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I'm contemplating moving my streaming over to Hitbox. Aside from all of this, the significantly lower video delay sounds great- chat participation / conversation is one of my favorite things about streaming, and Twitch's delay significantly hampers that. I'll wait and see how things shake out over the next few days though. I expect Hitbox will have some pretty big problems scaling up to increased demand; many popular streamers have already started moving over. The VOD thing makes me glad that I make local recordings of everything, even if it uses hundreds of gigabytes. The next few days will be interesting for both Twitch and Hitbox.

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Wow... I'm really excited to see what comes out of this, and simultaneously bummed about losing the Jeff/Vinny chemistry and not having Vinny on the Bombcast. I'm in for the ride though- let's see what GBNY can do!

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Fitchburg, MA, USA

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We just passed $1,500- only $1k to go to the goal. This has already been so successful! Great job everyone!

(P.S. #TeamMessy)

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Since Fundly only accepts donations in whole-dollar amounts, Team Messy's mission is to make the donation total not end in a 0 or a 5. So take notice Evens, the battle lines have been drawn.

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I think it comes out to $70-80 a month. I've been very happy with Fios. I just hope living here for a while works out because I've gotten used to it now.

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Mwahahaha... Time to get Even.

Wait, so soon? I wish there had been a bit more warning. ha. Hopefully I can move things around and get to drop in for a while this weekend. Let's raise even more than last time! :)

We'll see about that. I have a feeling things are going to get Messy.

I think more warning would be a good idea; I would have set more money aside if I had known about it earlier than I did (which I think was already earlier than most because of streams I watch).

I'm really looking forward to this. The GBCERs are always good.

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@dotgif_88: They are 36x18. I still have a tab open to an amazon search for 36x18 poster frames.

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Ordered, now I can sleep. You are the best @rorie

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Steam is stupid and counts dlc as individual games. So you (probably) dont have 365 games

Steam (finally) stopped doing that around the time of the trading card beta. It now counts games correctly, and has a separate count for DLC.

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