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Sounds like bullshit to me. What's their excuse for releasing crap Sonic games again and again? did those games actually have decent sales? they've brought crap games over here before, games that nobody had interest in. Now unless they just flat out don't pay attention, the Yakuza games do have a decent following but I think they are expecting too much from it over here.

They were on the right track with the second game releasing it without English dubs, probably saved them a pretty penny too. They can do the same with Yakuza 3, take advantage of PS3 owners looking to beef up their library and the fans who enjoyed the previous Yakuza games.

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So why did the Writer's Guild go on strike again?

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Ronnie James Dio, Bruce Dickinson, Nicko McBrain, King Diamond, Doro Pesch, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler.

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Like others have said, they are most likely waiting until Blizzcon. I understand why but it does kind of suck that they hold out in favor of their own con and skip any other gaming conventions now.

Oh well.

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Granted the hack and slash genre isn't known for ground breaking and refreshing gameplay, I love the games regardless and wish there were more to choose from. I really liked Dark Alliance, Dark Alliance II, and the Champions of Norrath games. There have been some really craptacular games though, Dark Kingdom being the worst I've ever played. What I played of Titan's Quest wasn't bad, I wish Iron Lore made a console version before going kaput though. All we have to look forward to is Diablo III which looks awesome, but I still want more games!

Short answer: Yes!

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As if there weren't enough crap songs in the music games we have now.

A pox upon you tweens!

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Hah the part with Guybrush in Doom was great. I kept wondering through the whole thing "what the hell does this madness have to do with WoW?" and the ending didn't really answer that.

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Hah Ryan's "smoove" vocals for Billie Jean weren't too bad.

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Definitely staged but it's still funny, but you know this kinda crap must happen with the exception of the remote sodomy..I hope.