Disappointing Collectors Edition

 Anyone else not really see how this was $80? 
A small replica plasma cutter that doesn't even rotate to show the plasma cutter can go from horizontal to vertical aiming?
The only other noteworthy thing is the soundtrack. 
The lithograph is complete shit, not even nice looking, it's a page ripped from a concept art book -- which would have been a nice addition as well.
$70 would have been easier to swallow, just pissed it's kind of gimped. The last few collectors editions I've been happy with -- Dead Rising 2, Fallout New Vega, and Alan Wake. This kind of turns me off of collector's editions again.
As a side note, the crysis 2 demo is god awful. Wait I take that back, I can't judge it since I've froze 14 times trying to get into a game, and if I don't the connection is lost immediately.
 This just really is a bad day.


I can't think of a title name

I feel like I haven't written on here in a while, but it's only been two days. I'm getting too distracted with things, I hate it, and on top of that, I have no time for anything, that's the biggest suck of all. 

I started Just Cause 2, and it's a lot of fun. And the it's absolutely beautiful. I could see this game getting repetitive though, and I can also see myself being bored in a few days...I mean exploring seems to

 Not a big fan of the box art to be honest...
be pointless since there's no hidden goodies or even just extra collectibles / upgrades laying around on top of mountains, but then again, does there need to be? I DID find a flying club called the "Mile High Club", playing techno music and sporting male dancers, so that was pretty exciting. While trying to escape on the plane stored in the back, I was taken out by some shotgun wielding bartenders. Dirty pricks...


 I saw Road To Perdition a few days ago, finally. Wow, that movie is beautiful. The shots, the lighting, the acting, everything just came together so fluidly. Mendes is now a top in my book, I can't believe it took me this long to watch. I started Firefly (TV series) last night, the one directed by Joss Whedon (director of the upcoming Avengers movie). Pretty good so far, I did't finish the first episode cause it was late, and I've been sleep deprived but I'll make it a point to do that tonight. Next movie to watch is either going to be Battle of Shaker Heights or Up In The Air. Battle of Shaker Heights was the outcome of Damon and Affleck's "Project Greenlight", and it stars a young Shia Labeouf. I've heard great things, but we'll see, and of course, Up In The Air, I've heard great things as well. I don't think it got the spotlight it deserved at the Oscars, but whatever.


I've been playing guitar a shit load, getting better. It's only my third week, I know, so I'm not close to good, but it's always awesome to know and see an improvement, helps out when you get frustrated. Just learned how to do some new chords and how to switch back and forth between chords...now I just need to actually do that. It's hard as hell, but once I get it down, I can pretty much play songs from there on out. it's impossible to advance without that skill. 
Oh and I wrote the Bioshock 2 review. Give it a quick read if you're wondering about the game, covers almost everything, I think. No spoilers as well.

Back to gaming news...

 Uh...awesome? It's real! If they bring more Dreamcast games over to the arcade, I'd be so fuckin' happy. Imagine what they could bring...the Crazy Taxi's, Omikron, Sonic Adventure, Powerstone (!!!!!), Resident Evil's, Shenmue, and a ton more, I just can't think of any right now. But, I'm thrilled and can't wait for the actual announcement.


Let's hope he's not bullshitting us.

Kick Ass, amazing.

Not sure who else did, but me and few friends went to the early screening of Kick Ass and I was surprised. I knew it was going to be good, I had the feeling, but I didn't know it was going to be that good. I just wrote a Bioshock 2 review, so I'm not going to write a Kick Ass review just yet (I will soon), but wow it blew me away. I didn't expect it to be that good. Go see it please, and, although I know it will, help it beat Death At A Funeral in the box office. I swear if it loses, I will give up my film career...
In other news, I beat Bioshock 2, and like I said, the review is up, go check it out. My final words are all in there so I won't say anything here, but I did thoroughly enjoy it. Now, time to start Deadly Premonition!
And the Mets just went from 1-0 in the 7th, to bringing in a new pitcher who gave up a grand slam. Gotta love them losing constantly. Unless they can take it back, which they can, but they won't. Every season, so painful. But it's early still so I'll reserve judgement.
Forgot to add the table update!

