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Ryan's commentary and wit made the Giant Bombcast something special. I cannot imagine the profound loss those close to him are feeling right now.

R.I.P. Ryan

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I had some credit at a local store from trade-ins and purchased a points card to get this download. I won't be able to get online until after this weekend, due to traveling. Here's hoping their patch goes through certification by the time I get back. Once again, the Giant Bomb quicklook sold me on another game. Jank or otherwise, this overly-ambitions game promises to scratch that open world rpgish itch.

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Don't know if this helps or angers, but I just got back from Best Buy in Central Phoenix, Az...Limited Editions on the shelf for Xbox all over the place.

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I have not made it past level 11, rather I got the furthest with that type of situation. I'm not sure what the answer is, other than having Laser Satellites are probably key since they do so much damage so quickly. Micromanagement and being able to have a full understanding of what the AI is doing is probably the order of the day. I just didn't expect the computer difficulty to spike so quickly when comparing level 11 to the rest previous.

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Yeah, the difficulty really spikes on 11. I've contemplated the solution being, getting at least two planets immediately up and running with laser satellites. If I remember correctly, I had at least 2 and that allowed me to micromanage their position as I moved to other planets and held off invaders, while my seedling population grew. However, due to you being in the middle, the computer AI just goes a-gallavanting around the rest of the planets with impunity.

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I bought this game after about 10 mins of their Quicklook. It satisfies that RTS space planet conquering vibe, but in a real relaxed and ambient way. Then I made it to level 11 and haven't figured out how to get more than four planets before I just get overrun. It is a simple concept, well-executed and will scratch that minimalist RTS itch if you have one. Think of it as a really stripped down Sins of the Solar Empire without trans-galaxy movement, politics or tech building(outside of planet terraforming to affect your seedlings).

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I wonder what was it that caused Valve/Newell to change his tune? Is there something specific in the architecture of Steam as a run anywhere kind of deal that will integrate nicely with the PS3?

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The space battle being designed by members of the Crimson Skies team was a nice dose of nostalgia...and left me wanting another Crimson Skies game! I'll take it in Reach with no complaints, regardless.

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I don't think it much as spam as it is a look into the past. I mean, how many inline Burma Shave road billboards has anyone seen in the past thirty years...much less in the media?

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