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I agree that it's a bit of a mess, but the voice commands have kept it from being frustrating for me. You can also get to the game in the drive without even having to scroll a menu, so until there is a large digital library to sort through it works for me. Hopefully they'll push an update well before there are that many games to fix some of these problems. I guess since the media functions on both of these consoles are almost non-existent they've both been just gaming machines for me, so once I got through the initial setup I haven't had to go digging for anything.

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D-Pad down

D-Pad right

There, you just skipped a bad shanty

Even simpler, you can just hit D-Pad right to skip to the next one. It only seems to work four or five times in a row and then they stop singing, but it's really quick to skip the occasional bad one.

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I wouldn't count on a Titanfall bundle, unless you want to wait a few years. The earliest bundle for the 360 I can remember was the Forza 2 and MUA(maybe?) bundle in 2007 or 2008. That was either two or three years after launch. If there are games you want to play, and you can afford it, I don't see any reason not to buy one now. It will be a while before we see any price drops.

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The beginning is just so boring and I hated how they split up your party and made you play through whole sections with super annoying characters. I haven't played it in a few years, but I seem to remember sections without any of the (relatively) interesting characters. It's not a terrible game, but my expectations for what games should be like have changed a lot since the last Final Fantasy I played (10) and 13 just didn't meet them. To be fair, the only JRPG I've played in the last five or six years that I really liked was Persona 4, so maybe I'm just tired of the genre.

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Nope, and that's about the price I'd pay for a Wii U. Oh well, it'll get cheap eventually.

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This is a step in the right direction, but I still can't believe they haven't figured out how to tie games to accounts instead of hardware. Handhelds are the perfect place for downloadable games because I can carry my whole library around with me on an SD card, but I don't want to buy anything if I lose it all when my 3DS eventually breaks.

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If you actually read the article it just says that games have to be available at the same time as on other platforms. So you can't make a game for PS4 and then put it out later on Xbox One. I don't see how this is a big deal, it's not like they are demanding that all games that come to Xbox One have to have an exclusivity period.

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If you want maxed out graphics at 1080p and 60FPS you'll need a better video card. If you can afford it, I hear the 770 is a hell of a card for the price. If you don't mind noise you could also look at the Radeon 290. If you're set on that price range then maybe look at the Radeon 270x as well.

Anandtech has a nice guide for this here:

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My favorite main series game is VIII, but I've never played IV (despite owning it) which I hear is great. Tactics is overall my favorite, but that's just because I like SRPGs more than regular RPGs.

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To the OP's original question: just get the one that has the games you want. Microtransactions are not an Xbox One exclusive problem. It's not like Sony won't ever put microtransactions in their games. Besides, most of the games you play will probably be third-party and they will have the same monitization systems on both consoles.