GameFable 2Bioshock 2 Deadly PremonitionMass Effect 2Just Cause 2
Played?X X
Playing?       Decided to hold off...
 Once I get a ME1 save...  X
Revisit / Keep? X X
Enjoyed? X X
Score? 4 / 5  4 / 5
Review? Mini (Below)  Written   
 Decided that I'm going to play Just Cause 2 next. Don't know why...I feel like I need some open world goodness.
And no I won't be giving every game a 4/5. That's my "Great, but not perfect" score. Bioshock came so close to a 3.5, but the story is damn good, and Rapture is beautiful.

Bioshock 2(cont.), sueing Nintendo, and Avengers!

Yet again, an update about Bioshock 2. I feel the game coming to a close, so I'm sure this is the third blog out of, what I predict to be, four. I didn't get to play much last night, or else I might be done already, but hopefully tonight I'll finish. If I don't, I'll most likely wait until I finish to write a final blog, then my review.
  Last night I was able to venture in Fontane Futuristics, which is quite an interesting location. More characters are being fleshed out, names are coming back to me from the first game, and more of the story is being unveiled. I have to admit, I didn't want to put the game down last night. The ball is finally rolling and it's beginning to do to me what the original did: make me lose sleep and not pay attention in class because I want to play the game. To me, when this happens, I know that's when a game is doing something right.
When I thought it was done with new enemies, it brought in new ones. When I thought I saw everything Rapture had to see, it led to me to something new. Bioshock 2 seems to be a late bloomer, but worth the wait. The whole game is an exponential build up, leading up to who knows what. Let's hope this ends with a bang.
Next update will be final impressions, with a review to follow, so check back in a couple of days. 

In other gaming news...

 BigDaddySlayer casts Rank 2...Child...Abduction...?
Sticking with Bioshock related news, a rumor began about a Bioshock MMO, article on Destructoid.
Many people in the comments don't think it'll work, but I disagree.  I think the amount of people judging this already are a little ridiculous. Rapture has amazing potential to be populated in an MMO universe. It could take place after the Fall. maybe a new "Andrew Ryan" came to be and started a new, improved, bigger (multiple raptures?) city.
There are endless possibilities with an MMO and a fresh universe that hasn't been fully fleshed out. That's my take.
Also on Destructoid, EEDAR's Jesse Davinch said that the map pack for CoD : MW2 was too cheap... 
I remain absolutely baffled by this comments. 3 new maps and 2 remakes for FIFTEEN dollars is TOO cheap? I can buy full retail Xbox 360 games for cheaper, the same price, or five dollars more. I can buy 1-3 (or four) arcade games for that price. I don't get it. Really. I feel like ten dollars is the max a map pack should be, unless it's bundled with modes, and other new things, like weapons, skins, etc. But just for maps, 2 of which are remakes? Absolutely not.
Does anyone actually agree with him?
Then just some stupid, and seemingly pointless articles.
 Okay a game performs better on the PS3. I'm not a fanboy (well, maybe a little bit), I honestly just have a grudge against Sony, it's a long story. But I do want a PS3, and will get one at some point, but at the moment I'm happy and more than time consumed with my 360. Obviously the more powerful console will have games perform better for it, once development has been perfected for each. It doesn't bother me, but the fact that we still see these articles is kind of...childish. Or should I say, the fact that developers have to make these statements is kind of ridiculous. All about marketing I guess? Either that or, all about bad questions by journalists.
I'm also going to make it a point to fall off my Wii Fit board and sue Nintendo for something ridiculous. Maybe I'll tell them I came out of the closet and it's all the balance boards fault. If I never fell off that damn board, I would still be straight. (I re-read this, sounds weird, no I'm not gay)

Movie News...

A director for The Avengers movie has finally been announced!!!
Joss Whedon. I'm excited, I don't know about any of you. Whedon helmed the cult hit, Firefly (series) and it's movie Serenity. When you have a show that only runs for one season and it's popular enough to warrant a movie, you have some talent. He's worked on some of the X-Men films as well, but all in all, I just like his style.
 Thrilling! Action! Adventure!

