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Recently I subscribed to become a yearly member so i've been going back through the features and watching all the Happy Hours that have been released s far. Perusing the comments on the first few I noticed that some folks aren't too happy about content being put behind a pay wall, and on the latest ones there was a discussion about whether or not the Happy Hours should appear in the left hand videos column for non-subscribers. Here's where I stand with the Happy Hours, having watched a couple of them. As far as concrete content, Quick Looks for example, it's not as if any games which actually count are going to discussed there and no where else. 
So really the only thing which you are being deprived of, if you're not a member, is the general Whiskey Media craziness which is integral to the videos. But most of the really note worthy segments, don't shake the baby or Brad and Jeff rapping, can be found through other means. And when it comes down to it, if you are genuinely annoyed about missing an hour a weeks worth of the Whiskey Media cadre doing their thang and acting out, then you probably have a membership anyway. 
These are just my thoughts anyway, what are yours?

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FUGGETABOUTIT! Oh and Jungler.