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Basically, you can buy it in the future and it is updated to the latest version anyway. It's cheaper in Beta than it will be when it's finished... so.
It's worth it to just fork out the money and have your very own account.

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Hahahah but the flying squid make the game interesting.
Pretty sure Notch has updated twice since this one... Next time: Flying creepers.

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I'd be willing to bet a Windows 2000 could give it a decent shot. Maybe 98 is pushing it... Hahah.

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Badass pirates.

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Halo: Reach, 3 v 3 SWAT, I was on my own - scored 19 points out of a team total of 29 (right before my last team mate left...)
The other team scored 28, and I managed the winning kill 10 seconds before the end of the match. Annnnnd I have proof of the scores.

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Animal Crossing: Wild World.

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You'd think at least that they would simmer down in the corrupted areas... but alas they don't. Hopefully/ maybe they'll change this in a few updates.

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Not particularly, no... They both have their virtues. I still play both.

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When you mouse over it, it doesn't come up with the name? But yeah, it goes hand in hand with the corruption.

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The Multiplayer is quite unfair... I mean, when you play as the big brutish monsters, you're slow as all feck. There's no way you'd be able to win the very first round as a monster. Unless your rival is 6-months old... Maybe.