And they confirmed basically what we already knew. Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and Nick Fury will be in the movie, and played by their respective actors. I find it weird the Hulk wasn't mentioned, but they did say there were more so I'd be surprised if Norton didn't make at least a cameo. I wasn't huge into comics so I don't know the rest of the Avengers. Wasn't Ghost Rider in that? Nick Cage alllllllllllll the way....what?
Alright, done for the day.

Delving deeper into the new (same) Rapture...

                                                             As I get deeper and deeper into Bioshock 2, my love / hate seems to grow. 

 Wish they kept the subtitle...

In reference to my previous statement (in my first post), Bioshock 2 finally got "beautiful". What I mean is, I've been walking around through the new but not new Rapture we all love, but I couldn't find myself to get lost in it (not in the literal way) like I did in the first Bioshock. And like I said, I believe it's because I've been here before, but also because...there's just something about it that doesn't catch me. It doesn't seem as...unique; as diverse, charming and vibrant as the first one. But the weird thing is, I'm 
about 80% wrong when I say that, because it is, just not in the same way. Anyways, it finally got to that point in the game where it forces you to see its beauty. For those of you who haven't played it, I won't ruin anything for you, but for those of you who have, it's the ending to the segment before Dionysus Park (I forget the name). I was just taken aback, not only  by the graphical display, but the way everything looked under those conditions really made me think "These guys had it in them all along."
But then of course I saw a sign in the beginning of the next level that was completely low res and absolutely disgusting. But that's besides the point.
Anyway, the game is also starting to diversify itself a bit more from the first game. I can't recall if the weapons are any different (i.e. new weapons?) but I do know that there are new enemies, which are fun to encounter (besides Big Sisters, still hate those bitches), and even new "charged up" plasmid attacks, which are definitely useful in giving you the edge. I still love how the "Power To The People" weapon upgrades are visible. Not only is finding some of those machines a task, but to be rewarded visually for it is very satisfying. The research system is different now, evolving from just taking pictures, to now filming enemies and then killing them to gain bonuses. Come to think of it...that's very snuff-like, and pretty fucked up.
The story on the other hand isn't as captivating as the first game. I can sense the attempt for emotional attachment between your
character and not only your goal (sorry for vagueness, don't want to spoil), but also with every Little Sister you come across. It's not an awful story at all. In fact, it's one of the better stories this generation, but it's not the advancement I was hoping for.
I haven't tried the multi-player yet, but I'm reading up on it a bit and it doesn't sound like I'd be missing much to pass on it, what do you think? I will definitely give it a go once I finish though, if only for one round. So far though, I feel like the only reason I'll be keeping this game is to showcase it next to the original on my shelf. Hopefully that will change.

What Else...

Really just can't wait to finish Bioshock 2 so I can start Deadly Premonition. Why I'm so excited, no idea. I think it's so I can watch the Endurance Runs for a good laugh. I've been holding back so I don't spoil the game for me (big reason why I don't read many previews). Soon...soon.
Kick-Ass comes out this Friday, can't wait. So damn excited, anyone else looking to see it? It's been getting a little bit of a bad rap because of Chloe Moretz, a small girl (I think she's 13?) who kills people and curses up a storm, but, call me a satanist, I honestly don't see the bad in that. She's taken the role by her own and her family's decision, and ultimately, it's her life choice. Are all the little girls in the world going to start wearing costumes, shooting people and saying cunt? ...well probably, but their ignroance shouldn't be blamed on this movie.  I think it looks like a must see, a comedy I've been waiting for.
If you haven't seen a trailer or heard of the movie, check it out. Just, only watch the Red-Band trailers, I feel they're the only ones that do it justice.
Try this one: 
Definitely a midnight show for me, who else is going? 

Movie stuff not Kick-Ass related...

They announced the Green Lantern costume will be entirely CG. Not sure how I feel about that...it can go both ways. It could look amazing throughout, or just awful and cheesy. But I'll probably love it, since my man-crush is in the movie, so I'll find some excuse to like it. 
And that's about it. New on Netflix this week isn't anything special in my opinion, save for Moon and The Man Who Wasn't There.
Check out First Showing's " New On Instant" article every week if you're always wondering.

