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Extra Life really snuck up on me this year. I meant to get this posted a while ago.

I'll be starting Saturday at 7am EST.

Once again donations will force me to play Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen games. This year, for every $50 I raise before the end of the MK&A block, I'll play for an additional 30 minutes. The MK&A block will start at 7pm EST- I'm currently on the hook for 3 hours of misery. I own all 11 console/portable Mary Kate and Ashley games...

Donations of $25 can force me to eat a banana as well. I -hate- bananas, and find them completely repulsive.

If I make my $1,000 goal by the end of the year, I will commit to playing every MK&A game to completion on future streams.

At 1pm EST I'll be doing another swear jar playthrough of Super Mario Bros. 2 (Lost Levels). I'll play through the game without warping, and donate 10 cents for every time I swear.

I have some prizes as well. Every $5 is one entry into the raffle. I'll be giving away:

$100 gift card

$50 gift card

$25 gift card

Signed Giant Bomb Nighthawks poster

The gift cards are winner's choice.

Fitchburg area donors will also be entered to win a $25 gift certificate to That's Entertainment, a really cool comic / game / general nerdery store in Fitchburg and Worcester.

My twitch page is

My Extra Life page can be found at or

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That was so good. One of the best runs I've seen this SGDQ.

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I finally got around to fully customizing my fundraising page with information on both 24-hour streams, plans for games, prizes (aside from the Nighthawks poster, there are $225 in Amazon gift cards up to win, and every $5 gets you a chance), and all that fun stuff. I also added a crazy extra incentive. My goal is $500, but if I somehow manage to make it all the way to $1000, I will commit to playing and finishing every Mary-Kate and Ashley game on future streams. Because I hate myself?

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My deepest sympathies and condolences, Jeff.

You, and the rest of the GB crew, have helped me through some very hard times. I appreciate the hell out of what you do, and I am so sorry for your loss.

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Last year during Extra Life I got a really good response to playing Mary-Kate And Ashley: Magical Mystery Mall and allowing people to donate to force me to play longer.

This year I decided to build on that success...

Oh god what have I done? It's for the kids... It's for the kids... *sob*

As with last year, I'll commit to playing them for a short period of time and people will be able to donate to force me to keep playing them.

Next up, I'll be doing something special for Extra Life this year. I will be doing not one, but two 24 hour streams. They will be themed as "Single Player / Multiplayer." On October 25th I'll do the normal 24 hour stream. Then I will get some sleep before @cyhowskij comes over and we do another 24 hour stream. The headlining game for the second day will be a co-op playthrough of Secret of Mana- one of my favorite games, and one that Jared hasn't played. With the time left after that is done we will be playing other multiplayer games... possibly some multiplayer Mary Kate and Ashley!?

And then... prizes!

This year I'll be giving away 2 $100 Amazon gift cards, as well as a signed Giant Bomb Nighthawks poster (some lobster-packing is evident, but this is one that I received as a replacement, so it is much better than the original 2 I received. It's sibling is framed on my wall). I'll likely be adding some more prizes as we approach the event (and I may give away the 2 Nighthawks posters I got that were damaged, so some duders without another way to get a poster can get some, even if they aren't in the best condition). Like last year, every $5 you donate will be 1 entry in the prize raffle.

I'm really looking forward to Extra Life this year! Last year it was easily the most meaningful thing I did all year.

Extra Life Page

Twitch Page

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I'm contemplating moving my streaming over to Hitbox. Aside from all of this, the significantly lower video delay sounds great- chat participation / conversation is one of my favorite things about streaming, and Twitch's delay significantly hampers that. I'll wait and see how things shake out over the next few days though. I expect Hitbox will have some pretty big problems scaling up to increased demand; many popular streamers have already started moving over. The VOD thing makes me glad that I make local recordings of everything, even if it uses hundreds of gigabytes. The next few days will be interesting for both Twitch and Hitbox.

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Wow... I'm really excited to see what comes out of this, and simultaneously bummed about losing the Jeff/Vinny chemistry and not having Vinny on the Bombcast. I'm in for the ride though- let's see what GBNY can do!

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Fitchburg, MA, USA

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We just passed $1,500- only $1k to go to the goal. This has already been so successful! Great job everyone!

(P.S. #TeamMessy)

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Since Fundly only accepts donations in whole-dollar amounts, Team Messy's mission is to make the donation total not end in a 0 or a 5. So take notice Evens, the battle lines have been drawn.