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@egg: Seems like a lot of your personal opinions you're trying to push off as rules of the game. A system should have a symmetrical two stick layout... why, because you prefer it that way? There are controllers out there that do not and are perfectly acceptable and very comfortable. Sticks symmetrical along the same axis is not necessary at all. Have had a 3DS, a the 3DS XL and have held a friends new 3DS and it really isn't as painful as you're making use out to be. In fact, there's no pain at all. Personal preference I guess. Although, I still think you're trolling if you're hailing the design of the 2DS.

If you want to debate specs, no one is arguing that the PSP and Vita were more powerful. That doesn't make them more fun to play, or automatically make the software on it better. I think that's pretty evident.

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@mb: Thanks for the pic - not a steam user so wouldn't have seen that otherwise! So is this a developer opt-in feature? Glad kinks are being ironed out, but just sad in general that it's happening. Guess it had to happen at one point or another, if not this game then another...

Is it all fixed now? Assuming once the "23 DLC packs" are done installing there's no problems.

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@punched said:

It's crazy how much people lose their shit when something isn't perfect within the first 5 seconds of it being released.

It's the first time Steam has rolled out the download as you play thing and it didn't work. Oh well. Go to bed and play it in the morning.

Are you really defending something not working that people paid $60 for? This kind of attitude is exactly why devs think they can get away with this nonsense.

I don't have the game, but it seems like problem is with Steam and Valve trying out a new feature, not with MKX. Doesn't seem right to blame it on the developers.

Any reports of this happening last night if the game was acquired via another service?

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@ezekiel: Just curious, in a TPS, how else would you handle shooting without an aim button? You would have to always be aiming - there's really no way to skip the aim phase. In a FPS that could be possible but I'm not sure there's a place for that in these games.

The zooming in is to help you aim better, as when it's zoomed out to the normal angle, it could be harder to hit enemies depending on the distance. It's also supposed to simulate a "focus" or "aim down sights."

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People complaining about the timed exclusivity and saying they'll go play Bloodborne instead are too funny.

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@thanatos3: In a universe where Chocobo's exist, massive Aeon's can be summoned and you party with a jaguar looking humanoid figure, you find all that troubling?

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I might have missed something but, Evolve's season pass covers characters, in other words actual content to expand the game. All maps are free and all cosmetics are on the side if you want them. People are mad about that?

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Assuming it's a wholly different situation without a green card, but is there any form of temporary ID your state government can issue in the mean time? For example, when your ID expires, or when you graduate from a Permit to a License, they give you a slip of paper as an interim ID.

Again, assuming it's different in your situation but just a thought in case it wasn't already tried! Also, congrats, that's a big move and hopefully you find lots to love over here.

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Cold Day In July - 4/5

Each movie Jim Mickle makes is better than the last, it's really inspiring to watch him grow as a filmmaker. Jeff Grace on the soundtrack was incredible as always. Had a slight problem with a plot point but otherwise it was well acted, fantastically directed and overall a great package. Give it a watch,

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@loafsmooch said:

Hearing about this game way back made me really excited about it, the idea sounded great. After playing the beta for 4 hours I kinda grew tired of it already. Now I ended up getting it as a gift so my friend had someone to play it with, but once again I got bored with it after a few hours. It's an alright game but there just isn't enough of it. Shouldn't be priced at €50. More like €20.

What do you mean when you say there isn't enough of it? I found there to be more than I was expecting. There are a handful of modes - which even though the core concept is the same - it's a nice change of pace to have a playlist that cycles them. And I haven't tried Evacuation but from the description it seems like a multi-round mode where the outcomes influence future rounds.

Each class has new characters and new weapons / abilities, unlockables, etc, with more maps to come for free.

Just curious as to what the expectation was.

I only played it once so far, first time was this week and I had a lot of fun! Met some nice people that helped show me the ropes and learned a bunch. I would love to watch this competitively, the strategies we were devising and pulling off were a ton of fun to figure out, and adapting to other players play styles.