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I noticed that the Giant Bomb Unarchived YouTube channel uploaded the first Big Live Live Show, Live and it was immediately taken down due to multiple copyright claims from several companies. Um...I guess we need to figure out someplace else to put stuff like that. It would be really nice if stuff like that could go here on the site though.

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Man these are great but I kept expecting him to randomly say something offensive. I mean it IS Vinny, right?

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I love singular they. It's so useful.

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I can't even read this thread!

To seriously answer your question, not as much as I would like. Part of that is due to the fact that I have arthritis and get cramps in my hands while holding books open (don't currently have an e-reader and don't like reading on the computer). Currently making my way through Cloud Atlas with Game of Thrones next on the list.

ETA: Forgot to say that I also read some manga. Currently re-reading Wandering Son vol 1-3 while waiting to get volume 4.

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How can someone say so much while saying so little?

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@karsh said:

Trackmania has an auto-ban system that triggers when your times don't sync up with the server's times. It's very unstable sometimes. It happens.


Thank you very much.

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So I just downloaded the beta and of course I went straight to the Giant Bomb Official Classic. I played for about 15 minutes (with only one other person in there with me) and I was starting to write a chat message about how bad I am at the game when out of the blue I get a message saying that I had been banned from the server. When I try to join now I get a message that I can't join because my IP has been banned.

Now to be clear, I had not said anything in the chat at that point, my username was not offensive (same one I use here and everywhere else), and I was using the default car/horn (and I wasn't honking at all). The only "behavior" that they could have had a problem with was that I am really bad at the game. Of the three tracks I played, I only finished one. Also I wasn't really paying attention to the chat so if there was a warning there I didn't see it.

Has this sort of thing happened to anyone else here and do I have any recourse to dispute that ban or at least find out why I was banned? Also do any of you have any other ideas for why I might have been banned? I've never been banned from anything before and to be banned so seemingly randomly is especially upsetting.

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I feel like this is probably the best possible outcome for THQ. They were well past the point of making a comeback on their own. Here's hoping the future is bright for them.

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I keep returning to Not Your Kind of People by Garbage and Synthetica by Metric. Both of those albums are amazingly great.

I had hoped that Tenacious D's Rize of the Fenix would be on that list, but the final album was kinda disappointing. Fantastic single though.