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Please, PLEASE keep doing this forever.

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I think the most obnoxious thing about all this is his staunch refusal to spell "you" correctly.

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I wonder how many of the "Grr, I'm too hardcore for this!" crowd have never used a cheat code, never watched a video of a playthrough to figure something out, never looked at a walkthrough or strategy guide, etc. If this technology ever ends up being implemented, I'm guessing it would just be the next step in that process. It sounds to me like it would be there if you wanted it, not there if you didn't want it. It's certainly not an affront to anyone's existence or the death of gaming.

I have personally talked to a lot of non-gamers who expressed interest in playing games, but felt like the barrier to entry (the required skill level) was too great. If some games had features like this, they would be far more likely to invest, meaning developers are more likely to make money. And that's good news, even for the self-righteous hardcores.