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Thanks for the heads up, but it's just giving me error after error. Hopefully they will fix it soon.

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If compatibility is a concern just get a 360 controller. Any game in the past 5-6 years that supports a controller will support that thing. I think the DS4 is a better controller overall, but I haven't tried using it on PC so I can't comment on its reliability there. I also really like the Xbox One controller, but as far as I know you can only use that wired on PC and that's a deal breaker for me.

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I hope they don't release Ground Zeroes for $30.00. I can't see that going over very well on PC. Still, good news for PC either way. I might get Phantom Pain on PC if the port is decent since it will almost certainly be cheaper on Greenman than it is on PS4.

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It was the content of several reviews that made me hold off. I hate instant fail missions of any kind and it sounds like this game has them in both pursuit and stealth form. Just let me play the game they way I want to. If I want to shoot everyone in the face instead of sneaking around, then let me do that. You can make it more difficult to do it that way, but don't make me instantly fail without a fight.

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I've already played through it twice, so unless this is available as a $10-$20 upgrade (I bought the PS3 version on PSN so it shouldn't be hard to do on a technical level) I'll probably pass.

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Input lag is the worst and there is no way they can completely eliminate that. That combined with the bandwidth required to stream games in decent quality makes this a tough sell. Onlive used about one megabyte per second, which meant it used a gigabyte of bandwidth in less than 20 minutes. That's 3GB per hour, which would add up quickly if you play games regularly. Maybe Sony has made improvements in compression, but even half of that would be rough. With bandwidth caps as the norm for people in North America, I think this is a neat idea that will be limited by the poor infrastructure we have here.

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Definitely try ethernet if you can. I was getting pretty slow speeds on wifi, though not nearly as slow as you seem to be getting, but ethernet was much faster.

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No cross-buy sucks. Why bother having cross-saves without cross-buy? Are there really enough people out there willing to buy both versions of the game?

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@cameron: You sure about that? I could have sworn multiple times that at least the PS4 ran at 60, not locked at 60 but definitely higher than 30

I was initially just going with what my eyes told me, but I did some digging and Eurogamer and Polygon both say it is locked at 30fps.

There seemed to be a lot of confusion about this as it seems as though many outlets (falsely) reported it to be 60fps based on previews. It could also be that the multiplayer is 60fps (I don't play that, so I can't say), but the singleplayer seems to be 30fps.