Scariest Game Franchises

A list of the scariest(in my opinion) games out there. These aren't in numerical order, just thrown in one random mess. To my knowledge, I cannot switch the order. If you know how, let me know, please.

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Posted by Swinghi

No System Shock 2, are you on crack?

Posted by jonnyboy

What about "The Suffering"? That game is pretty scary, it's the audio that does it. Definitely give it a go, can't recommend it enough.

Posted by Neon941

The Siren games always freak me out, I'm not a big fan of enemies that you can't kill but i admit that for a horror game it adds to the feeling of helplessness. The FEAR games are also kind of freaky, but I admit it would be much scarier if they took out the cover based shooting portions. 
Anyway where's Phantasmagoria? The acting in that alone should land it at the top of any scariest games list.
Posted by LadyMarya420

cold fear? really? i found most moments in that game to be funny! i found the game play to be awkward and hearing him say "great, its locked" in that cocky tone of voice 60 times an hour was also pretty funny. however i agree with most of the rest of the list, you forgot bioshock tho

Posted by Psykhophear
@Swinghi: Calm down. He probably hasn't played the game yet, am I right caesius6? 
Have you tried The Suffering? That's one scary game too.
Posted by caesius6
@Psykhophear:  I haven't! I really should, I hear awesome things about it. Is it even compatible with Vista or Windows 7? 
I need to revise this, gotta take some out and put a few others in. Damn it's been a while. Should probably take Cold Fear out, I feel like there's a few that top it, but I just wish they executed that game better.
Posted by ahoodedfigure

I played the Undying demo and that had some pretty wicked level design.
Eternal Darkness had some definitely creepy moments (especially if you leave it running :))
Play Dead Space before you add it, or you'll have people saying "you haven't played X but it's scary, why not put it up too??"

Posted by caesius6
@ahoodedfigure: haha yeah wow I forgot I said that. I played it over the summer, game was a blast and definitely a fun one with the lights off.  
Almost half of these are on current gen consoles, but with the tech we have today and the minds we have in the industry, i'm surprised we don't have more horror games. Or quality ones at least. Here's hoping too some more are pumped out fairly soon.
Posted by maimran91

Try F.E.A.R if you want more cheap scare gameplay!

Posted by EliminatoR

Condemned is one of the best new horror games IMO. 
The suffering should also be there,not very scary,but I think it's pretty good,and it has it's moments. 
Fatal Frame is what people play to commit suicide.It's that scary. 
Also FEAR should be there,more shooter then anything but it uses cheap scares alot.
Posted by Danial79

Glad to see Dark Corners of the Earth in here. An amazing, though flawed, game!

Posted by shodan2020

Love your list. I'm definitely going to have to check out Cold Fear and Penumbra.

Posted by buzztone

I love this list!  As much as I love my scary video games.  :)

Posted by Jeust

If you find the time, try Sanitarium. It is freaky as hell, and it has a very good story. 

Posted by Slither_Maggot
@Jeust: what would you rank Sanitarium on a 1-10 scale as far as combining story and all the other elements?
Posted by Jeust
@Slither_Maggot said:
@Jeust: what would you rank Sanitarium on a 1-10 scale as far as combining story and all the other elements?
8 - Every element is well done and engrossing, appart from the gameplay that really shows the game's age.  
Excluding the gameplay, I would give it a 9.
Posted by jkuc316

There should be arrows beside the items you listed during editing which can be used to swiitch positions of items in the list

Posted by Rheinmetall

Very good list! I have played too Project Zero (Fatal Frame) and it was so scary that I couldn't play it anymore. I guess I'm a chicken. :-) The scariest game I have ever played, no doubt.
Posted by Snowwika

No Clock Tower?