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I played Forza yesterday and it looked completely terrible.

Infamous on the other hand looks incredible.


I don't know how to describe it any more clear.

I think his "What?" was more of a "Hey man, maybe you should get some new eyes from the eyes store."

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Damn, if I wasn't working until 7:30...I work right in SoHo, I would LOVE to come. Hope it's awesome, please keep us posted on any more of these.

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@msavo: Twitter integration pulled? How? It's still easy as ever to hit the "Post to Twitter" box.

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Facebooks focus is NOT about games which the original occulus rift was about, so it's not overreacting at all for him to stop the deal for his game. Facebook will use it for other means, with games as an after thought.

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People put money into a Kickstarter for a Gaming Device that ended up being a Social Device?

Awesomeeeeeeee, I would be kinda annoyed if I funded the Oculus.


That's pretty amazing, basically spent none of their own funds and ended up making billions off it. Sucks for gamers and people who helped fund it, but i don't think anybody could pass up 2 billion lol.

Hey Mark Zuckerberg! Can you-- wait, you're not Mark Zuckerberg? That's strange, you're writing like a man who knows the Facebook road plan.

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Before Eye Tracking how about making that shit actually work.

Well, that part is already done. On to the next thing.

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It makes absolutely no sense for a company that constantly whines about how it's games don't meet sales expectations to then restrict one of it's highest selling franchises to a single platform; particularly one that isn't even selling more than its competition.

It's still selling a lot. Someone else a bit further up mentioned that this will definitely get them exposure and help from Microsoft in the marketing area, which could help. In any case, there's no way this game won't see other platforms in the future. Or rather, I can't see that myself, but I could be wrong. My best guess is most likely a GOTY edition later in 2015 for PS4, if this turns out to be true.

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Dead Rising 3's sales were because it was one of the only launch games worth owning for the XBO, not because it was an XBO exclusive?

DR3 did not go without competition. Forza, Killer Instinct and even marketing campaigns for games that might not have been better, but were bigger (like Ryse). Not to mention bigger franchises launching ports, like AC4.

I don't think you're wrong, it's definitely a boost that it was a launch title. But it was a solid title as well, and it shared room with some other great titles.

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If anything has been "oversold" it's this whole "Xbox can control my TV" spiel Xbox fanboys try to sell others.

And it doesn't even do that even remotely well.

"Xbox On..... Xbox On..... XBOX. ONNN....." *walks over and presses the power button while muttering profanities and regret.*

Actually, it does work pretty well. Between myself and people I know personally there has been no problem with that command. Sorry you can't get it to work? For those that take the time to figure out how it works, it's super useful. If it's easier for you to press the power button, then by all means do it, and enjoy some of the other benefits it offers.

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Honestly, if you bought an Xbox One for one game your friends are playing, you probably should have waited. If you are looking forward to playing the next Halo, the next Gears of War, and Sunset Overdrive, then I think you'll be fine.

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The "gaming media" oversold the PS4 since they always felt bad how Microsoft came out of nowhere and dominated the previous gen


Yea, that is a pretty ridiculous statement. If anything has been "oversold" it's this whole "Xbox can control my TV" spiel Xbox fanboys try to sell others. Pick the console for the games you think you'll enjoy playing most. Unless you're in a clan, don't worry about what console your friends are playing multiplayer games on, you'll still enjoy multiplayer games without them if that is your thing.

Getting kind of old people saying "the next gears, and the next halo" when it comes to the Xbox. Those are huge titles with mass appeal, yes, but it's not the only thing the system has to offer, nor will it be over the next five years. It's like if someone said "If you're looking forward to playing the next Killzone and God of War then go Playstation." It's just seems like a backhanded compliment.

And that's not a ridiculous statement. The Xbox can control your TV, have you had the chance to own one and have it interact with your set up? It's not being oversold, it's a great addition to the device that is supposed to be the center of your entertainment center.

In regards to your last statement, that doesn't jive with everyone. There are many who enjoy multiplayer just with their friends, regardless of them being in clan or not. If someone's friends all play on a certain console and they want to play multiplayer games with them, then that's one of many solid reasons to lean towards that console. Oftentimes the experience is wildly different playing with strangers than with friends.

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@ajamafalous: In terms of price point? Why not, they are both $60. Which game you yourself enjoy more isn't what he the OP was taking into talking about.