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Did I miss something?

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@Maystack said:

@Cake: That's the spreadsheet for the beta. A new one was created for the official release, in this thread.

Ohh well I'm dumb. Thanks dude.

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@Maystack said:

@gunninkr: Have you added your details to the spreadsheet? The guilds were merged and everything seems to be working now, but if your account name isn't in the spreadsheet or the thread about merging, you probably won't have been invited.

Mine's been on there for a while now, and still is. We're talking about THIS spreadsheet, right?

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@gunninkr said:

Has anyone actually gotten invited to the guild in game? We are Yaks Bend right? I even ask in chat if there is anyone from the Giant Bomb Guild and I get no resposes from members. I have been on since early release and on every evening.

Pretty much.

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Anyone on that can invite me? Added my name to the sheet, ugahay,2318

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Me too!

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Hey if anyone from the guild is on and sees this, mind adding ugahay.2318 please? Thanks!

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Was waiting for this.

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Both series tied up, love it.

Refs almost ruined this game, again...

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@addictedtopinescent said:

I'd love to see a Celtics vs Spurs finals, KG vs Tim Duncan, Rondo vs Parker. That'd be some awesome basketball. Really hoping either of those teams wins it all.

Dude, yes. That'd be an amazing series to watch, if only just for KG Vs. Duncan.