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I have no problem with the more obscure, rare or academic terms as long as they have an easy corresponding translation; what I personally find problematic is when the more idiomatic expressions are used (for example at the end of Brad's review of Arkham City you find "keeping abreast of" and i was like "emh...what?"). Since GB gathers a wide international audience (like me), i'm sure others are in the same spot.

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Stuff of legends

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You also have Ezio.

Just wanted to say that Ezio is not and, rightly so, feel not representative of italian culture and/or people. Or at least no more than you'd think Altair as representitve of people from that region of the Middle East. He's just a charismatic protagonist for modern audiences, he's not created to truly be a guy from renaissance Florence or represent italian people, that's not the reasoning behind him nor the focus. He could have been from Ulan Bator or Milwaukee and it would have not changed a thing :)

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@qrdl: 1-The druid i'm talking about is the one that was talking with the alchemy teacher when you first arrive there. He just went to sit on a chair and stays there with an exclamation mark. No idea what his quest should be, but it bugs me quite a lot that i permanently have a mark on my map i cannot do anything aboyut. Btw i agree that the alchemy quest was quite fun :)

2- I have the key for the chest in Price of Honor but Geralt never interacts with the chest "unlock" option. It seems that other people have this bug. It's possible to finish the quest even without opening the chest so that's why i wrote "half". It's different from like the Berengar's blade quest because the latter never triggered when i got the book, and well with the actual "state" of Vesemir it's gone for good even if they fix it.

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It's almost ten days that i keep postponing finishing the game. It's the same as with good books or good tv shows, I binge and immerse myself in a frenzy and then I dread departing that fictional world so i avoid for some time to read the last chapters or watch the last episodes of the season. Fuck. In the meanwhile I went and did all the other content available, every single quest (well other then the 2 and half bugged quest : the sitting druid i can't talk to, berengar's blade, and one in skellige where an underwater chest is without the option to open but i could finish the same), encounter, random exclamation mark, easter egg, point of interest except some at sea in Skellige (a man/woman has so many random spoils of war-smuggler caches to retreive inside before getting bored). The weekly dlcs are not helping because i keep telling myself "well i'll wait the next two and then finish it" to excuse my behaviour

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Got Child of Light. Wanted to buy Wolfenstein but apparently i bought it last winter and completely forgot about it. Bad, bad me!

Realized the game i'm waiting for and want from this sales is Cities: Skyline

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Got Homeworld so far. Interested in Darkest Dungeon but no more early access for me, after being burned.

Also wow Rockstar

And i just saw Massive Chalice is down 33%; that game came out 10 days ago! I guess if i were someone who owned it i would be a little pissed if i played just over 2 hours of it

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Nice article Austin. Beyond the points on which i may or may not agree, i'm extremely appreciative of two particular things: 1) your reminders that these topics are very complicated 2) your willingness to engage and have a conversation with the community with these blogs and editorials. It's a very welcomed change from previous written work on the site, where i personally felt like we were told absolute "truths" in a vacuum. It makes your work more compelling to follow and read.

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I played the first part of the game on a gtx660, 8gb of ram and an i7-950 and the game ran absolutely fine on medium plus a few high settings. Go check some videos of the game on medium/high on pc and some ps4 footage and compare them so you can see what you prefer :)

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"Let me tell you about that time I fought a zeugl in the sewers..." :D