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@extomar: Let's use a different analogy so maybe you might understand the pov of some of us: should a journalist that covers politics be able to donate to some candidate campaign? And if he was, should he disclose the fact that he did or hide it? Would you trust said journalist to report news/write editorials without biases?

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@dizzmotron: But he doesn't need to disclose that: their relationship is well known and Patrick never even attempted to hide it. Likewise nobody is ever gonna ask Jeff to start a video about Disney Infinity by saying anything about his relationship with Johnny V. The issue here is different, if you're gonna ask your audience to treat you like a journalist (wich is not the case here at GB) you should follow the same ethics that journalist that cover any other field adhere to. If not you might as well be considered on the same level of a youtuber, a category that many gaming writers consider way different from them (many actually beneath them)

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@oldirtybearon: As far as animal metaphors go, I'm sorry but the best is E's bears/sofas :D

edited as suggested

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I don't follow kotaku, but they stated that they will not allow their writers to fund developers through patreon anymore and to disclose any personal connection between writer and developer if it is such case

It seems a little like damage control, considering how Nathan Grayson was at the center of the scandal, but I'm happy some of the criticism went actually through all the storm of harrassement and we see some progress. Let's hope other outlets will follow (i'm not including GB of course; i consider them an "entertainement outlet" as marokai has stated above and i wouldn't want them any other way)

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Dragon Age 2

Went so far to do the stupid facebook collective unlock thingy-promotion and buy the "collector" edition. I held Bioware as my favourite developer until that point...luckily only two months later came out The Witcher 2

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Congratulations Vinny!!!!

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@spaceinsomniac: @icantbestopped: I'm sorry i didn't know it was not supposed to be posted. I discovered the whole thing today by chance and i haven't followed the forums during these days. I apologize, and i've edited out my previous post

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The only time i made an actual choice about killing in the game was outside what the devs intended. When you get the side-missions to track down the buyers of the auction i murdered every single one of them (usually with grenades, or a shot in the face). The game only reaction was to punish me lowering my reputation, as they are considered normal civilians as far as game mechanics go. I killed countless thugs and the game rewarded me but the only time i felt actually compelled to kill someone in the game (i couldn't care less even for the main antagonists) i was actually punished. Not that that stopped me, it was the only time in the entire game I felt like roleplaying a vigilante/justice seeker/whatever; the choice at the end meant absolutely zero to me; and I felt it was absolutely useless, since the devs try to make you empathize with maurice through his audiologs, not through character progression of Aiden.

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Riposa in pace, Ryan

I'll make sure to raise way more than one glass to him, tonight

I'm gonna go listen again to the This Year Giant Bombcast Ryan Davis Memorial now

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