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Just my opinion...

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Like alot of other people I dont usually play as evil but i must say watching the people of megaton meet their doom was totally awesome.

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So its my friends birthday tomorow and all my friends and I decieded that it would be funny if we bought him a blow up doll for his pressent. But then something terrable happened, some douche told the birthday boy the plan. So our master plan has been ruined and the greatest idea for a pressent of all time has been put to waste. 

So now we have to go back to the drawing board and start from scratch. I was hopping that some of the geniuses of giant bomb could help me out here in this time of need and give some suggestions as what to get him. 
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Has a whole lot of points

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What do you think are the shadiest video game characters of all time?

I think the Gman is up there as a main contender, what do you guys reacon?
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So this week on the bombcast the guys were talking about thier shoes and that got me woundering, what are your most out ragous shoes that you have bought/own. I know I have had my fair share over the years and I wouldn't have it any other way. I think you can alot about a person from their shoes.
So without furthure Adue.

My 100% hemp shoes

My Pride and Joy. I have been called a lot of names because of these shoes. thats why i love them!

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Yeah, I'd say that is pretty cool isnt it.
For what it is, it has pretty good production values.

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Well i wasnt really expecting much, and i was never planning on buying it either.

But 7.0 isnt a bad score, its just that its not a great one. So anyone whos looking for either a fear sequil or a first person shooter your in luck.