Edit me my good man!

Yeah, I just got over 1000 submission points on here, which as you should all know means I can make live edit to the site without going through moderation. I haven't started doing that since I just got finished uploading a whole bunch of screenshots today (At the start of the day, I only had just over 600 points!) It's great though because now I can make any changes I see fit, without having to get in the mods hair, and by the sounds of it, the sooner we all get to 1000 the better :p


Wow, this is Giant Bomb!

Hey everybody, or more like nobody, I have made it here!

I, of course, have been very much looking forward to this, and I am very glad it's here now. The site is pretty awesome to be quite awesome. I mean, you can do SO much around the site, it's very community based, and I love me a good community.

I should probably write up something about me, but I think I will do that in my bio. I just want to say, this is awesome so far!