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oraknabo said:
"I'm in 100% agreement and to extend the comparison, I think the PS3 is the Gamecube of this generation.
No, I think the Wii is this generation's Gamecube..oh hold on a IS a Gamecube!
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I really don't care about the changes, I use my 360 to play a game or watch a dvd, how many people really sit there and stare at the dashboard? if it's easy to navigate and doesn't have any annoying ads then I couldn't care any less.

As for the avatars, yeah they look like Mii's but I just hope that's where Microsoft draw the line in terms of being like Nintendo. I don't want the 360's game library to become flooded with piss poor party games and last gen ports.

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I'd say yes for now because it's had the most time on the market now compared to the PS3 and Wii.

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I rarely even eat cereal any more but as a kid my top 5 would be..

1.Frosted Flakes
2.Lucky Charms
3.Cocoa Puffs
4.Captain Crunch Berries
5.Honey Nut Cherrios

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After only a few hours looking over the forum from time to time...yes. Sweet Jeebus yes.

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My pick would go to Leon, but I'd also have to throw in John Woo's The Killer and Seijun Suzuki's Branded To Kill.

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I love Boobies and all but Giant Bomb is rapidly becoming the Mos Eisley of forums..just replace scum and villainy with lame and sex deprived. I feel like I should be holding a plastic dixie cup filled with crap beer and shouting "Wooooooo!!" a lot when I'm on here.

p.s. Thanks for the Boobies.

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I've been seeing this a lot, not exactly sure what to say but I mean I get if you just don't dig her but there's like a online cult of people going out of their way to rag on the woman. Nothing wrong with having your own taste but c'mon now.

As for her role, was the character was ever that deep to begin with? She wasn't from the comics, and I don't even think she was really based off anyone, she's just a throwaway character, something else for Bruce Wayne to brood about, and eventually become another woman in a fridge. Katie Holmes was decent enough, but the character still felt tacked on. The only thing I can say about Gyllenhaal's acting is that some of her lines came off as nagging, maybe it was the tone of her voice, maybe it was poor direction, or maybe it was just her. Either way I never expected much from her character, both actresses did what they could with the little they had to work with.

So in closing...ATLiens was crap! ;)

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Had two crap out on me, still on my third.

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A monkey nub..that's just wrong.