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@viciousbearmauling: guess i needed more exposition then, because my first thought was "something went wrong in the save transfer process" :D

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I finally met Triss, but i have no clue why she is pissed at Geralt. Got every decision from the first game towards her, especially the one in the final act of TW2, and now the two are talking about anger/reconciling, about how 6 months before (so Loc Muinne) they decided they should stay friends...what the???

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@tennmuerti: yes it will grow back. For my taste the worst is when it is a "5 o'clock shade", middle stages i like a lot like you, maximum beard is not my favourite but is ok

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So far the most emotional was when the Bloody Baron finished the ritual for the botchling (the name chosen, spelled that exact way, means "goddess" in italian, which added even more weight to the scene)

Also i would like to add the most hilarious for me for now (granted i have a lot of the game still in front of me): the singing soldier troll (i advise to save before finishing his quest and picking both choices to end it, the two results put in contrast are very funny)

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Is anybody else having troubles finding the red basic mutagen? I got tons of green and blue, but only 2 reds dropped for me. I have more red wyvern mutagen than the basic ones :(

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@darkbeatdk: That's the glitch i was writing about! It's been happening every time Geralt goes for that finisher and it's always hilarious, if you get the right camera angle you can see the body fly :D

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@karkarov:i went iorveth/triss in 2 and it was basically the same end result. They told me Aedirn put no resistance whatsoever up (which made me doubt if i actually let Stennis live or i just misremembered), Radovid made a surprise attack on Kaedwen, Henselt was killed and his troops united with the army of Redania, Temeria had no authority figure so they fell easily and were divided between Redania and Nilfgaard.

I didn't kill Letho and he showed up for a quest, although differing from @tennmuerti I still find his model still well done and quite menacing

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Does anybody knows if in the Velen area there are horse sacks better than the 70 weight one?

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@sessh: Thank you :) i'll go do that quest immediatly then, i don't want to find myself in front of others illusions and unable to proceed

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Does anybody have a clue about what am i supposed to do with that icon? I tried every sign and bombs, but nothing happened. It's at the end of a cave, if that info can help