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Success; Instant Classic!!! 0

It only took 12 years but we finally got a brand spanking new Starcraft.   This game much like other Blizzard titles, looks great but plays great on all kinds of computers.  The single player is short but sweet, with achievements as well as different upgrades and missions you select at the cost of others it becomes very repayable.  And the challenge mode is great, not just for new players, but players like me who have been away from the game from a couple of years.  Of course the multiplayer is ...

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First off let me say I was a big fan of the Dreamcast version.  Of all the XBLA summer titles coming out this is the only one that I knew I was going to buy.  So what makes this game worth the money.  The graphics and animations are great in this classic arcade style game, some of the best Ive seen on the XBLA marketplace.  The gauntlet and ring modes add plenty to the gameplay, mostly the ring mode which I suggest playing just to find some shortcuts that you may miss playing only races.  The be...

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Lazy 0

I was excited about Red Dead after being thoroughly disappointed in GTA 4.  I was hoping that it would have the same spirit as "San Andreas" or "Vice City".  But unfortunately Rockstar seemed to take a page from GTA 4, with way to simple targeting and a distinct lack of fun outside of the story mode.  Many of the set pieces and moments that take place during the story mode early in the game are repeated over and over again.  Chasing down wanted posters was fun at first but after the first few it...

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Tries to hard and falls on its face 0

Deathspank was a bit of a disappointment.  I was a fan of the penny arcade games (although I did not buy them my self I played my roommate's) and I have always loved diablo style games.  Deathspank is only 1200 mS points but still there is not enough gameplay to justify the price.  The four buttion mashing combat is simple at best.  The visuals are good for an arcade game, no complaint there.  But the real place that if flounders is one of its selling points, its humor.  I love games like Psycho...

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Pleasantly Surprised 0

I finally pulled the trigger on buying Final Fantasy XIII because I found it on sale for 19.99 new.  I went in with low hopes mostly due to the reviews and comments I have read online.  Other than being the most gorgeous game on the 360 to date it was also one of the most polished.  This is one of, if not the most linear final fantasy game but the story is good enough to hold it up.  If you are a fan of Final Fantasy 7 or 8 you should be a fan of this story.  I found many similarities of these c...

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