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@rhagkall: I haven't read the link yet but I want to point out that "Playing With My Son: An experiment in forced nostalgia and questionable parenting" is a title that can be misinterpreted pretty easily. And I love it.

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@hunkulese: That is not true at all. Take WoW for instance, you are never barred from ANY content you previously had access to. So can you clarify what you mean? Most expansions in MMO's, even if you don't buy in, let you take part in many of their features, but not all. No expansion suddenly makes what you had before unavailable to you.

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@eaxis: Hopefully Uncharted has something more than pretty graphics next year as well. We shall see when both are released. They both sound / look pretty promising though.

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@somejerk: Since when was Titanfall ever confirmed for other platforms? It was revealed as an Xbox/PC game since it was shown at E3.

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@617_jbug: Interesting. Are these made available in some form to the owners of the previous "versions?"

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@617_jbug: Probably a solid bet. What actually changes between these versions? Don't follow SF much - is it just new characters / assets? Are there balance and mechanic-tweaks, and if so, are those available to players who bought the original via an update / DLC?

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@humanity: It's random, as are most MMO's. Try again next week. Would you prefer it just gave you all the gear on and all the weapons on the first run through? Or just say "well you've done it a few times and it didn't work out, so here it is!" That's just not what raiding is, or how the loot system works. There's a balance to strike - as it is, the raid is not nearly hard enough and doesn't require an immense amount of team work, or have any filler content / trash mobs, which could help make it a bit more engaging. There is no sense of accomplishment beyond the first time you run through it. Afterwards it becomes just a thing you do with friends for a chance at gear.

The new exotic upgrade path is logical. You spend money if you want a more powerful weapon and you now upgrade this new weapon that is more powerful than the one you just essentially "traded in."

If you don't want to do it, then just work towards acquiring a new exotic in it's own right and you won't have to do that. This is a way to keep the old gear relevant so that it's not all just left in the dust with new content that comes out, which is the way it is in games like WoW - there's zero reason to even touch anything from previous expansions when a new one comes out (or at least there wasn't when I was playing a couple expansions ago).

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@slaegar: It sounds like you're a little rough with your hardware. In comparison, I have the same 360 controller from launch and it works fine, save for a degrading battery pack - although that's normal. Same 3DS too, and I play(ed) both very frequently.

@bisonhero's explanation is a great point. People wouldn't be informed, but the fault isn't only on consumers. Even I was a little confused - when Mario Kart came out I was super excited for multiplayer, then remembered the system only supported one Tablet. I had to readjust and realize you need to use the previous gen controllers, or buy pro controllers. It's really an odd thing for the average consumer. Multiple controllers for different functions, and also older controllers. New system, using old controllers and new controllers - it's great that I can buy a new system and have 4 controllers out of the box because I had the Wii, but it's odd and might confuse a lot of people.

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@madman356647: Yeah, shame on 343 for not using that time machine Microsoft gave them.