Table Update

  I really need to re-make this...
GameFable 2Bioshock 2 Deadly PremonitionMass Effect 2Just Cause 2
Playing?  X     Taunting Me. After Bioshock
 Once I get a ME1 save... Who knows when.
Revisit / Keep? X  Prob. Not / Yes
Enjoyed? X Starting to
Score? 4 / 5    
Review? Mini (Below)    

Let's mate...via Xbox

A few hours ago Joystiq ran an article about a Fable 3 article in the newest OXM (Official Xbox Magazine). Apparently, Lionhead has brought back the ability to mate...with a co-op partner this time.   


I'm not 100% surprised by something like this being included in the game, but I can't say I actually saw this coming. To be honest...makes me a little more interested...in some sick, twisted way.   

Taken from the article, which was taken from the magazine article...     

"...be able to enjoy, ahem, intimate moments with your co-op friend and eventually produce offspring together..."     

 My new mating sign for Fable 3. If you see me throwing one of these down, get ready to pop out a few kids.  
Besides that, Joystiq also had an interview with Remedy's Oskari Hakkinen about Alan Wake. No idea who Oskari Hakkinen is, but he works for Remedy and he knows about Alan Wake, so that's all that matter. 
Some notable things from the interview... 
When asked about the long development time, Hakkinen sort've takes a stab at Activision and some other companies. I love Remedy. 

And you know we are a kind of company that isn't a factory that churns out games every year or every two years. We carefully craft our games and intellectual properties to be what they deserve to be.

 Also about the time... 

 when you're making a thriller, you need to have your roots grounded in reality. If you look up into the sky in Alan Wake, the constellation of stars in the sky is accurate to the Pacific Northwest. Why? You probably won't even notice it. But you will notice a level of authenticity in everything that you do, and then and only then, when we add the layer of the supernatural, so we can scare the hell out of you.  

 I'm going to stop quoting the interview and just recommend you read the article yourself. It's not that long, and it's a great read. This is why I love Remedy. 
Oh and watch this :
Not sure how to feel about that...looks...interesting? 

Started Bioshock 2

Forgot to write about this last night, got busy with work and lessons, but here's my update. 

Bioshock 2

I honestly just think of bomberman whenever I see this cover. His helmet...

As the title reads, I've started Bioshock 2 (for the 360). If you've played Bioshock 1 you immediately feel at home. Rapture is, once again, a beautiful city, full of diverse environments for you to scavenge about in. I'm a little unsure how to feel about this one though. The question "Is this a proper sequel?" still lingers and i'm about 3 or 4 hours in.  
You start as a Big Daddy, and with the way the story seems to be going, I'm going to assume you stay one for the remainder. The back of the box claims you to be the first Big Daddy, but not the only, and apparently you've garnered a reputation of doing some good, and bad, things.   
The gameplay is so far completely unchanged, save for a few new weapons (the Drill!) and i'm hoping a few new plasmids to use. You still explore Rapture, checking every nook for items, money and audio books that give insight to the story and the city. The environments aren't exactly the same, but they have the same feel. The only complaint I have concerning environment is that they don't have the same effect they had when I first stepped into each new area in the first Bioshock. Perhaps that's because I've been here before? 
The enemies are still splicers, Big Daddy's and the works, except I've run into what they call a Big Sister, who is the biggest pain in the ass ever. Fast, powerful, acrobatic...annoying. But that's what I get for playing on hard. 
All in all, it seems basically like the more of the same (in regards to the first Bioshock, of course), as I've yet to encounter any significant changes. It seems 2K Marin took the safe route, and I'm not sure yet if that's a good thing or a bad thing...I'm curious to see how the well the Multiplayer works out, so when I take a dive into that I'll update. I'm hoping to see, or do, something that will give props to, or hint at, the first game (this is supposed to be a prequel, if I remember correctly, right?). 

 Oh Rapture, how I've missed thee. But you seem to have lost some of your charm...     

What Else...

 In other news. I watched The Proposal last night. Ryan Reynols, Sandra Bullock...well I have a man crush on Ryan Reynolds, don't ask, but it was actually entertaining and funny at parts. Not the greatest movie, but worth a free watch (once again, Netflix instant streaming <3). They've added a ton of TV shows like Prison Break, 24 and Firefly that I want to finally watch, but I never have the time. Next movie is probably going to be Dune.   
To recap...
GameFable 2Bioshock 2 Deadly PremonitionMass Effect 2Just Cause 2
Playing?  X     After Bioshock 2 Once I get a ME1 save... Who knows when
Revisit / Keep? X    
Enjoyed? X Hm..   
Score? 4 / 5    
Review? Mini (Above)    
I'm going to eventually make a Table for the movies I want to / currently am / have watched. Eventually...eventually...meaning I won't ever do it. 

