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The only time i made an actual choice about killing in the game was outside what the devs intended. When you get the side-missions to track down the buyers of the auction i murdered every single one of them (usually with grenades, or a shot in the face). The game only reaction was to punish me lowering my reputation, as they are considered normal civilians as far as game mechanics go. I killed countless thugs and the game rewarded me but the only time i felt actually compelled to kill someone in the game (i couldn't care less even for the main antagonists) i was actually punished. Not that that stopped me, it was the only time in the entire game I felt like roleplaying a vigilante/justice seeker/whatever; the choice at the end meant absolutely zero to me; and I felt it was absolutely useless, since the devs try to make you empathize with maurice through his audiologs, not through character progression of Aiden.

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Riposa in pace, Ryan

I'll make sure to raise way more than one glass to him, tonight

I'm gonna go listen again to the This Year Giant Bombcast Ryan Davis Memorial now

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Friend's dog, for Rorie

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What a shameful way to go out; with the team clearly going into the game thinking about a 0-0...and Prandelli confirmed that too with his changes: Parolo in instead of another forward like Cerci? And Cassano who can no longer run and it would have been useful just to get some fouls?

Balotelli was as usual just being useless and getting a yellow card in a stupid manner

I truly don't care about the red card or the bite, if you go in a game with that kind of mentality you deserve to go out of the cup.

Pirlo said he will leave the national team, and that is a great loss, but i hope many others will follow his example since they can no longer bring something good to the Italian team: being that hunger, will or at least some courage (the latter will need another coach, i guess)...

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Yeah it would not be a fixing in the real sense, nobody will be talking to the other side saying "let's make it end 2-2!". But unless there is a grudge between two nations (and there is none that i know about between USA and Germany) nobody on the field has a reason to performe at his fullest. You just expose yourself to possible retaliation by the other team (in a sports/motivation sense, i don't mean they try to break your knee) and get really weary in this kind of climate, while if you play "a bit less competitive" everyone gets something (both get to go through and Germany as first, probably the result they wanted at the start of the world cup) and you are more rested than your next adversary. The only one who has a motivation to score is Klose...

It happened countless times in both the World cup and in continental cups, it would not be something so strange. In Italy it's called "biscotto"=cookie; last time we suffered from it it was in the European Cup 2004 where Sweden and Denmark needed a tie with at least four goals to be sure they both went through the round...strangely enough it ended up 2-2 and we were out :D

Personally i'm gonna go bet something on 0-0, 1-1 and 2-2 on Germany-USA ;)

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What a shame our game against Costarica...and they even deserved a penalty

Completely without ideas or energy; getting continuosly fooled by a simple off-side tactic...

I was expecting that we would have tried to complicate our lives somehow; but this was truly horrible!

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So this continues the trend of a world cup winner being quite awful the next world cup:

France (winner 1998) - Out in group stage with just one point in 2002

Brazil (winner 2002) - Out in quarter finals in 2006

Italy (winner 2006) - Out in group stage with only two points (with very weak opponents) in 2010

Spain (winner 2010) - Out in group stage with zero points (so far)

Personally i'm happy with the result of Spain-Chile: had Spain won the world cup again after their second european cup i would have found it honestly boring (and also i had a little bet i won on the game :D)

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@leebmx: I feel like without a proper playmaker playing further up the pitch the "full-backs" were even more locked in their position than normal; especially Vertonghen who stayed way back when Kompany advanced to start the action

What a performance by Ochoa! And quite a fun game to watch! Luckily the referee didn't feel for that horrendous dive by would have ruined everything (even if, probably, tonight Ochoa would have saved the penalty :D)

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If Vertonghen had made the same stupid mistake that caused the penalty in Italy his coach would have probably beaten him with a cane for an entire simply cannot do that kind of things at a world cup level.

The lack of proper full-backs showed it's problems as forseen; the other limit i've noticed it's the lack of a deep-lying playmaker in the midfield: seeing for most of the game Kompany relegated to that role, starting every action from his feet because nobody else was capable to do that more forward on the pitch was almost painful (and extremely boring) to watch

I'm happy for Mertens tho; he had an impressive season in Serie A and Belgium should take advantage of his actual condition

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