are getting better on the story side for those games that want to go in that direction, i.e. Tomb Raider, Last of us etc.

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