Been wanting to start a blog for a while...

Been a while since I blogged seriously on 1up...shit, I miss it. Once I start getting some meaningful things to talk about, I'll publicly post it, but I wanna get the ball rolling first. 
So what have I been doing, let's see. Recently sold most of my 360 games, got $350 to Gamestop. Went a little nuts with that sale they just had (25 % off everything when you spend $100). Got Dead Rising 2, Crackdown 2, Just Cause 2, Alan Wake (Limited edition), Bioshock 2, Mass Effect 2 and Deadly Premonition (yes!). Too many sequels? Answer: Of course. 
Speaking of sequels, I just beat Fable 2. Some things irked me, and some things made me smile...

Fable 2 Overview / Thoughts

Box Art nd' shit
Fable 2, like any game, has its high points and low points. It's bad and good, frustrating and enjoyable all at the same time. Let's get started.  

First, the story was engaging, yet admittedly weak. You really can't say the story wasn't great. It didn't get boring, but it ended just a little too quickly. The thing is...the game wasn't created to have a set story to last 30 hours.  The point is for your to craft your own story to make it last however long you want it to last. 

The game of Fable 2 is more than just the main quest line. It's about creating a world based around the choices you make. And I know
Albion : Current Record holder for most buried condoms.
 that's obvious and that it's been said, but I feel many people forget this point when criticizing the game. The amount of stuff you can do is absolutely incredible. You can buy out the whole world and construct a real estate empire. You can get married, have children and watch them grow up. You can practice Polygamy, or be faithful. Be gay, be straight, get a prostitute both male and female. You can do anything from killing innocents (women and child now die first, don't forget), slaughtering towns, influencing the future of towns, to playing fetch with your dog, furnishing a house, dying your clothes, and having a job(s). But most of all, you can explore. 

Besides the main quest, there are tons and tons of side quests, and collectibles, including Legendary weapons, demon doors and gargoyles. The game is FULL of content that could last you months and months and is worth in the very least two play-throughs. I rushed through it this time because I want to get caught up with all the games I missed so I'm not spending much time on this or that at the moment. But I wasI tempted, and definitely will revisit the world sometime before Fable 3. The last world to captivate me in such a way was the Capital Wasteland, and before that, nothing really comes to mind. I honestly enjoyed Fable 2 so much that I can't wait to download my first Xbox Original title, Fable : The Lost Chapters. The original Fable came out right when I got an Xbox and I loved it to death, but never got the chance to beat it, so the minute I have time, I'll be all over that.  
Besides the story, the game is driven secondly by combat. It's your standard hack and slash and more of the "Fable formula". You have your melee weapon of choice (swords, maces, hammers, etc.) and then your ranged weapon of choice. Most notably different from the first in this area are guns. Crossbows are still present, but are accompanied by pistols and rifles. After the weapons you have your "magic", or as they call it in Albion, Will. My only complaint is the spell selection system during combat. Each spell has 5 levels. To access a spell during combat, you simply press B. Just pressing B will trigger a level 1 spell. To trigger a level 2 spell, you need to charge it up by simply holding B, and so on and so forth for levels 3-5. The catch, you can only designate one spell to each level, and changing them on the fly during combat is time consuming, dangerous, clunky, and annoying. I usually stuck with time control as my level one to give me more time to choose what spell I wanted where, if I needed to change. Not the best system, but certainly one way to execute it, albeit not a very good way. 

If you're bored and find yourself with nothing to play, pick up Fable 2. And if you're bored and played Fable 2, pop it in and do something in the world you've never done before. Play the game with a naked character who farts on everyone and only eats celery...and exclusively casts Vortex. You won't regret it. I must admit, the story was anti-climactic at the end, and left a lot of questions (but that's the point of trying to entice people to come back for a sequel, isn't it?). They hit home with an emotional story, which I know they were planning to do. You get attached to your character as he molds to the choices you make. And you get attached to your friends and loved ones along the way, actually does play a hand in the story;s unfolding. Without spoiling anything, Fable 2 can be short, but is definitely sweet. Give it a shot. 
 My apologies for the brief and barren review. I didn't cover MANY points of the game. It is late and to be honest I didn't want to write a full review. On top of that, what I put into the game isn't enough to give it the review it deserves. But anywho, onto some other things... 

