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@dotgif_88: They are 36x18. I still have a tab open to an amazon search for 36x18 poster frames.

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Ordered, now I can sleep. You are the best @rorie

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Steam is stupid and counts dlc as individual games. So you (probably) dont have 365 games

Steam (finally) stopped doing that around the time of the trading card beta. It now counts games correctly, and has a separate count for DLC.

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I just hit 1100 today, I guess I could go 3 years. =\

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So far I've been impressed with in-home streaming. I streamed Bioshock Infinite at 1080p with maxed settings out to my very low-power HTPC in the living room of my apartment and it worked really well. I'm going to be testing out some other games today to see how reliable it is.

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I picked up a Wii U from AWD for $200-ish last month, largely in anticipation of this game. The reviews so far are stoking my anticipation- I can't wait til it gets here.

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Now that I've reached my initial goal of $200, I've raised my goal to $400 and added in a stretch goal reward. If I do make it to $400 I'll throw another $50 gift card into the prize pool, which means for every $5 you give through my page you will have a ticket in a raffle for a bundle of over 100 Steam games or one of three $50 Amazon cards. I have the complete prize information up here: and my Extra Life page is here:

Here are a couple teasers of things I'll be doing for the stream:

Virtual Boy games played with 3D glasses on so I look really irresistible dumb.

Also, a "swear jar" playthrough of Super Mario Bros. 2 (Lost Levels). I'll donate 10 cents for every time I swear during the playthrough. Considering how frustrating the game is, and how long it has been since I've played through it, I can't see it being less than $10 of swears.

Aaaand I'll be playing this... fantastic game. I've committed to playing 15 minutes of it, but I will try and play as much as I can stomach beyond that. Donations might just keep me playing longer...

I've got a lot of games lined up to play, both PC and consoles from NES to PS3/WiiU. It should be a really fun day. Well, except for certain games...

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I've added some prizes. Every $5 donated through my page will get an entry in the drawing. Prizes currently include 2 $50 Amazon gift codes and a Steam key bundle with over 100 keys. More information can be found on my Extra Life page.

Also, go team Giant Bomb! We have already raised over $7,500!

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I'm really looking forward to this. Just got an El Gato, So I'll be able to do some PS3 and Wii U streaming in addition to PC and classic stuff.

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The worst thing about that Polygon review is her constant use of the first person. It is a horrible read.

Surprised no one else brought that up. When trying to be objective, writing in the first person is a big no no.

Since a review is not meant to be objective, I see no problem with using the first person. Actually, it seems the most appropriate to me, since the reviewer is conveying his or her experience. Nothing takes me out of a review faster than seeing "You will be annoyed by the <insert problem here>." Really? I will? I'm glad you know me so well. The least interesting thing a reviewer can put in a review is how he or she thinks -I- will react to something, as it is not something the reviewer could possibly know. I am much more interested in what the -reviewer- experienced. That is the one thing the reviewer can tell me.

Using a third person distant voice is fine, but I much prefer the personal feeling of first person in a review. I'll take "I found the combat to be clunky" over "the combat is clunky" any day. A review is a subjective evaluation of one person's experience. I like the writing to reflect that instead of trying to disguise it.

As far as the rest of the complaining about Danielle's review... Some days I hate the internet. Today is one of those days.

Using "you" would be second person and bad writing as well. lol

Maybe it's because I've been writing so many essays and speeches lately but I find informal writing in essays to be distracting and bad. An essay can be have much more impact if first and second person are avoided.

Bad in the context of a specific type of formal academic writing. If we were talking about a piece of academic criticism, I would agree that first and second person writing should be avoided (outside of exceptions that call for it). I don't think the same holds true for recounting an individual's experience with a game. A lack of first person usually makes a review feel impersonal and less effective to me.

I totally get the impact of writing essays on reading and writing habits though. I'm pretty sure I twitch every time I type a contraction, even when not using one would be awkward and stilted in informal writing. I will reach right for a red pen if I am editing a paper and the author used first or second person when it wasn't appropriate.

Edit: Who am I kidding? If I am editing a paper, the red pen is already in my hand to begin with.