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Went with Dragon Age: Inquisition eventually, and holy hell there's a lot to do in this game...and I'm just running around the Hinterlands for now. I think I have my 2 and a half weeks off all set.

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Seeing as everyone will have some time off coming up, what game(s) are you gonna play during your break?

I started my break yesterday, and currently sitting here and trying to decide between GTA V and Dragon Age: Inquisition...

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It is really weird/awesome randomly seeing a picture of a friend (girl from the ABCs of Death 2 picture) on Giant Bomb!

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PSN ID: UgaHay

Timezone: Dublin, Ireland

Just got a PS4 with Destiny, feel free to add!

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Did I miss something?

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@Maystack said:

@Cake: That's the spreadsheet for the beta. A new one was created for the official release, in this thread.

Ohh well I'm dumb. Thanks dude.

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@Maystack said:

@gunninkr: Have you added your details to the spreadsheet? The guilds were merged and everything seems to be working now, but if your account name isn't in the spreadsheet or the thread about merging, you probably won't have been invited.

Mine's been on there for a while now, and still is. We're talking about THIS spreadsheet, right?

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Has anyone actually gotten invited to the guild in game? We are Yaks Bend right? I even ask in chat if there is anyone from the Giant Bomb Guild and I get no resposes from members. I have been on since early release and on every evening.

Pretty much.

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Anyone on that can invite me? Added my name to the sheet, ugahay,2318

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Me too!