What to play / do next?

 I'm gonna make a table for this that i'll have re-occurring in all my blogs....
GameFable 2Bioshock 2 Deadly PremonitionMass Effect 2Just Cause 2
Playing?  X      After Bioshock 2 Once I get a ME1 save... Who knows when
Revisit / Keep? X    
Enjoyed? X    
Score? 4 / 5    
Review? Mini (Above)    
Very weak table, but it's the best I can come up with right now to help keep me organized. If you have any suggestion on what to play next besides Bioshock 2, or what to play afterwards, let me know. I will add to the table, more categories, and more games, as time goes on. This is just what's on my plate right now. 

What else?

 Well I'm a film major, so I'm writing and filming constantly, I'll post stuff I'm proud of as it comes. I have a few youtube vids up of some shorts from high school, i'll post those another date. 
Have a shoot coming up this summer, pretty excited for that, still in the drafting stage of the script, but it's moving along smoothly...so far. Pre-production always seems to work out well. Production is where everything turns to shit... 
I watch movies constantly as well, and subscribing to Netflix was probably the best thing I've ever done. I'll do some movie reviews every week too. Instant Watch + DVD's = Perma Boner.
Just started Guitar again also. Never had the patience for it when I was younger but now I love it. Actually learning music this time.
Anyway don't feel like getting into detail about any of this, since it's almost 5 AM and I have work in 5 hours. I'll be posting every day, most likely, about whatever it is I feel like posting. And I'll probably do Checkpoint blogs for the games I play. Good stuff.

I'm sure everyone has this blog, but seriously, L4D2

Before I start, I'd love to point out that whoever thinks this is the coming of the apocalypse and that Valve is taking your family and robbing them at gunpoint -- then shooting them -- needs to take a step back, breathe, and listen to Adam. Some of you may hate Sessler, but he's got a point. http://www.destructoid.com/adam-sessler-weighs-in-on-the-left-4-dead-2-whiners-136620.phtml (Props to Dtoid for the vid, sesslers own blog doesn't load on my comp.)

Okay so youir reasons for boycotting Valve, and trying to molotov their HQ just so Left 4 Dead 2 doesn't come out.

1) It's the same game.

Answer :

When I was younger I was told by my parents that reading is the key to understanding many different things. Obviously as a young kid would, I thought they were crazy and stupid, but apparent;y they were right and apparently none of you know how to read. Do you know WHY these numerous gaming websites write about their experiences at E3 and about all the games they played? Because WE want to see them. But of course by "WE" I mean everyone who loves to bitch without anything to back ourselves up with. Because, no matter what, our opinion is the right way....right....right?

Read a god damn Left 4 Dead 2 E3 preview and then shut up.
Joystiq for instance, has a nice meaty preview of it. Yes, there are many changes and new things. Size em' up for once.

2) But there's not enough new content.

Answer :

Five new campaigns, mind you with 5 maps each (for those that are familiar with multiplication, this would equal 25 maps...which is more than many other shooters offer.), four new characters, new weapons with new ammo(both firearms and the all new melee weapons), new special infected, and a new mode, to boot. To top it all off, all five campaigns are compatible in every mode possible (to remind you, that's four modes, all able to be played online and off). 

But that's just content wise of course. Like I said above, if you read, they made significant changes to the beloved AI Director that allows you to play L4D the way you play L4D. Dubbed AI Director 2.0, changes were made to make sure your experience is even better than before. Here's a quote taken directly from Joystiq...
"...Valve has also detailed the new AI Director 2.0, which will not only affect how many of the undead you'll be tackling at any given time, but will also dictate weather effects, world objects, and pathways provided to the players..."
Oh weather effects changing AND having an effect on gameplay is now something you have to worry about? Oh totally different paths to take to finish levels, not just shortcuts? World objects? Obviously this is just a simple update to the CORE engine that the game thrives off of, isn't it? Totally patch-able.

