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I'm all for the food, but bruffin is a groan-inducing name.

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Does Sony offer two factor authentication on PSN accounts? I think anything that stores your credit card information should at least offer two factor authentication.

Either way, this seems like a case where Sony should just be good to their customer and refund his money. That is, assuming his story is accurate.

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I just finished the story missions yesterday and I think it was worth the $35 I paid for it. It took me about 8 hours for the story stuff (if you can call it that) and then I spent another few doing patrols and strikes. I don't think I'm going to try to get any legendary gear since it seems like that would take hours of grinding the same content, but it was fun while it lasted. The shooting feels better than anything else I've played recently (Farcry 4, Halo 1-3) and the environments are varied and interesting. I wish there was more of it and that the level cap was higher, but as long as you can get it cheap it's probably worth your time.

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While I am enjoying this game so far, I am getting a little tired of the illusion of choice in Telltale games. It's not too bad if you only play the games once, but I've played the first season of The Walking Dead twice and it's almost silly how everything turns out the same regardless of your choices. I know it would be too much work to come up with a ton of branching story lines, but giving me a false sense of choice is wearing thin. The end of this episode really stood out to me as another example of this. I did almost everything Ramsey wanted and he still killed me. I know he's crazy and everything, but it really seemed silly for him to kill you for no reason.

It's also unclear why I had no guards and where the hell all of Ramsey's men came from, but that's more of a story problem than a game problem and they could explain it away I'm sure.

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Biggest disappointment for me has to be Spacebase DF-9. It had so much promise, but the developers left it to wither and die.

I'm pretty happy with the major releases I bought this year. I got Watchdogs for a song and it ended up being about as good/bad as I thought. I bought Halo MCC for the campaigns and those work fine, so I'm good there. I didn't buy Destiny or anything Ubisoft put out this fall, but I am interested in some of those once the bugs are fixed and they are much cheaper.

"Best" apology should probably go to the Paranautical Activity developer. That whole thing was an embarrassing mess. I don't think I can remember any genuinely good apologies this year. Too much PR interference at most big companies for that to happen. I'm sure some indie dev apologized for something and then actually made up for it.

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I know it's not the same team, and I know the funding circumstances aren't the same, but I find it really hard to give Double Fine more of my money after the train wreck that is Spacebase. It was a great concept and they just let it die.

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I have the 15" with the 750m and it's fine as a secondary gaming system. Don't get it if the primary use case is gaming. Don't expect it to run new games at the highest settings, but if you just want to play some Diablo III or Starcraft on the go, then it's fine for stuff like that.

The Iris Pro version would most likely be useless for anything but simple 2D games and older 3D games. It's impressive for an integrated card, but it's not going to play new games very well. You can lookup benchmarks (I think Anandtech did an article on it) to see how it handles games.

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I don't find 30 too bad if I don't have a point of reference for that game. Infamous was mostly fine at 30. I can tell the difference between 30 and 60, but consistency is more important. Having the frame rate bounce around depending on what is being displayed is way more annoying than having it locked at 30.

I do wish console developers would let players decide what is more important to them. If I had to choose between 720/60 and 1080/30, assuming the 720 was scaled properly, I'd probably go with the higher frame rate for any action game. I guess I'd better just stick to PC for games I think need 1080/60.

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It's funny that so far the only Early Access games I've been disappointed with (this one and Planetary Annihilation (which Uber may still fix)) are from mid-sized companies and not small first-time developers. I've bought somewhere around 10-15 Early Access games and been very happy with most of them. Prison Architect has been particularly good, but Door Kickers, Dungeon of the Endless, and Gnomoria have also been good experiences.

I think Double Fine just fundamentally failed to provide customers with enough information. It was never clear that the game was entirely funded by Early Access money and that development would only continue working on it if it kept selling. I don't think it's unreasonable to expect that if Double Fine committed to making a game and started taking money for it that they would finish that game. It makes me think they are either terrible with financials and radically underestimated how much their planned features would cost, or they weren't confident in the project in the first place. Did they really expect a whole bunch of people to pay $25 for a game that barely worked? If not, then why didn't they secure funding before selling it? Early Access is not a crowdfunding platform.

On a related point, they were also terribly slow with updates. Some projects get updated every week, others every month, but Double Fine was doing well to put a small update out every two months. That hardly inspires confidence in prospective buyers.

I understand that games get cancelled all the time and not every feature planned always makes it into the final product, but they aren't even close to what they set out to make and they already have the customers' money. Again, Double Fine isn't a small indie studio. They have been making games for many years and they should have been more transparent about the costs and where their money was coming from. They know how much employees cost and they should have provided a breakdown of their expected costs on the Steam page if everything was riding on Early Access. If they expect customers to replace investors, then they need to be upfront about the risks and be much more transparent with their financials.

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Any news on the status of future episodes? $14.99 seems to cheap for the full game, but it also seems like a lot for the introduction to a game. I'd be OK with an episode pack that finishes the game for $5-$10, but I think they'd be making a mistake to go beyond Telltale pricing. Of course, maybe it's just $14.99 for everything, which would be grand.