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@paliv: Went to their brewery (in Fort Collins I believe?) when I was there in March. Fat Tire is very, very good.

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Lagunitas Little Sumpin' Sumpin' is one of my favorites.

Almost anything Ommegang (but it can get pricey).

Someone mentioned Yuengling and I couldn't agree more - when you're looking to not spend much, it's the best for what you pay.

And since I'm from there, I gotta toss out the Blue Point Toasted Lager (they have different flavors too). I may be biased, but it's actually really good.

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@somejerk said:

And that it's would be another unexplainable piece of desperate insanity from Microsoft if they were to do this.

Yes, bolstering first party studios and IP's is now always and forever an act of desperation. I suppose they were desperate when they purchased Rare, Lionhead, and formed Black Tusk as well?

By that measure, I suppose Sony was desperate when they secured rights to Insomniac titles and purchased Naughty Dog.

Just because they are "behind in sales" doesn't automatically make every investment an act of desperation. Obviously any company behind will want to do what they can to catch up and/or be in the lead.

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@vucubcaquix: How is Gamepad support for a game they didn't create suddenly their problem? If they own the IP, then yes, it will be on them. Right now? No.

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@hatking: Once you get used to it, you begin to miss the little things when you play on something that doesn't have a Kinect. There was a certain "wow" factor to being in the lobby for a Titanfall match, remembering I needed to preorder Destiny and being able to say "Xbox, Bing --- Destiny -- Prepurchase --" etc, then "Xbox, Go To Titanfall," and be back in time for the match.

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First off, great time to jump in - The October update (just got in the preview) is huge and streamlines many things about the system (details on Major Nelson's blog). As for the Kinect, it depends on your style. The voice commands work well, and it's nifty to use it to control your television and navigation, turning the xbox on/off, etc.

If you plan to use the fitness and enjoy games like Dance Central, it might be worth it for you - rather than paying more later. It's also great if you want to broadcast on twitch, or to chat without a headset, use skype, etc (gold members get I believe 100 mins of skype calling [skype to phone] a month I believe).

Theres the auto sign in, IR blaster, and other things that make your experience just a little more convenient that it's nice to have. With Cortana rumored to be making her way over, the Kinect might get some much needed love soon, but none of us are privy to any of that information.

If you can test a properly calibrated Kinect out then definitely do so (any friends have one?). Otherwise, I would do some research about the capabilities, preferably from owners of the device, and see if it's useful for you. People on the X1 subreddit ask this question a lot and get honest answers, so searching for threads there might be a good start, or conclusion, to your research. Do not feel obligated though, the system, especially with the upcoming October update, is very operational without it.

I would definitely suggest giving the Smartglass app (or beta app if you have a WP or Android) a download either way.

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@everettescott said:

@branthog said:

So on my XB1, I get a game they already sold me a couple months ago and on the 360, I get a four year old Halo game that I bought four years ago and then Monaco -- a decent game that is hard to keep track of on the screen with multiple players and that is impossible to play with randoms, because everyone just races through the map and triggers everything off.


Seems like a 'you' problem, no?

What a remarkable contribution!

I sure hope you're not valuing your original post as a "remarkable contribution" either.

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@corruptedevil: "Essentially speech to text?" What it's worth to any given individual is their own decision, but that's just an poor attempt at generalizing what the Kinect does.

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@ntm: Did you calibrate it correctly? Did you use it as intended and as it needs to be used? What you're saying seems like the equivalent of calling a toaster worthless because it can't do what the blender can do.

I understand your opinion of not wanting one, not liking one, not needing one, etc., but to say it doesn't work and is a "terrible device" and "inconvenient" is just pretty much plain incorrect. If someone can get from A to D in just a few words, skipping B and C, then it's anything but inconvenient.

To each his own.

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@substance_d: That is the point.

It's actually incredible the amount of people that don't understand this, and are mad that it's not the same price. Cost of production and everything aside, bundles are cheaper because they're bundles. There's a positive to buying them that way. If you decide you don't want part of it now, then in the future do, you shouldn't expect to pay the same. The existence of the bundle is even pointless at that point.