Zombies are now not toally defenceless. For example, zombies with hazmat suits are immune to your one shot kill incendinary rounds..

On top all this Valve wants you to experience what they call "crescendo moments" all the time. Remember the first time you called for extraction and you heard that cry that could only be the horde coming to take your life? And whilst battling them off a boomer comes and throws up on you, and a hunter tackles your closest friend. Then you hear the thunder of a tank rolling ontop of you. You dispose of the tank only to hear another one on its way, and see that a smoker dragged your friend off the rooftop to his death. As the second tank approaches you see the Helicopter in the distance closing in, so you and your remaining friends make a mad dash away from the tank and the horde, just to make it on in time before you were absolutely ripped to pieces. That's a crescendo moment and that's what Valve is giving on almost every map. Read the joystiq preview to find out about the one on the E3 floor demo.

And lastly, level design, which goes hand in hand with the AI Director.
"...Significant improvements have been made to level design, utilizing the expertise of Portal designer Kim Swift. Some levels will have sections that have changing layouts. Faliszek mentioned a graveyard that would be different for every playthrough, for example. The AI Director can make the path through the graveyard longer or shorter depending on how well the Survivors are doing. Another level begins in total daylight, but darkens as a storm rolls in. The storm reduces visibility to nearly nothingmaking it hard to spot zombies and, worse, teammates (their outlines won't appear in the fog)..."
Yeah, that's a lot of stuff.

3) This should be an update or DLC!

Answer :

Of course it should! That would be so great if their hard work on a whole new game was making them $10-$20(if it was $20 there would be bitching also) instead of $50-$60! Why should they come out successful if we can save on our wallets? On top of that, I'm sure ALL of these additions, especially major CORE engine changes, are totally feasible through a simple update. Because you're all game developers trying to make a quality game and on top of that, some money, and you all know limitations and specifications, correct? No. You don't. Stop. You're embarassing yourself.

4) Okay fine but how can Valve do this to us?

Answer :

They aren't doing anything except being awesome. Get the fuck over it.

5) If they were awesome and not screwing the people, L4D2 would be on PS3! (yes I've seen this been said.)

Answer :

There are other reasons for this entirely and reasons which I will not go into, but there's more than just "loyalty" at play here. In fact, loyalty has nothing to do with it.

6) Didn't Valve say that locations in L4D2 are the same from the original title, just different areas?(and this one too.)

Answer :

Reading's cool.

7) All this looks like is something a team of highly skilled MODDERS can do.

Answer :

Okay, then ask them to do it, then wait for it to come out. Or you can just shut the fuck up, because it isn't (Last time I checked, most MODs don't overhaul gameplay engines).

8) It feels too similar to Left 4 Dead...

Answer : 

Obviously the game is going to "feel" like Left 4 Dead...you're going to sit there and tell me Gears of War 2 doesn't "feel" like Gears of War? Or Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3 don't feel like Metal Gear Solid? I can go on and on with this list, but if you don't get the point here, then I won't waste my time.

These are just some of the things that people are saying, I'm just done writing this cause i'm getting annoyed just reading what I wrote due to how it reminds me how stupid some people are. I'm publicly posting thing because I want to, not because I want a reaction out of any of you, and if you feel the need to argue against me, by all means go right ahead, but i'm telling you now, I most likely won't respond because I never recheck old posts. Have a fantastic day.

CoD : WaW online - Buy our maps...or else we won't work for you!

Been trying to play this broken peice of shit, but it's almost impossible. Don't get me wrong, I love the online and before these maps came out, it was awesome.

But now it's just useless. Even though it says Map Pack 1 Disabled, we're constantly put into games that are using the maps, then kicked out for it.
More than half the time we try to join a game, since it takes a good 10 tries, the party is just disbanded for some reason, or only one of us gets in and the other is given a "host ended party" message or something along those lines.

Seriously? Is that what's going to happen if you don't buy the maps? Or is it just broken since they came out and they don't care to update it?
It gets ridiculous, taking so long to find one game, but everyone puts you into a game with a new map, cause "disabled" isn't a word in their fucking vocabulary, the game just disregards that, and "parties" are no longer a feature they care to support.
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